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Silicon Valley: “Initial Coin Offering”

by Jason Godfrey
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Let’s get right to Silicon Valley Season Five, Episode Seven. You know,  I had hoped that Jared would have been a bit more traumatized over the “killing” of Fiona, but the most that was shown was Jared making a face in the pre-credits scene. Most of Jared’s attention then pivoted to Richard’s assistant. Ever since his introduction, there’s been this strange obsessive relationship between Richard’s assistant and Jared. I expect that we’ll see some sort of conclusion to this in the finale.

I don’t know what it is, but I’m getting tired of the Dinesh scenes. It may be because they have been more obvious moments lately. Or maybe it is the focus of each of them. I like Dinesh as a character but there’s only so many “I’m doing this to stroke my own ego” plot lines I can watch before I wonder if there’s more to his character than his ego. That’s not to say that his scenes weren’t funny. His reaction to Priyanka’s response on the phone made it obvious not only what she was replying to, but how he felt about it. While Dinesh going car salesman mode was entertaining, I felt that maybe he could have played it up a bit more. “What’s it going to take to get you into a Tesla today?” opened up so many doors that he could have walked right through.

The decision between Series B or ICO (Initial Coin Offering) turned out how you would expect any decision on Silicon Valley would turn out. No matter what Richard ultimately decides, it will be the wrong decision. I had expected that when Richard saw Monica as the employee he needed to help in order for ICO to succeed that she would turn him down. When she accepted, it was confirmed that they were doomed.

I’ll admit that I did not like Laurie when she was first introduced in the series as a female Peter Gregory. It seemed like she was trying hard to display Aspergers so much that she lacked depth. Over the course of the series, she’s grown on me. As Monica puts it, she’s a “badass”. I hope that when it showed that she’s making a deal with Pied Piper’s competition, it means we have not seen the last of her.

While the previous episode of Silicon Valley ended on a bittersweet note, this episode started sweet and ended with a bitter aftertaste. However, you could see it as bittersweet as well considering Monica left a job she wasn’t quite happy with for a company she may have more of an influence on, even though it is clearly not as well-funded.

Hooli’s brief attempt to set up in North Carolina was not only short-lived but displays how Gavin Belson is technically evil. You can read their take on the fall of the small town of Goldbrier on their website. Pied Piper had bigger updates on their site. In addition to the announcement of their new CFO, you can now learn more about Pied Piper Coin.

The finale of season five of Silicon Valley is almost here. Take a peek at what’s in store for the conclusion of this season.


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