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Silicon Valley Season Five Finale: “Fifty-One Percent”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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The fifth season of Silicon Valley wrapped up and there are some things to discuss. After a hastily planned jump to launch a cryptocurrency, Monica jumps ship from Breamhall and Laurie didn’t handle that well, as she heads over to China to do business with Yao. Gavin is still having issues at Hooli with his Signature Box Three, gotta love that art signature though, and something weird is clearly going on between Jared and Richard’s new assistant Holden. First, a peek at the promo for the season finale.

PiedPiper launches themselves into the world of cryptocurrency and it doesn’t exactly go well.  Pretty dang poorly in fact after a short two-month jump forward shows a barren and desolate PiedPiper office. Suddenly, users begin joining at a huge rate. Which is a win, right? Well, this is PiedPiper so of course, it isn’t. Laurie’s conniving maneuvers with Yao is a strategy to take over the network by owning 51 percent of the users. Once they have that control, wham, bam, no thank you. They would be screwed. And I’m a little concerned with Jared’s apparent brainwashing of Holden. He was doing a perfectly good job as Richard’s assistant but because he wasn’t to Jared’s level of perfectness Jared now has to emotionally and mentally break him down and manipulate him into being the perfect assistant?  No, Jared. That is 1000 percent not okay. But nobody says a word.  Not cool, guys.SiliconValley_ToastS5-300x219

Back to currency, the problem only came up when Monica noticed the price of their currency wasn’t inflating in correlation with the users, which it should have been doing; or something along those lines. I’m not entirely sure what they are talking about most of the time. In any case, Monica to the rescue! But the team is forced to find a solution to the problem and fast because the network could be conquered in a quick couple of hours. Guilfoyle leads the team in getting started on a solution patch to the 51 percent takeover, but they need more users. Once Jared and Dinesh get on the trail of K-Hole Games which previously left PiedPiper, Richard goes to Gavin for one final play.

Richard knows Gavin is desperate. Monica found out the Hooli board was done with him, letting Richard know Gavin’s in a weak position. But that in all likelihood, based on the kind of person Gavin is, he would still be a self-serving prick. So Richard does something brilliant and after an intense sequence of events, Richard was not only right about Gavin, but he also bought his team enough time to retake the network. Touche, Richard. The end of the episode shows the triumphant win for PiedPiper and the breathtaking future ahead as they expand. Richard, in his usual ways, immediately vomits.

We don’t know much about what will be ahead for next season. At the very least, expansion of the company means the chance to create new characters that could stick around. Monica’s involvement at PiedPiper could lead to romantic involvement with someone. (*cough Guilfoyle cough*)  Personally, I am hoping for more Bighead. His delightful cameos absolutely crack me up.  As usual, it seems PiedPiper has gotten itself out of the woods for now.  Only a matter of time before something else will come along.

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