Tyrion Lannister Helps Open the 2014 Winter Olympics (No, Seriously)

By Jacob Klein on Feb 8, 2014 to Game of Thrones


Tyrion Lannister is a fictional character but Peter Dinklage is not at all.  Some sharp-eared fans may have noticed this last night during the opening ceremony presentation on NBC.  None other than Peter Dinklage narrated a stirring montage of Russian history and spirit.  The piece aired in the US as part of NBC’s coverage of the opening so international viewers may have missed it.

Give this one a watch if you’re pining for Game of Thrones Season 4:

Okay, okay we admit it: we’re starved for more Game of Thrones but that video was pretty cool, right? Season 4 begins April 6th at 9PM.

HBO is airing a 15 minute behind the scenes special this weekend and we’ll be posting that here as soon as it becomes available!  Tune in or log on to get your fix tomorrow evening.

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What the other two commenters fail to appreciate is that this is a promo for the NBC broadcast of the Olympics — i.e. not aired in Russia, not paid for by Russia. There’s nothing objectionable about an American company hiring an American actor to provide narration for an American broadcast.

Yeah I mean we’d have to boycott a ton of countries/things if we were going to hold everyone to our standards. Totally agree with MJ and Sulia about the need to fight for what is right but I dont think that war should be waged at the Olympics.

In fact I think all of this attention has probably moved Russia/Russians more than anything else could have! Shine the light of truth on that place.

So much for supporting Gay Rights and Animal Rights. I wonder if little people were being persecuted, imprisoned and killed he would be all cool for cashing in another paycheck.

Really disappointed by Peter’s support for/enabling of Animal Cruelty in his involvement with the Sochi Olympics. I know he’s a dog lover, himself, so I’m really surprised to see he’d be affiliated with this.


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