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by Jef Dinsmore
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At the time we reported that RAP SH!T was getting bumped from August to November nothing else was on the move. But since then, we’ve discovered, under the cover of night, that the fourth season of TRUE TrueDetective4_TitleDETECTIVE was rescheduled as well. Though there has been no official announcement, HBO.com has tweaked its information that the show will not arrive until 2024. As we reported, the shuffling all has to do with spreading out the sparse content HBO is sitting on and counting on the hope that the strike will be resolved to allow full actor participation in the show’s promotion in the new year. Don’t hold your breath.  

A couple of graphics are what tipped us off.  In the “Coming Soon on HBO” section of the site, this first graphic told us it was ‘Coming Soon in 2023’ and just overnight it now reads… 

TrueDetective4_Moved1That was backed up a page over when we noted this… 


HBO fanatics were highly anticipating the fourth installment of the anthology series in October of this year, September at the earliest. Fans have obsessed over the show ever since Season One’s premiere episode, “The Long Bright Dark”, introduced us to two lead detectives in Louisiana, Hart & Cohle. Since then, there were detectives Woodrugh, Velcoro & Bezzerides in California and Hays & West in Arkansas. TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY was so close to giving us the next case; so close to giving us Danvers and Navarro in Alaska. We are predicting that we will now get to see them on assignment in January 2024 to launch a new year of quality HBO content. 


That leaves us we a revamp of the speculations we posited earlier about the upcoming schedule. Here is a quick update:  

  • September – THE GILDED AGE (HBO) and perhaps CURB YOUR ENTHUSIASM  
  • October – 30 COINS (HBO International); INDUSTRY (HBO International) 
  • November – RAP SH!T (Max) and perhaps TOKYO VICE (Max)   
  • January – TRUE DETECTIVE: NIGHT COUNTRY could lead off 2024  
  • March – THE REGIME (?) (HBO) 
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