Russell Wilson to Make Entourage Cameo

We hope this doesn’t spoil the new Entourage movie for any of you.  And if you’re just hearing about the upcoming feature film starring your favorite faux Hollywood power team then it’s time to get excited!  Filming has begun on HBO’s Entourage movie and earlier this week a fun photo made it’s way online via Jermey Piven (Ari Gold):


Fans of the show know that Ari Gold has been looking for an NFL team to live in sunny Los Angeles for several seasons.  Is he stealing the Seattle Seahawk’s pride and joy: Russell Wilson!?  That sounds just like something Ari Gold would do.  As a native Seattlite I would like to go on record to say: Fu#% THAT, Mr. Gold!

Ahem, anyway.  We’ll get you more news on the upcoming Entourage movie as we have it.  It looks like it’s going to be star studded as always as we doubt this is the only cameo on the docket.

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