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How Peacock Roasted the New HBO Max Rebrand

by HBOWatch Staff
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As you might have heard, HBO Max has recently rebranded to the simpler (but also slightly confusing) Max. And as soon as this happened, the comments started to flow. 

People instantly wondered whether they would still have access to HBO content. So, to address any concerns, Max then added a new tagline: “The one to watch for HBO”. Savvy marketing or blunder of the decade? You be the judge.

One thing we do know: Peacock can recognize a marketing opportunity when it sees it. So, the platform quickly took to Twitter and shared the following hilarious message:


At the time of writing this, the tweet had over 50K likes and almost 7k retweets – not to mention some very appropriate replies, too! 

For example, take a look at what Denny’s, a diner-style restaurant chain, said: 


Users were also quick to praise the brain behind the quick reaction:




And others begged the network to actually consider the name change, even if only in solidarity:



About the HBO Max Rebrand

So, in case you missed the rebranding when it happened, that’s right: HBO Max is now called just Max. 

The decision was announced at a press event last April, as the streaming service also explained its desire to expand from prestige television to more content – including cinematic releases and reality TV. The HBO network itself, though, remains the same. 

So, what does Max include? In short, all the streaming services provided by Warner Bros. And all the existing and future content that has little or nothing to do with the HBO brand (the slogan was, as you might remember, “It’s not TV. It’s HBO”).

Unfortunately, many experts would agree that, if you have to explain a rebrand, then you’re not doing exactly things right. And it’s not just the name that’s changed! The identity itself has also been pretty simplified, with a color scheme that honestly follows many others in the streaming and entertainment market (Prime Video, Disney Plus, and Paramount Plus are all also blue!). This is something many users were quick to criticize, even when the new logo takes cues from the original one.

We’ll have to wait and see if the Max rebrand brings more users to the platform. Peacock’s change certainly would!

HBO Max Rebrand FAQs

Is The Rebrand Active Already?

Yes! The change happened for United States users in May, 2023. For Latin America, though, viewers will have to wait until fall to see the new logo.

Will Subscribers Get Updated Automatically?

Again, yes. As an HBO Max subscriber, you don’t need to do anything. You will be automatically transferred to Max. 

Will HBO Max’s Price Change With the Rebrand?

No. The pricing will also remain the same. However, the company has announced they are introducing a new tier called “Ultimate”. 

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