Ja’mie: Private School Girl DVD & Blu-Ray Release Date

Coming this summer from HBO Home Entertainment® is a DVD release that is “so frickin’ quiche” it might just win the Hillford Medal. In Chris Lilley’s hilarious Summer Heights High, Ja’mie King (one of many characters played by Lilley himself) was a private school princess slumming it at a lowly public school. But in Ja’mie: Private School Girl, available to own on DVD and Digital HD August 5, 2014, Lilley zooms in the lens on one of his most beloved and bitchy characters as she plays out her final days as the most popular girl at the prestigious Hillford Girls Grammar school. The irreverently funny and endlessly quotable series set is loaded with “Ja’miezing” bonus content, including a hysterical blooper reel, a behind-the-scenes look at the making of the series, and hilarious deleted scenes from all six episodes.


From the creator, writer and star of Summer Heights High and HBO’s Angry Boys® comes the continuing story of Ja’mie King, a conniving Year 12 student at Hillford Girls Grammar, a tony private school in Sydney, Australia. Ja’mie, the self-promoting “queen bee” returns from an exchange semester at public school Summer Heights High for her last three months at Hillford, where she’s the unchallenged diva among the school’s most popular girls. Ja’mie turns her attention to conquering the opposite sex, enrolled nearby at Kelton Boys Grammar. She soon finds herself in a love triangle with dreamy jock Mitchell and African exchange student Kwami. Her callous manipulations begin to wear thin, but she’ll stop at nothing to achieve her overriding goal: to win the Hillford Medal, given to the “Best Girl in Year 12.”

Looks like you’ll be able to get this one in a few months!  It’s available for pre-order now on Amazon though for under 30 bucks.

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