Sean Bean Hints at Game of Thrones Season 2

By Jacob Klein on Oct 19, 2011 to Game of Thrones

It looks like Sean Bean is ready to get back into the Game of Thrones saddle as it were.  A while back we predicted that Sean Bean would eventually make a return to the series in the form of a flashback, vision etc.  Speaking to MTV he told reporters:  “I think there is in the books,” said Bean of the possibility of flashbacks. “There are apparently some flashbacks, and it would be great to see everybody again and be involved.”

Bean is just not starting to read the second book in the series so he isn’t sure what role (if any) Ned Stark plays in George RR Martin’s world.  “They sort of got rid of me. I had my head chopped off. But if you can come back from that, you can come back from everything, can’t you,” Bean joked.

What do you think?  Should Sean Bean come back for more? Here’s the video:



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I’m reading clash of kings and there is flashbacks of Ned catelyn dreams of him and bran has flashbacks too I’m halfway through the book. theon gets his own chapters and there’s chapters on davros

HI, im a fan of the serie game of thrones.

Please don t kill Sean Bean.

He was the man we like to see.

A knight with values and “He is the Man” of that serie. Teh main Character that the autors can t toss aside without spoiling the future of the show.

From Portugal

Dude, he’s already dead.

Not only did he die before the end of the first season, it’s all pre-written. He was dead in book one and there’s 5 fucking books. His death sets off a chain reaction that if changed would fuck with the story completely.

Deal with it.


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