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Our Gift from HBO this Holiday? BARBIE & A Promise

by Jef Dinsmore
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Usually, when we get down to the end of another year HBO offers up a Sizzle Reel of the highly anticipated content for the year ahead. It still might do that sometime soon, but with Zaslav in charge you can’t be certain of anything anymore nor can we guarantee that it won’t be filled with junk programming highlights. 

Well, we’re jumping the gun a bit because we are just so damn eager to get some solid HBO programming in front of our eyes. So, we are projecting ahead already. What is in store for us? First off, we can say that hints have alluded to this popular WB & Mattel character showing up soon. Yeah, we think that BARBIE will make her presence known on HBO/Max in late December to launch us into the new year. It could premiere as a Saturday night movie on December 23rd or 30th and we know how eager many of you could be to watch it again or to check out what all the fuss is about for the first time. The upcoming “What’s On” post will confirm if we are right or not.  


With the industry strikes behind us we know productions will begin to ramp up, but that still means that some shows will not be on our screens until 2025, even some of HBO’s returning titles like EUPHORIA and THE RIGHTEOUS GEMSTONES, just to name two. But what about for 2024? What might the Sizzle Reel tease us about for the near future? Well, there is some content that we know for certain will arrive soon. 

Winter 2024 – The anticipated series leading off the year will be TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY, already dated for January 14. Season 12 of CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM is coming sooner rather than later as well.     


Spring 2024 – New content like THE REGIME with Kate Winslet and THE SYMPATHIZER with Robert Downey Jr. are expected. With the strikes behind them, these Limited Series should finish up and get on the schedule. The documentary work, THE JINX PART TWO is said to arrive in the first half of the year as well. Over on Max the original series HACKS, TOKYO VICE, PRETTY LITTLE LIARS, and SEX LIVES OF COLLEGE GIRLS should continue. 

Summer 2024 – Three titles many are eager for should be ready for our summer. This is mostly due to the fact that they are international content not hindered by the U. S. strikes. We shall be offered great servings of HOUSE OF THE DRAGON, MY BRILLIANT FRIEND and INDUSTRY.  


Fall 2024 – My then Max should offer THE PENGUIN, DUNE: PROPHECY, and THE FRANCHISE

What other treats appear along the way is anyone’s guess. Now we know we have made lists like this recently enough, but everyone seems to be eager to always know what is coming next, that is especially true due to the dearth of content we have experienced with the double whammy of the pandemic/strikes. We will revisit and adjust this listing going forward and get the end-of-the-year Sizzle Reel in front of you once we get it. In the meantime…. 




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