30 COINS Ep. 02: “Ouija”

HBO followed up the premiere of 30 COINS with the run of the second episode. To me, HBO is making the smart move here by pulling content in from other divisions of the company to supplement content that will be on the light side as productions have halted, started and halted again during the ongoing pandemic. I am already aware of two other International series programmed for the months ahead but, right now, the focus is on Álex De La Iglesia’s horror series. Here is a look at 30 COINS, episode two. 

The Good Guys

Episode 2: “Ouija”  
Debut date: MONDAY, JANUARY 4 (10:20-11:25 p.m. ET/PT) 
When a local teenager suddenly disappears, Elena (Megan Montaner) explores Father Vergara’s (Eduard Fernández) possible connection. As more untimely deaths befall the town, Marquess Roque (Antonio Velázquez) presents Elena with an enticing job offer, and Merche (Macarena Gómez) urges Paco (Miguel Ángel Silvestre) to keep his distance.

First, two general points about this episode worth a note. The evil intent of this story attempts different methods to reach and torment Father Vagara in order to obtain the sacred coin. Each episode, at least initially, will illustrate that point. Our demon child monster from Episode One is done & gone and a new tactic plays out here and it appears yet another tactic is utilized next time. So, each episode is a self-contained incidence. In fact, it is noted in a conversation that Father V. has not seen Elena in a month as this episode rolls out. 

And speaking of the evil intent behind it all proves a bit of a head-scratcher. This episode is bookended with scenes of new players in the story. They are clergy of a higher station within the Church. I’m not a Catholic but the retrieval of the 30 coins comes from those in the Vatican, The Holy See perhaps? It is the diocese in Rome that serves directly under the Pope. Okay, I can see where they would want to have possession of holy relics, but to wield demonic powers in order to get them? Since when are they disciples of Satan? The lead in the mission is known as ‘His Eminence’ and he states that he doesn’t want to take the coin but rather have the Father give it to him. What, the Pope himself? What a set of interesting villains for our tale, right?   

One wicked effect about to happen here!

Hell, we haven’t even talked plot yet. It all starts with teens wanting to piss around with an Ouija Board. During their session, the hesitant player, disappears and a fervent search for her pursues. Elena gets drawn into the search and recreates the Ouija session with the kids only to have the other side reveal it wants the coin. The missing girl, named Sole, reappears but she is now a possessed agent of evil. It is suspected that Father V. has the coin but we all know he gave it to Elena without telling her of its importance; he actually gave it to her for safekeeping. Sole seeks out Father V. and the coin. Her ploy is to butcher herself with a sharp blade until he gives it up. He does not lie when he says he does not have it, even though she has amputated a finger and sliced through her cheek by then.  

 Sole learns that Elena has the coin and seeks it out only to have Father V., Paco and a wealthy landowner in Pedraza out to court Elena about to save her. A big showdown with the crazed girl and her deadly blade ensues. Will she get the coin? Shadows appear upon the wall; shapes in conical hats; the evil presence is near. But, even after vile threats, Father V. prevails with an improvised, condensed mini-exorcism that frees Sole. 

But our story is far from over. Elena & Paco know that Father Vergaga is keeping something quite sinister from them and as a consequence the whole town is being punished. Surely, soon, they will confront him but surely, soon, the evil intent will return. We are assured of that in the last moments of the episode when we learn a poor beggar boy seen with Father V. in Episode One, named Antonio, is an agent of evil too.  

 What wicked tactics are attempted next time? Will Father Vergara reveal the truth of it all? More to come on 30 COINS, Monday nights at 9:00pm and on HBO & HBO Max.     

Holy S*#!

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