Silicon Valley Season Three Premiere: “Founder Friendly”

At the end of last season, we saw Pied Piper’s triumph over Hooli, triumph over technology (small house fire excluded) but not triumph over business as Raviga voted to remove our boy Richard as CEO of his own company.  Douche move, boss chick.  Especially because, though he’s not business savvy, Richard has kept this stuff together (mostly) and did his best to put Pied Piper on the map.  Sure there were obstacles and mishaps, but that is true of any business venture.  So what does the new season have in store as Richard is removed from the CEO position?

In the season opener, we catch up where we left off at the end of last season.  Richard is obviously upset at being removed as CEO of his own company.  That’s why you don’t put your trust in someone like Russ Hannemen, who only cares about making his billions. Richard decides to leave Pied Piper, expecting his team to come with him.

I think my favorite part of the episode is Gilfoyle and Dinesh debating the situation.  They both have a lot of respect for Richard and his work, but it is very arrogant on Richard’s part to assume they will just follow his lead and leave it all behind.  A conversation that might be familiar to many viewers is the aspect of discussing someone you care about but also want to bitch about them.  Their genius step around this is to use the term Rigby as all the nice things about him. I could not stop giggling over this.  I want to know if the term is meant to be an acronym for something or comes from something else.  Because this would be a great trend to start in conversations.

I also enjoyed seeing Jared being a mama bird about Richard.  Jared is that person who always looks on the bright side, finds the silver lining, and uses their positive energy to encourage others.  I usually throw lightning bolts and storm clouds at people like that, but it’s also nice for the group because they are so realist and often negative that they need that force of sunshine.  Even if they all mock him for it, he doesn’t care anyway.

It will be interesting to see how things progress this season.  I expect having a new location for work will change up the house dynamics.  The group will probably have to learn the balance of power between being the ones who are used to doing everything and now sharing responsibilities with others.  I don’t see that going well for Gilfoyle.  I think he likes being in control and can see him butting heads with some people down the road.  It will also be interesting to see Erlich’s involvement shift.  What will his role be now that they won’t be incubating in the house?  And how will Monica and Richard’s relationship shift?  He was pretty pissed that she didn’t have his back in the vote, but her logic also makes sense.  If she fought against her boss, it only would have been too easy for her boss to find someone to replace her and swing the vote anyway.  The sense of betrayal is what will linger as we saw at one point some kind of spark between the two that was more than just CPUs firing…or something else firing.  I don’t know jack about computers.  All this and more could be ahead for the team. Join us.

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