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George Takei Joins Bill Maher for Real Time on July 18th

By Jacob Klein on Jul 12, 2014 to Real Time with Bill Maher


Bill Maher’s guest list always includes some interesting guests this time of year and next will will be no exception. Star Trek’s George Takei will join the panel for what will surely be a vibrant discussion on the events of the week. George is no stranger to politics and has been a champion of gay and lesbian rights winning awards from the American Humanist Association and GLAAD for his work. He’s also quite possibly the most entertaining man to ever host a Facebook feed.

Joining Mr. Takei on the show will be FiveThirtyEight‘s Nate Silver, Former Representative Jane Harman,  The Daily Caller’s Jamie Wenstein and William Barber II. An eclectic mix to be sure but isn’t it always?  The Real Time crew really knows how to put together a show!

There will surely be some memorable moments on this episode of Real Time with Bill Maher so be sure to tune in to HBO at 10PM on Friday, July 18th.

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