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Silicon Valley: “Terms of Service”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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Richard has departed the group to work on his own solo project. He wants to create his own internet and it will be interesting to see what he can come up with on his own.  Unfortunately, it doesn’t take very long for him to feel out in the cold.  The whole group is celebrating the success of receiving several offers and Richard isn’t invited. In fact, he crashes the hang out pretty hardcore.

Meanwhile, CEO, Dinesh is getting just a smidge too big for his britches. When Richard was CEO, he had just enough confidence to make crazy decisions but not enough to be a douche. Dinesh, however, is a little too confident in himself. After a quick disagreement with Richard regarding data usage, you get the feeling that Dinesh doesn’t know how to actually handle running a company and just thinks it is all about looking good. I think everything might have been better with Big Head as CEO. Just a hunch.

Unfortunately, a little lie on Dinesh’s part could end up costing everyone big time. You know how everything has a Terms of Service? Well, it is for a reason. COPPA, or Children’s Online Privacy Protection Act, is what keeps young kids from creating accounts and being targeted by predators. And unfortunately for Dinesh, he doesn’t create the Terms of Service like he was supposed to. Did you know that for every violation of COPPA there is a fine of several thousand dollars? Well, Dinesh finds that out, and it isn’t pretty…for the group or Dinesh’s stomach. What will the guys do to save themselves this time? In a seemingly awful situation, Richard is able to bring some wisdom to the table for Dinesh and it was trulySiliconValley_S4Ep2Richard the shining moment of the episode. “When I was CEO, I found that it was more about choosing the one wrong answer you can live with.” Some situations do not have an answer that you like. There will not always be a way out, a way to escape scot-free. Sometimes, you have to accept consequences or choices that you don’t like, especially in business. Richard doesn’t hold anything against Dinesh as the new CEO. He wants them to succeed, he just needs to do his own thing right now. And it turns out that is the advice Dinesh needs most of all.

But it’s just like Pied Piper and pals to start seeing an ounce of success, only to have it all come crashing down, and then get their asses saved last minute. With the looming possibility of fines and likely prison time, Dinesh decides to shut everything down and hope for the best. But Gavin Belson has his own ideas, which usually means divide and conquer.  Not only does he not even bother to propose buying it, he straight up brings litigation that he knows they can’t fight. So in his own hasty decisions as CEO, Gavin has now done exactly what Dinesh did, and is now saddled with the whole mess.


I’m going to say this once, and only once.  Never, ever, ever, ever, EVER trust a man who would throw a sloth!! We already know Gavin is a hotheaded jerk face, but do we really know the lengths he will go to for the purpose of destroying his enemies? Especially when his enemies have cost him possible billions of dollars…I think we haven’t heard the last of Gavin’s wrath this season. And what will the future be for all the guys? Will Richard create the new internet and let them in on the project? Or is everyone destined to go solo? I suppose we’ll know soon.

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