‘Mrs. Fletcher’ Limited Series Premiere: “Empty Best”


Kathryn Hahn stars as the eponymous character in this new show. We open with a bang and some banging…  Mrs. Eve Fletcher works in an elderly care facility and unfortunately one of her patients was watching porn in front of everyone. To his son’s point, just because he’s in a senior facility doesn’t mean he doesn’t still have hormones. True, but then get him a laptop and some headphones. Just because he wants to watch people doing it doesn’t mean everyone needs to hear it.  Eve is also struggling at home, getting her son packed up to go to college.

dfba0f20-f69a-11e9-a223-99c4cb33d55c_800_420Brendan (Jackson White) has his own priorities though. Why worry about packing your desk when you can just literally dump it all in and then go to a party? To his credit, I also hate packing as does everyone ever, so yeah, the party is far more enticing. What we learn pretty quickly at this party is that Brendan knows how to have a good time, but is also kind of a giant douche.  Kind of a really huge, huge douche. Once he’s drunk he runs into a girl and tries to sweet-talk her for some action. She stands up for herself but comes back around the next day after he sent a dick pic. While still at the party, he starts picking on a kid. Clearly, he’s been doing sh*t like this the whole of high school; doesn’t that bum you out to know the main character is pretty cool but her kid sucks.  Turns out her ex-husband sucks too since he bails on helping out. A sleeping kid from party excursions and no ex-husband means solo mom for loading up the car. She gets Brendan to school and helps unload, though she gets told off about moving her car. Eve briefly gets to meet the new roommate Zach (Cameron Boyce) and makes awkward conversation. Boyce tragically died from seizure earlier this year during filming for the show.  To what extent he was involved we shall see, but he credited for all seven episodes on IMDB.com.  9e9f1fe7a76d7fe990d83afdcceb8b75550f7ad7922b7a19dc511ed203d9a0b4b4c49639304f95edeb5dfa8554edf0bd-h_2019

I get the sense Mrs. Fletcher has been doing the solo work for a long time. When she goes over to her friend’s house to vent, her friend laughs at the fact she’s going to take a class. Kid leaves and she runs back to school, what a weirdo!  But she’s excited about it and honestly, that’s huge. It’s hard to get excited about new things after a chapter of your life is closing. It’s not that it’s a bad thing. It’s a good thing. It’s an often inevitable thing. Finding something new that you’re excited to try is healthy. We’ll see how much more Eve opens herself up, but I have a feeling it’s going to be a fun series. Mrs.Fletcher airs Sunday nights at 10:30pm on HBO; also found on HBONow/Go. 

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