HBO Subscribers Now Total 114 Million

HBO-logo-hat-300x300On a conference call announcing the fourth quarter earnings of Time Warner (the parent company that owns HBO) CEO Jeff Bewkes and his associates revealed that HBO now has 114 million subscribers world-wide.

At subscription rates ranging from $10-$20 per month that’s quite a cash flow and that doesn’t even include the healthy DVD or Blu-Ray sales of all HBO series!

It’s good to know that our favorite shows are bringing home the bacon in a way that hopefully means more security for the big budget series such as Game of Thrones. ┬áIt also means that HBO has the cash to throw at new pilots and to take bigger risks on upcoming programming.

Bewkes also brushed away assertions that Netflix is creeping up on HBO in terms of quality series with the release of the Netflix exclusive House of Cards saying:

“HBO has done this for 25 years. It takes a while to get it up to scale.”

Are you one of the proud 114 million out there enjoying HBO programming at home and on the Go? It looks like you’re in good company these days.


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