VEEP: The Final 5 Episodes of Season 6



This season of VEEP made it clear that there is really nothing more important to Selina than these two things: being elected President, and if she can’t be President, then the legacy she’s left behind. The first half of the season focused on a Selina whose legacy was questionable and embarrassing, to say the least. But in true DC fashion, troubles don’t last always.

The episodes are #6 “Qatar” from 05.21; #7 “Blurb” from 05.28; #8 “Judge” from 06.11 #9 “A Woman First” from 06.18 and #10 “Groundbreaking” from 06.25.

At this point in the season, Selina is all about business and image, which is essentially nothing new. Selina remains self-obsessed, sassy and quick on her feet, making our ride along the Meyer train that much more enjoyable. Meyer gets presented with the opportunity to go to Qatar, which she gladly accepts. While there, we see her indulge in photo ops with her all too familiar fake smile, a genuine disinterest for anything that doesn’t serve her and underhanded remarks that bring humor to the most awkward or dignified events (she has no filter, anyone and anything is up for grabs!). If nothing more we realize her trip was never about human rights, but a photo opportunity to show the world she’s still got it.o9GcnwhWnHLlI_HRH5aA0VeN8rKdkij7jdft8Cn_KwY

The scandalous Presidential Portrait is revealed, and to everyone’s liking, well except Selina’s, it’s a very beautiful portrait. If you recall, the woman who was sleeping with her then boyfriend, Andrew, painted this portrait. Selina felt as if the painter left the chair she had sex with Andrew in the picture as a final message to Selina (leave it to Selina to see it this way!) We see Selina and Montez exchange a more friendly/cordial interaction. And for the most part, things seem to be going well. Until Mike McLintock loses his personal diary of content.

Now, this diary is important because Mike tracks “all the things that happen and all the lies they tell.” And interestingly enough, it makes total sense. This idea that, Selina’s team lies so much that he had to be able to account for everything at any time. But, the diary gets into the wrong hands and word on the street is that her affair with Tom James (played by Hugh Laurie- the guy she put on her ticket as VP, who eventually tried to steal the presidency from her) was going to be publicized for exploitation. The nerve right?

Well, Selina decides she’s going to own it and put it in her book to give it more juice, a salacious feel to her pretty boring memoir. She goes to James and lets him know that she’s going to do this out of respect. James begs her not to, citing that he’s moved on and has a new life. Selina pretends to care but still plans on using it in her book. James, who’s not that innocent, decides to go on CBS the following morning to describe their sex in details and share how he was taken advantage of by the President in the Oval (all to promote his book). YIKES!tumblr_n4jh2iCHkm1s7gnr1o1_500

As the pages of the diary continue to leak, Selina’s book does eventually get published. But something magical happens. The content in said diary reveals that Selina actually negotiated the China-Tibet deal (freeing Tibet), which forces CBS to celebrate her as a true human rights person. If you recall, the current President, Montez, took credit for this deal and received a Nobel Peace Prize. But now, the tide has changed and Selina has found that everyone loves and adores the ground she walks on. We all get a second chance right?

And, in true VEEP fashion, we find ourselves right back at the first episode. In the beginning, Selina shared she wanted to run for President again. That was a fail so the Presidential library became our antagonist for the season. But in the end, Selina announces: I don’t need a Presidential Library because it’s for Past Presidents, and I plan on being President again…Well, guess what—as the season comes to an end, we see her meeting with a group of people and her old team coming back together for a Selina Meyer Presidency.

Here’s what’s going on with the key players…

Catherine and Marjorie are still happily married. At this point, they have selected the sperm of Richard Splett (pictured, the handler to Selina). We VEEPS6_Splett-300x200see Catherine struggle with her pregnancy a lot ultimately being placed on bed rest. Marjorie does her thing and takes care of her. Marjorie and Selina still struggle to maintain an element of normalcy. We even hear Selina address their courtship and how scandalous is was that her own secret service agent would go on to marry her daughter Catherine. Catherine shined this season really finding a voice against her mother. Now whether she was successful is a debate we can always have. What we do walk away knowing is that Selina is now the grandmother of a nameless child, well until the lights, camera and journalist are outside the hospital. She then announces to the world the baby is Richard, Little Richie if you will. Their relationship is one of the most humorous of all. This triad struggles through the parental role and it’s the source of ultimate comedy. Selina, the mom, really depends on Catherine and places her in the most awkward positions (I.E., adding various missions to their foundation to get her out of her own shit, Adult Literacy, AIDS, Advancement of Global Democracy, Military Family Assistance & Childhood d Obesity, it’s a real thing LOL). I can’t wait to see how Selina tackles being the grandmother of a bi-racial child next season!

Dan Egan uses his dirty political tactics to oust his longtime co-host, the beloved anchor of them all Jane McCabe (played by Margaret Colin). After finding out she is the source of a leak justice-dan-and-jane-cover-the-news-and-have-great-chemistryimplying a sexual relationship, even Dan’s ego and desire to be desired can’t take it. Instead, he sees it as a way to manipulate the situation and become the lead anchor. But careful Dan…seniority brings along experience too. Just when we think all is settled, Dan’s rating fall and in an attempt to save the show he calls on the showstopper himself- Jonah Ryan. Hoping that Jonah is still himself, Dan uses his usual approach: butter up Jonah, say nice words, and promise to be his friend…and to his benefit Jonah agrees. After a night out on the town with his old broskie, he arrives at work the next day to find that Jonah has sabotaged him (things tend to come full circle on VEEP pretty often) and has agreed to do his only interview with Jane which puts the power back in her hands. In the end, Dan is demoted to “web correspondent” and Jane is back in power.

Speaking of Jonah. Mr. Ryan gets a taste of DC power and loves every minute of it. His character is the true rag to riches DC-style. He was a nobody on the Hill; and now the lead freshmen congressmen (yeah, lead and Freshmen on the Hill make no sense on the DC scene, but follow me here). With all his power and mates behind him, Jonah leads the government into a shutdown. Some may call it disastrous, but even the current President Montez was able to find the silver lining in all the crap jonahhe started. High on life and pretend engaged to Shawnee Tanz (played by Mary Holland) Jonah is literally “The Man!” But, as we know, everyone is out for themselves. Unfocused, vulnerable and distracted, Jonah becomes the victim of backroom negotiations. The government opens back up and he loses all his leverage. In fact, he became the scapegoat. And in a second, while actually on a hospital bed post circumcision surgery (ouch– which only happened because his fiancé requested it due her religious beliefs), he not only loses his political endorsement, but once Shawnee realizes her political pawn is being let go, she leaves too! Tough loss buddy…until we realize, Jonah is running for President, too!

As this season comes to an end, I was very impressed with the way we found ourselves right back on the brink of a Presidency. Through multiple failed relationships, an assistant, Gary, who was more raw, unedited and determined than ever, Selina will not be stopped. The old team is together and ready to do the impossible…Will they do it? Who knows, but if we’ve learned anything in the past six seasons, the goal never matters to these people, it’s the journey that makes the show so addictive, exciting and draws you in week after week. Alas, thise weeks are up for now. 



VEEP has been renewed for another season. For more information, be sure to visit this link.

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