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European Works Like HOUSE OF THE DRAGON Still In Production

by Jef Dinsmore
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While the necessary WGA and SAG/AFTRA strikes are putting a halt to productions across the land, that doesn’t mean that HBO will not have some content to release in the coming future. The reason for that is that only American industry unions are picketing. There are other viable entertainment industries that are hard at work out there. Any of the HBO Europe and HBO Asia outlets still have productions running in the respective countries that are far removed from the issues that Hollywood is facing.

Industry_S2Soon-300x168One big outlet that HBO is associated with is the BBC. Three HBO shows are co-productions with Britain’s biggest entertainment giant, so we should see further content from those shows as their productions are not halted, at least, not at this time. So, look for more from THE HOUSE OF THE DRAGON and INDUSTRY and the arrival of DUNE: THE SISTERHOOD in the near future.

Since those productions are mainly U. K. driven shows with European actors they can still work because their entertainment unions are not on strike plus, we understand, the U. K. has strict anti-trade union laws that don’t allow for industry members to strike in unity with other counterparts in other countries, thus preventing global shutdown of the industry. Also, U. S. actors can also work overseas if they are covered under union contracts with foreign countries, though their colleagues back in the States might see them in disfavor for it.

HouseOfTheDragon.-300x186So, that explains the news that has surfaced that George R. R. Martin’s HOUSE OF THE DRAGON continues to film. As for INDUSTRY, a third season was granted back in October 2022 and BARRY’s Sarah Goldberg and GAME OF THRONES’ Kit Harrington are involved. The DUNE prequel series is underway in Hungary. Plus, let’s mention the HBO shows already in the can, as they say, like WINNING TIME S2 and TRUE DETECTIVE S4 alongside some other exciting international works like 30 COINS.

Tough times for sure, but still some content out there. Look for it!

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