Entourage Creator Taps Ed Burns for New HBO Pilot, “40”

EntourageEdBurnsAs Entourage comes to a close this summer series creator Doug Ellin has gotten a bit older.  Ed Burns (Entourage, Saving Private Ryan) has been tapped to star in a 30 minute HBO pilot tentatively called “40,” that will follow a group of guys in their forties.

Ellin had been working on another pilot about a group of Wall St. brokers in NYC but that project has fallen through.  Burns has made a number of appearences as a guest on such shows as Entourage and Will and Grace but this would be his first permanent role on a premium television series.

As Entourage comes to a close this summer (with the possibility of a film in the works!) an older, more mature Entourage might be just what HBO needs.  Stay tuned.

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