THE JINX Chapter 06: “The Second Interview” or “What The Hell Did I Do?”


Doc-logo2Overview: Present day – Nearly a decade has passed since the filmmakers began investigating Robert Durst and his alleged crimes. They have spoken to more than 100 participants in Durst’s story, including family, friends, police, lawyers, jurors and journalists in an attempt to get at the truth.

Expectations: That is it. That is the official press release going into the final episode of this 6-part series. Hell, the title(s) of the installment offer more clues than that. We realize that it took Andrew Jarecki a long time to get this documentary series put together and in all comes to a head right now. But, first let’s go back to the titles.

The press release and the HBO site call this episode “The Second Interview.” Well. That blows part of the mystery out of the water. In the preview for this conclusion we get indication that Robert Durst is avoiding Jarecki and might just pull out of any further interviews altogether. Well, evidently by that title a second interview does take place. Exactly what Jarecki wants to talk about is unclear, but surely he has got to ask about the similarities between the two letters in question. Here is a reminder of all that via the trailer:   

Gut Reaction: Holy fucking shit! Sorry, I told you it would be my gut reaction and I am floored! Wow, I didn’t see it coming quite that way. I am a bit perplexed on how not to give out a major Spoiler Alert here. I eluded last time that there was what could quite possibly be incriminating evidence against Bob Durst. I didn’t want to spell it out because I didn’t want to ruin it for anyone; but that evidence is so crucial in this chapter it is hard to avoid it. Simply put, there was a hard copy of that ‘cadaver’ note sent to the police after Susan Berman’s death and there was also a letter sent to Berman from Bob Durst. The handwriting was examined and said to be a pretty conclusive match, even down to a misspelled word. Well, Jarecki, in the second interview confronts Durst on this sticking point and Durst, in his way, manages to divert the best he can. But is it enough?

Well, let’s put it this way – the question “What The Hell Did I Do?” does come from Durst along with some other mumbled words that leave the viewer to gasp! Those brief mumbled words were said off camera when Bob was alone, but when his microphone was still live. He did that once before when he was hooked up with a mic. I want to repeat verbatim what he said, but I won’t.



In Conclusion: I loved THE JINX. It is okay that it was contained in only six chapters. It was interesting and compelling and was just enough footage to totally tell the story. But the story is not over. On 03.12 HBOWatch filed the post that investigators were watching THE JINX very closely and reopening the both the Kathie Durst and Susan Berman cases. Well, on Saturday night, before the last chapter debuted, Robert Durst was arrested. This news clip explains –

I’ve done my best to skirt spoilers. I insist you watch THE JINX yourself if you haven’t. It is the best documentary entry so far this year for me and you can be sure I will follow the news of this latest development. Will Andrew Jarecki be granted the opportunity to sit down with Robert Durst in prison for the tell-all confession? I doubt it, but I would be right there for the HBO documentary id he did.

Chapter 6: “The Second Interview” (finale) debuted SUNDAY, MARCH 15 at 8:00pm. Other HBO airdates: 03.16 at 9:00pm; 03.17 at midnight; 03.19 at 9:00pm & 3:05am and 03.20 at 12:30am. HBO2 playdates: 03.17 at 10:00pm; 03.18 at 10:15pm and 03.21 at 7:00pm.

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