Somehow I missed Season One of ENLIGHTENED.  It premiered on October 11, 2011 and ran for ten episodes. So, I needed to catch up. I have been doingEnlightened_S2 so watching two episodes at a time on HBOGo with just one episode to go before its second season premiere on Sunday, 01.13 at 9:30 pm. The episodes repeat again at 10:30pm. Just for fun here are those ten Season One episodes by title: “Pilot”, “Now of Never”, “Someone Else’s Life”, “The Weekend”, “Not Good Enough Mothers”, “Sandy”, “Lonely Ghosts”, “Comrades Unite!”, “Consider Helen” and “Burn It Down.”

Even before seeing the concluding episode I can say very simply that I liked it. It was different from the comedies that have been on the channel recently and currently. It has a certain tone and many people stuck in an unhappy work place might relate to the situation presented just as much as twenty-somethings might relate to GIRLS. Anyway, since I did like it I thought I would do my part to promote the show by kind of pulling all the recent posts about it into one spot. Truthfully, it is all in an attempt to promote one of the ‘little shows” on HBO. Most have been dropping postDernWilsons about GIRLS or GAME OF THRONES (already??) and I don’t want ENLIGHTENED to get lost in the shuffle. So, here is what we have:

The biggest post of late is by my colleague Eleonora with a spot-on look at the leading character Amy Jellicoe in “Agent of Change or Archangel of Catastrophe?”  I hope you weigh in on her post and ask yourself – is Laura Dern’s character empowered for good or her own worst enemy?

The related HBOWatch post that has garnered the most comments, a whole 44 of thenlightened_photoem, is Laura Dern talks ENLIGHTENED Season 2″ posted 12.19.11. It captured some highlights of a TVLine interview with the actress and the comments indicated an eagerness for another season.

As the second season took shape we learned that Dermot Mulroney and Molly Shannon were on board. Check back to those posts to refresh your memories on what characters they will bring to Season Two. Then we got the Teaser  and Trailer.They were featured in posts from Sept. and Dec. of last year.

Again, if you refresh yourself with these posts then you are ready for ENLIGHTENED which, we need to tell you one more time, premieres 01.13.13 at 9:30pm.


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