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I guess I am not the only one watching the six-part THE JINX on Sunday nights at 8:00pm on HBO. It seems that the law officials last on the case regarding the disappearance of Robert Durst’s wife Kathie Durst are also paying close attention to the limited series. After all, in this rare bit of television, we not only get Unsolved Mysteries– style reenactments, but also conversation with the number one suspect in the case – Robert Durst himself. And keep in mind it was Mr. Durst himself who initiated the interest in being interviewed; thus creating THE JINX: THE LIFE AND DEATHS OF ROBERT DURST.

Apparently, the Westchester County DA’s Office and the New York State Police are watching according to spokespersons Lucian Chalfen and Joseph Becerra, respectively. There are a few comments made by Durst that you’d think would perk up the ears of investigators. Robert Durst is filmed as saying “I am complicit in Kathie’s not being here.” He also admitted that he lied to police when he said he called his wife in the city from a pay phone and met a friend for a drink afterwards. You never can tell what is going to come out of this guy’s mouth. Is it enough to warrant further investigations?

Other comments cited seem to have piqued interest. There are also Kathie’s friends Geraldine and Gilberte who each heard Mrs. Durst say at different times that she was afraid of Robert and that he might kill her. All of this is brought to light in Andrew Jarecki’s series. Is Durst at all worried about what is being revealed here? Also the lawyers for the Durst OrganJinx_titlecard02-300x169ization are scrutinizing all the attention. Their lawyer, Charles Moerdler, is concerned about how director Jarecki got his hands on confidential sealed findings that surfaced in his documentary. It seems all involved are taking the heat.

Robert Durst is also getting heat from LA. The Los Angeles District Attorney’s Office has reopened the Susan Berman case in light of the documentary as well. Helping to fuel that investigation is the surfacing of a letter in Robert’s handwriting to his supposed friend Susan Berman, which was revealed to viewers in Chapter 05 of THE JINX. What that letter indicates builds a case against Durst or so it seems.

HBO has one more installment to air debuting SUNDAY, MARCH 15 at 8:00pm.  

Robert Durst had this to say – “I’m planning to give a couple of interviews after the sixth episode.” What? Is he determined to dig himself into a hole here? All in all in proves quite interesting and just might all backfire. Robert endorsed this film hoping it might bring the definitive answer to light and add closure to the whole mess. Instead, it might just open it all back up again. If you haven’t been watching THE JINX you are missing something quite intriguing.

 (Source: two articles from the NY Post and People)

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