HBO Max in “Early Days” of HARRY POTTER Series Development


You might have heard but if you haven’t, I must inform you as a mightily happy Hufflepuff, that HBO Max is in talks to develop a Harry Potter television series!  Grab your Quibbler and settle in for some good old-fashioned theorizing because this is exciting and also there’s not much to go on so speculation is even more fun.  Both Deadline and The Hollywood Reporter commented on conversations but it was especially “early days” and that we shouldn’t be getting our eggs in any baskets, according to Chief Content Officer Casey Bloys.  That’s a fair assessment considering the complicated rights around the Harry Potter franchise.  J.K. Rowling has the final word on the franchise but both NBCUniversal and HBO Max have inked deals negotiating streaming rights.  HBO Max streamed the films when the service aired initially for a few months, and the films have since relocated to Peacock, Universal’s streamer.  On top of complex rights, J.K. herself has been in hot water as well as drama attached to the Fantastic Beasts films.  Many people were quick to comment that HP doesn’t necessarily deserve attention right now considering the behavior of the author.  So where does that leave us?  Well, I plan on ignoring her nasty behavior and embracing the hope and acceptance that Harry Potter actually portrays, and happily focusing on what the new series could be about. 

The Marauders & the Beginning of the War

2Q==I am discussing this one first because not only do I think it’s the best idea, the fandom would most likely agree with me.  Check message boards anywhere on any social media and you’ll find people wanting to know more about the Marauders.  This storyline offers the most ability to build on backstory, show emotional development and change, and especially flashbacks between school days and fighting as adults.  We would be able to see James Potter change from bullying teen to fighting adult to doting father.  For Snape, his descent to the wills of Voldemort and eventual change in attitude.  Admittedly, I care less about the Snape part.  Hot tea and I am sorry if you don’t agree, Snape is awful.  He doesn’t deserve the love he gets.  If there is a boggart that can shapeshift to your worst fear and a child’s worst fear is you, their teacher, you don’t deserve praise!!  I work with kids.  They shouldn’t be afraid of you.  Tangent over, there’s a lot of story and characters to explore at this point in the timeline. It would bring back familiar faces but with fresh perspectives.  I can imagine my fan casting post already.  Yeah, that’ll happen for sure…  *ahem* Sorry, distracted for a second.  It would give the opportunity to see the war visually as well.  And I don’t doubt HBO’s ability to do justice to some good explosions and fight sequences.  It’s easily in my opinion the most marketable and fan-pleasing.

Ministry of Magic

ZThe Wizarding World is a strange, cool, weird place but much like muggles, wizards also need to work.  Seeing a show based around characters who work in the Ministry could have the potential to be cool.  There are several departments we could get a peek into.  Office for the Removal of Curses, Jinxes, and Hexes.  Department for the Regulation and Control of Magical Creatures.  I can envision an episode where some kind of pixie or small creature gets loose.  Department of Magical Law Enforcement.  You gotta know wizards do dumb stuff just as much as muggles, only now they have wands.  Muggle Liaison Office.  Department of Mysteries.  I mean really, who knows what kind of crazy sh*t they have in there…  I’d like to know what kind of crazy sh*t.  I really, really would.

Adult Harry Potter

9k=This one is last, mainly because it’s my least favorite and also I think least likely to happen.  Particularly with Fantastic Beasts, the franchise is opening itself up to telling new and different stories.  Much as Mandalorian has done for Star Wars.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the Skywalker family, but there are other worthy stories in a galaxy far, far away.  And the same is true for the Wizarding World.  Would seeing Harry as an auror be cool?  Sure, but compared to other story ideas I’m just already bored thinking about it.  We know him, we’ve seen him grow up, now is the time to let him go.  Rupert Grint, who portrayed Ron in the films, said it would be weird to see someone else play Ron though he has seen The Cursed Child stage production and I can understand that.  At this point, we really have nothing to go on anyway.  No one has been hired to write, no talent is attached, so we’re just left here to dream and take house combination quizzes.  I’m a Slytherpuff.  Drop me your house in the comments and let me know what story you would want to see come to HBO Max!

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