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ENLIGHTEND’s Amy Jellicoe: Agent of Change or Archangel of Catastrophe?

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Everyone knows that one person in the office, at school or (gulp) in the family. You know, the kind that has the best of intentions, and yet, things seem to Jellicoe_Angel1go awry. They start out with a vision and end up a complete blur. They often stumble upon things, as in hidden agendas, conspiracies or corporate treachery. Some people take the high road and stand their ground. Some stay quiet, for fear of reprisal. Others fall off the beaten path and end up…in rehab.

Such is the case with our clumsy, but well-meaning heroine, Amy Jellicoe. Season One of Enlightened introduced us to a woman who was clearly on the verge of a breakdown. Amy works for a company called Abaddonn Industries. She held a high up executive position with the company, had an affair with one of her colleagues, drank and clubbed like she was a teenager and ended up in a downwards spiral. After having a complete breakdown in front of colleagues, she was sent to a rehabilitation center, in order to prioritize her life goals and learn from her past transgressions. As part of her return back to “normal” life, she moves in with her mother, while still nursing feelings for her ex-husband, Levi, who struggles with his own drug addiction and self-esteem issues. Amy is resolved to make the best of her situation and come back a stronger, calmer and happier person, one day at a time. She tries to become more environmentally and ethically savvy. She tries to give people second chances. She tries to be the better person.

Jellicoe_ArcangelAmy is flawed; but she is also very realistic. Who hasn’t suffered through a broken heart or failed relationship? Who hasn’t felt alone, insecure or unsure? Who hasn’t failed at some enterprise in their lifetime? Who hasn’t been bullied or isolated? Amy is fragile but at her very core is a woman who just wants to find some positive meaning in her life: through her work, her professional commitments and her personal relationships.

Of course, the road to hell is paved with good intentions. Amy, once being a “higher-up” at Abbadonn Industries, is now given the lowly entry position of the Cogentiva data processing department, in the basement, with a slew of colleagues that she never knew existed. Things have changed at Abbadonn and not necessarily for the better.

You can’t help but feel sorry for our heroine. After all, we all make mistakes and who hasn’t had a bad day or off week from time to time? The problem is, that Amy, once back and working in the basement of Abbadonn Industries, begins to make it her mission to be a “change” in the world and she resolves to start by helping those that she works with. She befriends Tyler and Connie and Omar in the data processing department and tries her best to settle into the new routine, especially since the supervisor, Dougie, keeps a very close eye on her. But Amy, being Amy, always has some form of drama following her around. If it’s not her perpetual habit of arriving late to work every single day, it’s the bad habit of trying to start or join human causes about empowerment and positive group dynamics that gets people flustered or annoyed, or it’s her estranged relationship with her mother or worse, her on-again, off-again relationship with her ex-husband, Levi. This is a one woman show and Amy seems to be her own worst enemy.

We all want to be part of something special. We all want to see some positive changes taking place in the world, especially when we know that so many people are exploited, abused and taken advantage of on a daily basis by the buy corporations of the day. How much impact can one person have against a Jellicoe_vulrnerablebig company?

Well, for those of you that don’t know, or have never heard of, there was this parable in the Bible. You know the one about David and Goliath? Well, think of Amy Jellicoe as David and all the nasty colleagues (who gossip and betray Amy) and Abbadonn Industries, itself, as Goliath.

Amy still has a few surprises in store for some of the bullies at Abbadonn Industries. After being cast aside and made fun of by a few female colleagues – primarily her old assistant Krista – Amy stumbles upon sensitive information about corporate abuse, fraud and kickbacks that certain employees have been receiving that took place at the company for a long time and how the higher ups are content to let things run that way. The old Amy wouldn’t care. She would just go with the flow and let corporate greed take top billing. She’d just get drunk at the next corporate party and most likely sleep with her boss again. However, the new and improved ‘agent of change’ Amy is resolved to do something about this and bring the trail of corporate lies and greed to the surface. This is something that the corporation does not like. They do not want someone who thinks outside the box. They do not want someone who has a conscience. They certainly don’t want a rat in their midst.

What’s a girl to do?

After putting together a proposal and pitching it to the Health and Beauty department of Abbadonn about how many of their products are not environmentally/ethically safe, then being cruelly rejected (ridiculed and lied to, which she overhears and uncovers) she decides that enough is enough. All those late night talks and weekend sessions with Tyler have reached the limit. A person can only take being pushed so many times before they decide to push right back.

Time for Amy to bring out the ‘big guns.’Jellicoe_Empowerment

A secret password.

A record of meetings and logs of e-mails.

A trail of classified information about lies and greed.

Financial statements of who’s been receiving money as bribes or favors.

A company that is about to be exposed by one of its’ own.

All that needs to be done is press the “send” button to a few media types and ship out piles of printed out e-mail records to newspapers and Abbadonn Industries will finally be held accountable for all its’ shady dealings.

Season Two: you can’t come fast enough!

So how do you see her? Is she the empowered Agent of Change or the Archangel of Catastrophe? We will know once Enlightened premieres Season two on January 13th at 9:30pm.

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Jef Dinsmore January 11, 2013 - 8:07 pm

think Amy is an “Agent of Change.” She’ll stand up for her convictions but won’t think through the consequences. What goes down won’t be neat and pretty.


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