Ja’mie: Private School Girl to Premiere on HBO THIS Sunday,11.24.13


Ladies get your hair extensions in and your lip gloss ready! Guys get your spray tans on and your dick pics ready! It’s finally time for the most *Ja’mazing* show ever to premiere on HBO! This Sunday, 11.24.13 at 10:30 PM, everyone who is anyone, will be gathered around the TV, watching Chris Lilley’s newest masterpiece, Ja’mie: Private School Girl!

Hot girls aren’t made, they’re born, and being born hot comes with heaps of responsibility. Don’t miss this ‘mockumentary” style look at how Head Girl, Ja’mie King, powers through her 12th year at Hilford Girls’ Grammar. Are you “quiche” enough to be in Ja’mie’s crowd? Probably not, but you should still totally watch. If not, that would be SO random!

While you’re waiting, watch the official trailer again. You know you want to!

 And here’s another video hot off the presses:

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