Doug Ellin’s ’40’ A No-Go on HBO

doug_ellin-entourageENTOURAGE creator Doug Ellin had developed and shot a pilot for a show entitled  – 40 . The show, however, will not see even 40 seconds of airtime on HBO.  The pay channel has opted not to pick up the series. The single-camera ensemble originally revolved around four lifelong friends — played by Ed Burns, Michael Rapaport, Michael Imperioli and Adrian Pasdar — who help each other  navigate life at 40, which isn’t all they expected it to be.

That is the nature of the beast; some shows just don’t come together.  And there are a ton of awesome show’s scheduled to premiere this year alone on HBO!  Shame, though because we had a post to HBOWatch’s forum from a mother proud of her overly excited child’s job as an  extra in that shot pilot.  Hopefully the young lady will get another chance.  And we can be sure Doug Ellin will.  He is under an overall deal at HBO and will continue to develop for the pay cable network.   In fact, he  has executive produced  another show pilot for  HBO  to consider called DA BRICK. We will have to see what develops.

It’s always sad to see a show cut before it even gets a pilot off the ground.  Hopefully the same thing doesn’t happen to The Viagra Diaries!

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