GETTING ON: Sn. 01 Episode Four Review

Episode # 4 – DumpedGettingOn_logo

 Showrunners name episodes for a reason. This one is entitled “Dumped” and by the end of this post you are going to get tired of the word for it is about to be overused because there are a few examples of “dumping” played out in this installment of GETTING ON.

The most obvious incident is the dumping off of the rank homeless woman to the unit. It seems the hospital proper was tired of the homeless curling up on gurneys to rest so they dumped the latest one off forGettingOn_ShannonEp04-245x300 the Billy Barnes Ward to deal with. It is quite apparent that this unit is not respected. It is also quite obvious that the use of background actors come in weekly to offer a different patient character each week.  A different type of patient seems to be addressed; we had violent Varla, and the Cambodian woman for example. Even resident Birdy’s storyline of her sexcapade seems to be over in just one episode. This week had guest actress Molly Shannon (pictured) appear as the daughter of a failing woman which pins some dramatic moments to the episode.   Next week it will be someone different. But, I digress so back to the dumping grounds.

 Our main characters had their turns of being dumped on as it were. Dr. Jenna (Metcalfe) “dumped” on Dawn (Borstein) over the raffle basket, Dawn and Patsy (Rodriguez) “dumped” on each other over their dating and Didi (Nash) dumped on Dawn behind her back. But, it all seems to turn out well despite all that. Here is briefly what happened.  

Just when I thought Laurie Metcalfe was sort being underused she came back strong in this episode. If you recall Dr. James was selling tickets for a raffle basket and Dawn owed her the money for the tickets put in under her name. When Dawn’s name was drawn (without paying) James went balGettingOn_DDEp04listic on her and the two of them pulled off the best scene in the half hour as a result. Jenna J. was also “dumped” on this episode when she learned she was truly the only one not embracing the Make Someone Happy agenda. Even the resident doctors told her to get on board with it.

 Incident number three occurs when Dawn is called into Patsy’s office. They both decide, in a brief segment, to dump on the relationship they were trying to start.  That might be stretching the theme word a bit but, it doesn’t matter for it is a short-lived matter as I will explain shortly. The final “dump” happens when Didi is in conversation with her union rep and she slyly brings to light that Dawn and Patsy were intimate disproving the question on whether he was gay or not thus making, to her mind, the whole grievance thing bogus.

In conclusion let me state that just like we get a different patient of the week we also get an upbeat endGettingOn_JamesonEp04-300x150ing every week as well. Even though a bit of “dumping” has been going on here most of them seem to diffuse by show’s end. James looks like she may be getting out of the situation entirely by concerning another position elsewhere; Dawn & Patsy have a change of heart about their relationship and Dr. James, in the second best scene of the episode actually defends her nurses. It involves the homeless woman incident. But, I can’t spoil that; watch the episode for yourself.

 The largest issue still looming is Didi’s reveal. That information could cause a HR issue for Dawn and Patsy. Did Didi just get them in hot water? That story thread should be ongoing in the final two episodes of Season One. We will have to see.

Here is a sneak peek at Episode # 5.


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