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Check it Out – ENTOURAGE: The Complete Series On DVD

by Jef Dinsmore
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Hey, ENTOURAGE fans! Are you eagerly awaiting the movie about Vincent Chase and his posse? Well, HBOWatch hasn’t heard much but here is a  link to the most recent news. This Hollywood gang supposedly isn’t even in production yet. So, in the meantime, the next best thing we can suggest is to relive the show all over again. You can do just that via HBOGo or better yet you can own all eight seasons yourself. That right, those of us who can shell out the bucks can now get ENTOURAGE: The Complete Series on either DVD or Blu-Ray.


Now fans don’t really need any sort of recap here. After all it is only the true fans of Vincent Chase and his entourage who are going come up with the $109.99 for the DVD set or $139.99 for the works on Blu-ray(these are Amazon prices). But, for your hard earned bucks you get eighteen discs that offer all ninety-six episodes over eight seasons and plenty of video extras. It is those extras that often make it attractive to purchase a complete and comprehensive collection. ENTOURAGE is no different so let’s focus on them.

There are a total of sixteen videos of various lengths that give a more in-depth look at the series and the people responsible for it. Some features look at the series as a whole while others focus on a particular episode or season.

  • Behind the Scenes of Entourage is a 10 minute piece with the cast and Executive Producer Mark  Wahlberg with a quick overview.


  •  The Mark Wahlberg Sessions  is a more detailed look at the series from the the producer’s perspective. Of interest here, in this 23 minute piece, are cameos by real Hollywood  types who were inspirations for some of the characters.


  • Vegas Baby, Vegas is a  documentary of an episode of the same name from Season Three. It was  filmed on location in Las Vegas and runs about 12 minutes.


  • Museum of Television & Radio is the lengthiest bonus video at 51 minutes in the set. It is a  panel discussion held at the museum featuring creator Doug Ellin and the      cast. Many such discussions, often with Q&A’s, are often a highlight at the museum and I’m sure Entourage’s panel won’t disappoint.


  • Anatomy of Entourage is a  12 minute piece that highlights the Season Three finale. That is the Adios Amigos episode when the boys  have to move out of the mansion and split up.


  •  US Comedy Arts Festival Panel Has filmed at the halfway point in the series. It was a discussion with Doug Ellin, Adrian Grenier, Kevin  Connolly and Jeremy Piven. They talk about the first four season of the  show for 48 minutes.


  • The Making of Medellin  is a 7 minute video that was actually seen in Episode One of Season Four called Welcome  To The Jungle. It is a fake behind-the-scene look at Vincent Chase’s  big drug cartel movie.


  •  Medellin Trailer is the 2 minute trailer for the movie made by director Billy Walsh. If you recall he was the controversial helm of the fake film.


  • Meet the Newest Member of Entourage is a quick 2 minutes bit about Lucas Ellin. He is the son of show creator Doug Ellin who got his acting debut as Ari Gold’s (Jeremy Piven) son.


  • The  Celebrity Factor takes 10 minutes to show viewers all the celebrity cameos in the fifth season alone. Of course, there were industry cameos all throughout the series but in that season alone there were the likes of Edward Norton, Bow Wow, Leighton Meester, Whoopi Goldberg and Eric Roberts before the camera.


  • Life On Top shows some of the main character arcs  as the boys live the good life and what it means to be on top of your game. It runs 15 minutes.


  • A Day At the Speedway is a making-of  piece about 3 minutes long It is from Episode Three of Season Six. That episode, called OnJohnny_dramae Car, Two Car, Red Car, Blue Car, tells of a depressing birthday for Turtle when he thinks it was forgotten.


  • ONEXONE PSA is a public service announcement made by  Vince, Ari and cameo guest Matt Damon. It is a 2 minute bit that was in the Season Seven episode Give A Little Bit.


  • Inside The Hollywood Highlife is a 14 minute video that heralded Season Seven and features quotes from cast and crew  alike.


  • The Shades of Sasha Grey is a 6 minute interview  with the former adult film star who later appeared in ENTOURAGE’s Season  Seven as a fictionalized version of herself. In a multi-episode arc she played Vincent Chase’s current girlfriend.        


  • Hollywood Sunset: A Farewell to Entourage is a 29 minute  ode to the final season (it’s eighth) and makes for a nice coda to the  series.


ENTOURAGE is a story of a young man trying to make his mark in Hollywood. He doesn’t do it alone. He had his friends, his older brother, his girls and his wise ass agent. All together they made a posse of friends living large or as large as they could in the fickle land of movie stars. If you like this series it is now available – every episode some with audio commentary and all with crisp color and sound. HBOWatch offers you [amazon_link id=”B008BLCTOU” target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]this link [/amazon_link] or [amazon_link id=”B005MT3830″ target=”_blank” container=”” container_class=”” ]this one [/amazon_link] if you wish to add this series to your Holiday Gift List.

Please, feel free to comment below. We would love to hear your review of the DVD/Blu-Ray set as well.


Oh, one last thing – if you can’t afford ENTOURAGE: THE COMPLETE SERIES don’t blame us. You know what to do, just hug it out!

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