A Game of Thrones Drinking Game

By Jacob Klein on Apr 4, 2014 to Game of Thrones

So you finally have your Game of Thrones party all planned and you can’t wait for your costumed friends to come over to take in the first episode of season 4. I know many of you prefer to watch your HBO drama in complete silence, plunged into utter darkness but perhaps some of you take a more Robert Baratheon take on the festivities. If you’d rather not stay sober during your viewing (you can watch it again later, right?!) then check out this hilarious drinking games below. I know I’ll be taking sips of fine Dornish wine throughout the show. What will you be doing? Leave us a comment below and share your stories of gratuitous sex, wine and drunken Game of Thrones fun! (pics too, please!)

In case you’ve been living beyond the wall for the past 3 weeks– Game of Thrones season 4 premieres April 6th at 9PM on HBO. Cheers!

Another one that might interest the Game of Thrones lushes out there. This one is from LoserKid520 on tumblr:


And finally:


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LOL, “Liver failure is coming”. This is exactly what I thought as I read the list. But hey, it’s worth it. I have to give it a shot (no pun intended).
-James (beerponglife.com)

I picked a random episode (se1ep6) and checked how many shots and sips i was in for. (I only written the numbers, didn’t actually drink), and it turned out to be 19 sips and 15 shots.

Alcohol poisning by the first half.

Actually, there might even be more, i’m not sure.

A shot every time someone says “John Snow”

lol winter is coming

I’m gonna do it with coffee considering I am sixteen and live with my catholic grandparents. For me, any sort of caffiene is rebellious so tonight I’m gonna really gonna break those motherfuckin rules.

I grew up with Catholicism. Trust me – heavy-drinking is way more fun

Aye, while you watch a show displaying gluttony, pride, violence, lust, and other deadly sins for the entertainment of veiwers.

Once I was sipping whiskey and the mother of dragon says -“Dracarys”.. I blew a fine spray on my laptop screen and start clapping like crazy! :D

My buddy and I made castle walls that snap onto solo cups so you can play Castle Pong before/while watching GoT. You can see them here: http://unbouncepages.com/castlepong

You either win the drinking game of thrones or you die……there is no middle ground!

You win.

There needs to be more rules. Watched 5 episodes, only got through a couple bottles of beer.

you are no khaleesi

drink whenever someone says, “my lord.” :) that’s a good one.

or your grace

Yes we want the Patry.
Diink and have fun it was a fine night.

Ha! LOVE this!

Brilliant. We’re all drinking to this tonight, for episode 1 of season 2. Hodor!!


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