HBO gets HARD, that’s right, HARD!


Another European show is getting remade for The States and for HBO. The show is called HARD and it is a French television show about a woman who inherits her husband’s failing porn company. Pictured above is a shot from that TV show. For all you people who want Nudity Equality you just might get it with this one!

The original ran frTV_Hardom 2008 – 2011 and focused on a Catholic housewife who discovers her husband’s secret life as a porn mogul after he dies and is forced to carry on the business when she feels a financial crunch. The U. S. version will reshape the show to Brentwood California and will be created by Jenny Bicks, who wrote for HBO’s SEX AND THE CITY and, more recently The Big C.

Of course, the U. S. version of HARD is only in early development and not confirmed for a series run yet; though existing source material should speed up the process. Will it get the SEX AND THE CITY or HUNG treatment or be a bit racier like TELL ME YOU LOVE ME or, God forbid, REAL SEX? Yeah, I know, it won’t be as racy as that last show, but a show about a porn company on HBO. Just imagine.

 Maybe, our overseas writers can weigh in on the French version if the HBO show goes forward.


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