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ENTOURAGE: THE MOVIE is not Before the Cameras!

by Jef Dinsmore
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It has been a long and quiet wait for ENTOURAGE to develop into a big screen movie and it looks like we will have to wait some more because it isn’t even in production yet. The NY Post  Page Six section has filed a piece explaining why.

 It appears that contracts have yet to be finalized for a few of the players. Clearly a few of our stars do not like what is being offered them. The movie was announced as going forward way back in July of 2011 and was officially green-lit in January of 2013 with shooting getting underway by May of this year. The feature film was/is to be directed by show creator Doug Ellin. So, when is the real world Ari Gold going to step in a make this a done deal?

 The article states that Jeremy Piven just signed his contract in late August but the Post learned that Adrian (Vincent “Vince” Chase) Grenier, Jerry (Turtle) Ferrara have not signed on yet and The Wrap has included Kevin (Johnny “Drama” Chase) Dillon to that list. Well, crap that is the majority of this little Entourage.Entourage_finale

 So, come on gang, “hug It out” and let’s get moving before we all forget who you are and what you were doing when the series ended. For those who are still interested here is a brief description of that final episode which aired on 09.11.11.

Vince tells the gang that he’s flying to Paris in a few hours to marry Sophia. Eric quits his job and announces that he’s moving to New York to try to be a good father for his child. Turtle and Drama try to convince Sloan to forgive Eric and fly to Paris for the wedding. She’s on the fence, until Vince seals the deal by giving her a heartfelt speech about Eric. In the meantime, Ari quits his job for his family and reconciles with his wife. In the end, the entourage meets up at the airport where Sloan forgives Eric and together they fly away to a destination of their choice, compliments of Vince. Meanwhile, Vince, Sophia, Drama, Turtle, Ari and Mrs. Ari fly to Paris for Vince’s wedding.>

Will we ever see this ENTOURAGE back together and if so, when we finally do will we care? Let us know what you think.

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