JONAH FROM TONGA Releases Plot Details

JonahFromTongaChris Lilley’s latest series about his stable of characters has already set a debut date and now actually releases details about the plot of the show which will run six episodes long. His latest is JONAH FROM TONGA which premieres on 08.08, a Friday night, beginning at 10:00pm.

In the limited series we learn that after being expelled from Summer Heights High, Jonah Takalua’s father, Rocky, banishes him to the island of Tongapatu to spend time with his extended family and get his life back together. But four months later, fed up with Jonah’s antics, his uncle sends him back to Sydney to enroll in yet another school, the Holy Cross School. Once again, the always impressionable Jonah finds himself adapting to a new school and fending off new foes and other delinquents, all while trying to be a “good boy.”

The plot details of Episode #1 states –

 Expelled from Summer Heights High, Jonah (Chris Lilley) moves to Tonga to live with relatives. But when his uncle (Tevita Manu) gets fed up with his antics, Jonah is shipped back to Sydney to attend a Catholic school, Holy Cross, where he’s placed in Lazarus House (“Spaz House”), run by the frustrated Mr. Joseph (Doug Bowles). Jonah and his Fobba-liscious crew must deal with their nemeses, the Rangas, led by Year 12 school captain Graydon (Bryce Padovan). Though Jonah tries be a “good boy,” his run-ins with the Soldierz, a group of older delinquents, may complicate matters.

Episode #2, which airs right after the first episode on 08.08, continues the plot as follows:

When their bullying videos are discovered, the Fobba-liscious crew is forced to meet with the new youth counselor, Kool Kris (Uli Latukefu), who takes a special interest in Jonah. Later, after Graydon makes fun of Jonah’s dance moves, Fobba-liscious retaliates.


In episodes #3 – #6 Jonah gets a lesson about bullying; makes a music video and has a run-in with Juvenile Detention. Though HBOWatch has the details of the entire series at hand we opt not to spoil all the details for the Chris Lilley fans out there. We know there are some, in fact, we have some right here onsite. You can be sure HBOWatch will review JONAH FROM TONGA as the series runs through 09.05.

This latest series from Chris Lilley has already garnered praise in Australia, with the Guardian calling it “skillfully done,” while the Sydney Morning Herald hailed Lilley’s portrayal of Jonah as “one of the most accurate portrayals of impotent teen rage you’ll see this year.”

JONAH FROM TONGA was created and written by Chris Lilley; executive produced by Chris Lilley and Laura Waters; producers, Chris Lilley and Laura Waters; directed by Chris Lilley and Stuart McDonald. Here is the Official Trailer as it played for Australian audiences. We will get you HBO’s trailer, if it is a different cut, when it appears.

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