EXCLUSIVE: Ramsay Snow Funko Pop Figure Coming in October

By Irene Enlow on Jul 26, 2015 to Game of Thrones

RAmsay-FunkoIf you’ve ever wanted an effigy of a ruthlessly sadistic psychopath to proudly display on your living room book shelf, then you’re in luck! Fans of the one and only Ramsay Bolton (née Snow) will have the opportunity to take home a round eyed, square headed, adorable vinyl version of their favorite flayer. Sitting proudly next to your family photos, Ramsay is sure to be a great conversation starter and is guaranteed to leave a lasting impression (most likely a disfiguring scar) on any guests you welcome into your newly designated Dreadfort. Good news for already established collectors of Funko Pop’s Game of Thrones line, Ramsay will most likely be bringing twenty good men with him to help bulk out your collection.

Be wary, though– the Bastard of Bolton may get bored on your dusty shelf and flay the enameled plastic off of that Tyrion Pop that you loved so well. As the days pass, you will slowly find that having one of Game of Thrones‘ most audacious villains memorialized forever in a stunningly well crafted likeness has it’s benefits. Visitors will take one look at your leering plastic demon and run for the door, leaving for more time for you to pursue traditional family hobbies. No longer will you need a therapist to make confessions to regarding your father’s disapproval or the way you left your foster brother in the dust–no, Ramsay has you covered–in fact, you will find yourself pouring out your heart regarding these intimate family matters in a matter of moments. Even better, Ramsay will be there for you in when you need him most, which is to say never at all.

In fact, why in the world do you want a little plastic statue of a rapist and torturer in your home? Quite honestly, it’s beyond me. Nevertheless, the good folks of Funko Pop have seen it fit to bestow upon the world an exclusive addition to the GoT Funko Pop family–no, not Stannis Baratheon, Bran Stark,  or even Theon Greyjoy. No indeed, this October, fans will be able to purchase Ramsay Bolton. The one and only. Obviously when a flayer with flair arrives upon the scene, he out-shines far more major characters when it comes time to decide who should be selected as one of the few and proud members of the Game of Thrones Funko Pop ensemble. Honestly, I think this is exactly what every fan of Game of Thrones needs in their lives. Thank goodness it comes out before Christmas!


So! Where can you find the news of the imminent Ramsay Snow Funko Pop? A recent post on a forum revealed this leaked photo of several upcoming Funko Pop figures, including our dear Ramsay. You can start saving your money now, because obviously, this is an investment you will need to make.

What do you think of a Ramsay Snow Funko Pop? Comment below!  Grab all of the others on Amazon now if you’re building your collection.

  • Jin Zhu

    There’s still no Theon vinyl? After all this time? Are you kidding me?

  • The Truth

    Ones that need to come out:
    High Sparrow
    Margaery (probably spelt wrong)
    Doran Martell
    Fat Walda
    Gilly with little Sam
    Wun Wun
    Ser Alliser

  • Giulia

    We need the Jaqen H’ghar Funko! D: He’s the most amazing character in the show.

  • Ellie Wilkin

    We have Jon Snow and Daenerys at home. Jon Snow is laying down right now but he’ll get up again. Don’t you worry.

  • Eleonora Iafano

    I would buy this one, just for the sheer satisfaction of throwing it, stomping on it and whipping it around. Because that’s how much I love Ramsay. My main question is: WHERE is the Jaqen H’ghar Funko doll????????

  • alford

    About time.

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