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Fan Theories and Easter Eggs in Max Shows

by HBOWatch Staff
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Easter eggs are hidden messages, details, or images sneakily added by a filmmaker into a show or movie. So, get ready to peel back the layers of reality, question the very fabric of storytelling, and discover that sometimes (just sometimes) a prop designer’s affinity for rubber ducks is the key to unlocking the universe’s deepest secrets. Here are Max’s best riddles and enigmas.

Doom Patrol

Doom Patrol is known for its quirky and meta references. In one episode, the characters visit a street named “Danny Street,” a nod to the genderqueer, sentient, teleporting street named Danny from the comics.

And Just Like That

After Max dropped the latest Season 2 poster in Mat, many have begun decoding hidden messages. The main one revolves around clear references to The Last Supper and hints at what the seating placements might mean. For example, are we to expect a major betrayal?

The Undoing

In The Undoing, there’s a subtle reference to Big Little Lies, another show created by David E. Kelley. A character is seen reading a newspaper with the headline Monterey School District, a nod to the setting of Big Little Lies.

The Last of Us

The game The Last of Us never showed Ellie’s mom, Anna. In the show, however, we do see Anna hiding in an abandoned house to give birth to the protagonist (spoilers: right after she’s bitten). Anna is played by Ashley Johnson, who actually voiced Ellie in the game.


It didn’t take long for fans to hypothesize about Max’s Velma cartoon. The most viewed animated premiere in history also has the lowest audience score for an HBO production. Velma is so bad, in fact, that there are many conspiracy theories saying the show is a parody! Ouch.

Gossip Girl

When Kate Keller gets the news alert that Hollywood is building for Gossip Girl’s story rights, the one she gets is from The New York Spectator. Now, as you might remember, this newspaper is owned by Nate Archibald, who revealed the first Gossip Girl’s true identity. 


Nan, the dynasty’s matriarch, has an impressive high-end palace. In fact, a Redditor pointed out that the wallpaper looks like a hand-painted Gournay (about $100,000 a room), and the side chairs use Schumacher fabrics, a Fifth Avenue giant with over 130 years of history. Not bad.

Friends: The Reunion

In the Friends reunion special, fans noticed the original Magna Doodle board from Joey and Chandler’s apartment. It featured a drawing of the hand gesture associated with Dr. Spock’s Vulcan salute.


Throughout Euphoria, there are numerous visual nods to classic films and TV shows. For example, the Halloween episode pays homage to iconic movies like A Clockwork Orange and Risky Business.

Jon Snow

When the Game of Thrones show revealed Bran Stark was the new King of the Seven Kingdoms, not everyone was pleased. Some fans have argued, though, that Bran was possessed by the Three-Eyed Raven the entire time and will eventually lose his mind as the Mad King did. That actually makes a lot of sense!

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