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Silicon Valley: “Chief Operating Officer”

by Jason Godfrey
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Pied Piper has united as a company again. What could possibly go wrong? Well, Richard, Gilfoyle, and Dinesh have no place to live since Jian Yang officially kicked them out. Pied Piper’s lawyer explains there’s nothing they can do about it. The only person that can do anything about it, according to him, is Erlich Bachman if he turns out not to be dead. Is this the producers’ way of hinting that the door is still open for TJ Miller to return? (though he just called in a false bomb threat) Erlich’s comedy may have been the saving grace in an episode like this, but without that or something in its absence, the episode seemed to be lacking. I’m going to take a page out of Ben’s book and use some “radical candor” for this review. This was definitely not one of my favorite episodes of Silicon Valley. In fact, it was probably the worst episode for me. 

The episode mainly focuses on Richard and Dinesh trying to establish a friendship with someone else. Jared plays match-maker between Richard and Dana like a bunch of awkward teenagers. It wouldn’t have been bad if it was funny. Sadly, I haven’t laughed less watching any other Silicon Valley episode. The “uncanny” similarities between Richard and Dana was lost on me. Was it because they both can be socially awkward? This entire plotline was painful to get through. I understand that they were trying to force a parody of a romantic affair where Richard was the “other man” to a married couple of Dana and Ben, but that’s the problem: it was so forced that it was difficult to find funny. I’m not sure how it could have executed differently. I’m not sure if being more subtle about it or altering the delivery would have helped it at all. Richard even called what Ben did “cheating” just in case the audience couldn’t clue into the parody they were trying to portray.

Dinesh’s desperation to find a place to sleep quickly turns into a desperation to befriend the mole. This little plot would have been as useless as Richard’s romantic escapade if it wasn’t for the idea that Dinesh’s loose lips may have sunk the Pied Piper ship. Without that little tidbit, the only entertaining part of the Dinesh scenes was his imitation of Gilfoyle’s Bitcoin alert.

If it wasn’t for the revelation that there was a mole in the midst of Pied Piper, this would have been a wasted episode. Perhaps if Jian Yang had a bigger part like he did in this season’s previous episodes, there may have been a few more laughs. I guess they all can’t be good episodes.

The good news is that Jared is now the Chief Operating Officer and it only took Richard to have a brief fling with another one to make it official. Do you beg to differ? Below is your chance to argue on the humor level of this episode. As you formulate your thoughts have a quick preview of next week’s episode here:

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