Ja’mie: Private School Girl – Episode 2

OMG you guys, I like, love this show, like SFM! I mean, who wouldn’t, really? You’d totally have to be povo or a boarder or something to not enjoy this series. We’re still building toward the big action here, but unlike many of the other thirty minute comedy series we’ve seen, the build here is so good, that we are virtually never bored. Once again, the amazingly brilliant Chris Lilley does not fail to disappoint. Watching Ja’mie navigate her way through life at Hilford, I’m instantly transported back in time to my own high school days. It’s easy to forget that the title role is played by a 39 year old man, as Lilley takes us deep into the psyche of a private school girl.

131130-ep02-jamie-mirror-1024-300x168Here’s the Recap…

Episode 2 finds Ja’mie and her girls gathering in the prefect’s room at Hilford, discussing the dick pic that she’s recieved from Kwami, her African boy “project.” The girls debate the always complicated topic of sexting etiquette – does one send a tit shot in response to a dick pic? Is it too soon to respond with a peek at Ja’mie’s A-cups? It’s not easy being a teenage girl! A visit from the school principal gives Ja’mie a moment to admire his new suit and make sure he’s coming to choir practice. He doesn’t want to miss her solo, I mean, who would, right?

Of course, plans are underway for the Perfect Prefect Party (PPP) and everyone is invited. Well, everyone except the boarders and the Asians, of course. This is going to be the party of the year and Ja’mie is not going to have it ruined by girls who are either exceptionally smart, or those who wear rugby jerseys over their uniforms, I mean come on! The PPP is the perfect way to get Ja’mie more time with Mitchell, the hottest year ten that Kelton Boys’ Grammar has ever seen.


Moving on to dance class, we get to see the more sensitive side of Ja’mie, proving that even the most quiche of us girls can be vulnerable. Watching Ja’mie’s contemporary dance routine is absolutely as entertaining as you’re imagining it to be. Her emo (in a good way) routine takes us through the anguish of her incredibly difficult decision… does a girl take a gap year to help those suffering in Africa… or does she, instead, go into modelling?

Next up to dance is Erin, Ja’mie’s arch nemesis, who channels her experiences helping flood victims, through her dance. Erin is pretty much Ja’mie’s only competition for the Hilford Medal. Erin is smart, super active in school events, has about a million badges on her blazer, and to make matters worse, is a true humanitarian. Ja’mie is highly offended by Erin’s audacity. It’s truly shocking to think that a boarder would imagine herself worthy of the Hilford Medal. Not to mention that Erin is, in Ja’mie’s opinion, fat, and most likely a lesbian. It is obviously going to be up to Ja’mie to make sure that Erin doesn’t get her medal away from her this year.

Choir practice is perhaps the high point of the episode. Here we get to see Ja’mie King at her best. Her musical skills are unmatched at Hilford, not only does she play several instruments and sing like an angel, she’s also written an inspirational song, which will feature her as a soloist. Her performance of “Learning to Be Me” impresses not only the choir direction, but the school principal as well. Big points here for our Head Girl, surely this will make her a shoe-in for the Hilford Medal. When choir practice is over, Ja’mie and the prefects volunteer to clean up the auditorium, however, their true plans are revealed when Mitchell and the quiche boys from Kelton show up. The prefects conspire to leave Ja’mie alone with Mitchell, so they can get to know each other. Ja’mie treats Mitchell to a sexy private dance, only to be interrupted by Courtney, her younger sister, who is videoing said dance. Unfortunately, everyone is caught by the principal and given a stern talking to, especially Ja’mie, who, he says, may be jeopardizing her chance at the Hilford Medal with her irresponsible actions. We end with a thoughtful Ja’mie taking a long, wistful look at the portrait of last year’s Hilford Medal winner, before the camera pans out over the Hilford campus.

Things We Learned This Week

  • Having A-cup tits is really embarrassing, from the locker room to sexting with pretty quiche African boys, you really don’t ever feel comfortable letting people see how small your tits really are. Even the hot girls have insecurities.
  • Dance routines, whether for class or for a potential boyfriend, should always be passionate and polished. Also, if you’re not hot, you probably shouldn’t dance, as if you don’t look good, it doesn’t matter how talented you are, no one will want to watch you.
  • When trying to draw the interest of a hot guy, it’s important to be yourself, but also to pretend that you are really, really interested in the things that he likes, especially sports.
  • Never lose sight of your goals, and never, ever allow anyone else to take away the things which are rightfully yours. Do whatever it tales to get the things that you want, no matter who you have to take down. The only thing that matters is winning!

Are you ready for the Perfect Prefect Party? Check out the trailer for Episode 3:



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