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I am not sure when the name change happened and why we missed it but, MASTERS OF THE AIR , the WWII companion piece to BAND OF BROTHERS and THE PACIFIC,  is now officially titled THE MIGHTY EIGHTH. Let’s take a moment to realize what we can gain about the production due to that title change.

The project, from Playtone Productions, was quickly given the name “Masters of the Air” because it was announced early that the source material for the project was a non-fiction account of the same name by Donald Miller. Though it is a commanding title it is a rather vague one. Now with the name changed to THE MIGHTY EIGHTH there is no mistake who is getting honored here with a film. If you remember the two prior films in this WWII epic they took different approaches in telling their story. BAND OF BROTHERS was not about the U. S. Army in general, but of a specific unit and of the intense service that one unit gave for the cause. Where THE PACIFIC was more of a collection of events focusing on a handfulmighty8th_patch of servicemen illustrating what the war in the Pacific Theater was like. This third upcoming miniseries, now made more evident by its title change, will take the same angle as BAND OF BROTHERS; it will focus on one squadron and one set of characters through its chronicled heroic missions. It will be a great companion to the other two miniseries.    

Lately there has been a little bit of buzz that this production is finally getting underway. Just think for a moment, however, how monumental a project this is. The production team needs to lock down locations, muster together historically accurate costumes and equipment, build, borrow or rent war weapons and vehicles and coordinate a cast and crew of hundreds. A number of sites including this one state that the project will cost $500 million dollars which is quite a lofty price for a TV project.

Now here is something interesting. Though it has been sort of vague exactly what this video clip is the main consensus is that it is a trailer that Playtone Productions used as a concept idea to pitch to HBO. Okay, but after Playtone’s proven track record with the other two miniseries did it really have to try to sell THE MIGHTY EIGHTH that hard?

 Now, understand before you see this video. This is not a scene in the movie or actors necessarily involved in the TV event. This is a network pitch, a special effect test or even totally unrelated footage to the upcoming HBO miniseries. In any case it does set the tone for the type of scene we can expect in this depiction of the masters of the air and their confrontation with the Luftwaffe.

We await your comment. Surely this has got to excite someone out there? We will be on duty and keep you posted.

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ANYONE ANYWHERE HAVE an idea where or when,,,HBO does not respond,,never a hint of when it might be,,,ridiculous,,

No. There is no word of any kind that we can find. We are always looking, thus the post we posted recently.

looking forward to seeing this series…this trailer looked very good..

My father was a B-17 waist gunner with the 305 Bomb Group of the 8th. He never talked about it. Ever.

Hats off to him

Looking forward to this series or the movie. Like many of us I lost family in one of the B-17s that never returned. I took the ride last year. It wasn’t cheap but I’d pay to do it again next week. The 17 is everything it was meant to be and I am sure fear was rampant during combat. Either way I will be seeing this as well. RIP Uncle Jack Browne 04/09/44, 452nd “Iron Bird”

I’m pretty sure the video above has nothing to do with the HBO production.. It’s a separate project.. (at least I hope it isn’t!) The budget for Masters of the air is $500m. Think how good the cgi was in Band of Brothers and when it was made (2001) I wouldn’t worry! ;) THE MIGHTY EIGHTH was written by Kurt Johnstad (300, 300: RISE OF AN EMPIRE, ACT OF VALOR) and is produced by David Hoberman (THE FIGHTER, THE PROPOSAL), Todd Lieberman (THE FIGHTER, THE PROPOSAL) and Greg & Colin Strause, with director Rick Jacobson (BITCH SLAP, Starz Spartacus: War… Read more »
Ok so there are 15 b-17s left one burned down a couple years ago. To rent a seat on a joy ride on a b-17 for 45 minutes it costs 500. to rent the plane of 15 seats it costs 7500. 45 minutes fits into a day 32 times. 7500×32 is 240000. to assume they would spend 15% of their budget on the plane it would give them 312 days with the bomber. Wether you think they could make a movie like this one in under a year is your opinion. all that money for one plane. To rent. And… Read more »

You come off as a dolt

You don’t really have any experience with the film industry do you? I mean with the actual hands on craft of making a movie like this. Just going from your post, in which you’d probably like to be perceived as knowledgable, you really telegraph your ignorance in a pretty spectacular fashion. Renting one plane and tying their schedule to it? We’d get everything we need with the actual plane in about 2 or 3 weeks. The rest we’d get on stage, with a green screen and let the digital boys work their magic. And the bit about the plane burning… Read more »

Well said. Its pretty obvious buddy has zero idea how movies or TV shows are made. Do some research before trying to school everyone with your ignorance. This is the age of Google and its not hard to look up some basic information. Dumb ass.

What all of this getting a hard on for (old) military stuff just repeats to me one thing: that humanity is horrible and it should slowly and peacefully die out, preferably by thinking for a change and not reproducing anymore. It’s bad enough as it is with us consuming the world we exist in like yeast in a barrel, meanwhile we contrive the most intricate lies and ways to kill off the competition. In the hopes of what being the last one standing when the next asteroid/supervolcano/virus strikes. Well I’m not playing along…

Hopefully having your head up your ass is fatal,,or did hillery do it for you

Humans ARE terrible. You should kill yourself

By all means then don’t watch it. Those of us who want to honor and appreciate the sacrifices these men made through no choice of their own will be the ones watching it. Humanity isn’t going to change anytime soon no matter how much you wish it so until it does just sftu and let us honor the real men while you hide in a hole somewhere imagining humainity existing without conflict. Also let’s start decreasing human population with you and the rest of us will follow

thats not your choice senor.

I see a Darwin Award in your future.

But you’re Dutch. Your opinion regarding WWII is irrelevant unless the words coming out of your mouth are “Thank You Allied Forces”. Take a cue from the French who respect the sacrifice and honor the memory.

what makes the fact that Sven is from Holland, his opinion irrelevant? the only thing he is saying is that war it self is not something to celebrate in heroic moves. The Dutch had a war or two them self before the US even excited. and well, the main result is that people died so other people got some more power. And i guess you will say “but the US fought the Nazis. they were bad. yes true, but only because the Germans started attacking US ships. The Chaplin movie “The great dictator” was even banned in US because its… Read more »

Quick history lesson: U.S.A. entered the war because Japan attacked us. You know, the other “master race” hell bent on world domination. We remained “neutral” but were fighting the Germans already via the lend lease-act which supplied Britain and Russia with equipment and supplies. This is the whole reason Germany was sinking our Victory ships.

Guess who else was fighting the Germans in Africa? Yep….U.S.A. In the end the United States ended up fighting both genocidal governments all over the globe. You’re welcome. Now shut the fuck up

Too bad we killed most of them ; )

I think the point is that the Greatest Generation, coming on the heels of a great depression, sucked it up and make unbelievable sacrifices that we may never see again, until we come face-to-face with Islam.

I hope Schweinfurt is featured! You can’t tell the story of the 8th w/o featuring “Black Thursday”!!!

I wish he had some legit news and/or footage to share, but so far nothing. you can’t rush HBO quality. Rest assured painstaking detail is being employed here, just as there was for BAND OF BROTHERS and THE PACIFIC.

Also understand that there are multitudes of heroic stories to be told, but only a select few will get to screen. We all await the miniseries; hopefully in 2016.

here we are two years later

Patiently waiting. When I was in England in Jluy 2013, the skinny was that Hanks/Speilberg were coming in the next weekend to tour Bassingborn(Tower) to finalize before filming. The supposed release at that time was end of 2015/now. As one who’s father drove 17’s (8th’s 303rd Hells Angels – Molesworth) and was shot down 2/16/45 to become POW (Moosberg-Stalag VII-A), I can wait a little longer for them to get it right, though many Vets are leaving us now who won’t have that “privilege”.

My father also piloted 30 missions in 1943-44 for the 303rd Hell’s Angels Molesworth 360 squadron. I wish we was still here to see it, but I guess I just wish he was still here.

$500.OO MILLION & HOLLYWOOD Can’t Do It RIGHT AGAIN..? Without REAL Aircraft THIS MOVIE IS NOTHING I Repeat NOTHING..! I’m Actually Surprised That Hanks & Speilberg Would STOOP SO FUCKING LOW… OUR Fellas & Gals DESERVED MUCH MUCH BETTER, I’m SORRY… Red Tails Was A JOKE And Their About To DO It AGAIN, Because It’s Being Made By KIDS, Who Have NEVER In Their Lives ACTUALLY Heard The ROARS OF A Merlin, OR The Radial Engines That Save The WORLD… I’m ABSOLUTELY PISSED OFF To NO End About The Decisions Made Regarding The Authenticity Of SUCH A FILM… For Christ’s… Read more »

Yeah, the latest Red Tails was stinko, they couldn’t even get the look of the Luftwaffe correct and the folly effects were bad too. Effects could be awesome, and there’s more than enough technology now to sample and make correct real time and acusto environmental effects or engines and propellers, guns etc on many different layers, but they always seem to butcher it so blatantly, even the Red Barron came out sounding like the Reno Air Races.

I think your caps lock key is broken.

Just slow your roll man, there aren’t a lot of B-17s left to make films with. Much less blow apart in mid air.
There’s also a vid on youtube that’s added “latest” to the title and fills in a lot of the gaps in the teaser.

Here be trolls. Do not feed.

lol… Okay, so the cost of such an endeavor (today, considering insurance) is not doable for a TV show. Pure and simple. BoB was a special case situation, sort of like Waterloo, or LotR. Not only that, but this footage you’ve seen isn’t even confirmed to come from the show. You are… yelling at everyone that things aren’t realistic when we really know NOTHING about the production of this show. I’ve searched and scoured the internet and there are mighty few details. A friend of mine is a casting director who has put out feelers for me, and she can’t… Read more »

FUCK YOU – Your Indicative Of The CGI Pieces Of Shit That I’ve Alluded To. You KNOW Nothing @ All…

Plenty Of Available Pilots To Fly The Planes …

Your A Typical Fucking PUNK… Your Friend The Casting Director.. ? Probably Sucking Your COCK…

If The FOOTAGE is Not Related to The Film That’s GREAT I Surely Hope It’s NOT…

Anyway I’m Sticking To MY GUNS, My Guess Is Your Probably A FUCKING Liberal…

haha, so, I’m a pilot hence my Kaptain Kitty name… and I HAVE flown some of these planes.. and I don’t have the experience or know anyone who does… who could pull off a WW2 authentic movie. We could fly the planes of course, but in combat conditions recreating …. the sheer quantity of flak, mechanical errors impacting flight, christ… the tension… My friend is a casting director, because I did stunt piloting back in 2009-2011 before I had a medical operation which put me out of the cockpit. I was in the Air force from 2004-2008… (where I did… Read more »

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Will you plz stop bitching like a little kid your going on like a 12 yr old urself the spitfire was the Best aircraft in the world at the time and also great britain was fighting the wermact since 39 on our own although im very grateful to u yanks for helping us just calm urself down and have a cupa tea


First world problems, it’s just a fucking aircraft!

PMS? Are you suffering from PMS? Becauise the symptoms are all there….
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Awww muffin. Does someone need a hug?

In all fairness, the linked footage was test footage put together before HBO actually started production or even green-lit the project. The people shown may not even be in the series and I highly doubt with that budget they will skimp on using as many real sets and historical aircraft as possible. Even 1990’s Memphis Belle managed to scrounge together 5 B-17’s and built interior set sections. I’m withholding judgment until we see footage from the actual series.

Lets hope youre right , CGI just doesn’t cut it in this type of film .

give HBO some fucking credit will you? Band of Brothers and The Pacific are frankly THE BEST ‘ww2’ experience for their specific theaters and operations (Europe/Para/Infantry)- Pacific/marines.

I personally would love a series based on naval affairs, but the cost of such a production…

Band of Brothers, Pacific, Saving Private Ryan. Great concepts just ruined by Americanism. Pearl Harbour on the other hand is just ridiculous from beginning to end. Some reference to “The Briddish” positive this time would be refreshing. The RAF, Bomber Command and ALL the nations who flew and fought “For Freedom” need acknowledging. Even the most deluded amongst you know “The Yanks” did not win the war and no we wouldn’t be speaking German if it weren’t for you. Of all those releases I’ve listed above Band of Brothers is the best work by a country mile and I’m sure… Read more »
Listen, I don’t watch BBC productions and complain that they are too British. I don’t watch Australian-Canadian productions and complain that they are too cheesy. I don’t watch South Africa productions (because I can’t understand them) and I don’t watch American (hollywood) produced media and complain that it is american biased. It’s not like Battle of Britain almost completely ignored major contributors to the combat operations (focused on British and Poles mainly, while there were many many other volunteer units). Band of Brother’s was a perfect experience (and so was The Pacific) if you accept WHAT the experience was. The… Read more »

Yeah, you would have been speaking German. The British were the last crumbling bastion in Europe, surrounded and out gunned. Without the U.S. Hitler would’ve been able to focus squarely on Russia, overrun it and then use its oil reserves to crush Britain. Churchill knew it too. That’s why he was liter begging us for help. It was our tanks that beat the Germans in North Africa, it was our troops that did the heavy lifting on DDay and the drive to Berlin.

No, if the yanks did not enter the war in europe , we would be speaking russian…. the were advancing long before the us entered the war in europe….

Pmsfl the british would of defeated adolf with or without you yanks help hitler was our greatest ally his decisions fucked the wermact and ss up anyway i e stalingrad

So “on your own” you won by being slightly less dumb than the guy that nearly conquered you? Okay. (Do remember Britain made a many great mistakes which directly led to WW2 in a much more direct manner than the US – after they pulled out of international affairs after WW1 that is). So I’m glad you were barely able to hang in there in a situation of your own creation! Congrats! Britain – Pre-War PM (Hey you are awesome), war comes along (Hey PM, you are an idiot), Churchill – (omg churchill you saved us single handedly!) – post-war… Read more »
Why do anti-American Brits always come across as illiterate on the internet? Isn’t English your bloody language? It’s laughable that the Brits would’ve defeated the Germans in WWII without either US or Russian help. Brits had a lot of bad officers in their ranks (Op Market Garden… a British disaster, among many) and an armed forces and economy that was about to crumble at the seems, which is why the Brits needed significant post WW2 investment (the Brits got $2.7 billion alone, in 1940’s money, from the US through Marshal Aid). It would’ve taken longer, but eventually the Brits would’ve… Read more »

Surely the term “Allies” says it all, If we hadn’t held out, there would have been nowhere to invade Normandy from ! The Germans would have joined the japs and invaded an unprepared North America

The Germans would have the same problem as we did, how and where to invade. They weren’t even prepared to invade Britain, let alone somehow get their soldiers across an ocean and somehow march over a whole continent while the Russians beat the hell out of them back home.
And the Japanese? Ha! The Japanese stopped being a threat to mainland USA the moment they went to Midway.
Neither Axis power had the manufacturing, logistics and resources to do jack squat once the war came back to slap them around a bit.

I hope this is not from the serie, the effects are bad, memphis belle is better than this

So glad people are keeping this post alive with interesting comments. Unfortunately we have nothing new to share on this project. It takes time to make such an epic miniseries like BAND OF BROTHERS, etc. The moment we have anything we will share it with you.

Did you see our July 4th posting?

Only 27% of the crews from the 8th army air corps completed their missions, the battle of Kassels was in 1944 not 1942 there were no B17s involved in that bomber group only B24 liberators. My Dad flew in that sortie. You need to get your facts straight. Please do not insult these great men of the mighty eighth, they deserve to be remembered with dignity not fantasy. Wake up look around don’t take for granted the freedom that we enjoy every day in this great nation, we need to perpetuate our veterans from WWII. Not make some feel good… Read more »
Spot on Claudia!!!! They should be honoured correctly for the right reasons in the right way, not because of how the vacuous film industry wants to portray it so that they can proffer from it. The 8th’s first operation with just 12 bombers was not until August 42 and they did not even bomb Germany itself until Jan 1943. As for Kassel, this is deep in Germany. A quick check reveals of some twenty listed allied bombing operational raids conducted on Kassel during the war, only one was carried out by the Americans on 28/09/44, the one you clearly mention,… Read more »

Right, Kassel was one of the “Big Week” targets.

Well, I hope the series is better than this garbage. I’m relying on past experience with The Pacific and BoB for something good. This trailer(?) is just green screens with cartoon bombers. I can get that on games. This looks more like that huge Tuskegee failure.

This is a network pitch, a special effect test or even totally unrelated footage to the upcoming HBO miniseries.

Reading is fundamental.

Earle, Mate. Did you not see my posting from 18 days previously? “The Mighty Eighth” has F-all to do with the Hanks-Spielberg mini series Masters of the Air. The drivel written on here is nothing but pure speculation and guesswork by people that bsically know F-all, but think they’re a cut above the rest or a bit special? Unfortunately they are ‘a bit special’, as it’s all in their own minds how special they think they are! I suppose their mum’s thought they were a bit special too? I know what i’m talking about as time will tell. I have… Read more »

You’re definitely special. You read about as well as the guy you replied to.

Raquetman, is your English reply written in code or something? I’ll not re-quote it for you as it’s only above….and you wrote it. What on earth was your ‘reply’ about???? Try reading, (and I will quote you here “reading is fundamental”), what you write, before you hit the post/send button…….it would be most helpful. Thank you. Also a relevant reply about the subject matter is what’s required, not some smart A**e trying to be clever or funny, particularly as my previous post was not even directed at you! I notice that still no one has addressed the main issue here!… Read more »
Reading this a week after the fact and smiling. First of all, racquetman (if that is indeed his real name), is basically just calling you and the other dude out for not noticing and /or reading the disclaimer stating the clip is NOT from the series. Second, “reading is fundamental” is a tagline from a PR campaign in America back in the 70’s and 80’s (maybe longer) trying to get young kids to read. He is being whimsical and ironic. Perhaps being a “heavy bomber fan based in England” you might not have understood the reference. Thirdly, who the hell… Read more »

Is there any new updates on this new HBO mini-series?

Hey, can anyone subscribe this post when updates arrive?

No I mean it really!!!!!
But do prey tell, exactly who said that “Masters of the Air” is now called “The Mighty Eighth”?
And who said that “The Mighty Eighth” was the intended Hanks & Spielberg new HBO miniseries?
It never ceases to amaze me how people always make assumptions based on pure guesswork!
Bloody amateurs!
From a Heavy Bomber Fan based in England!

Agree. I’d be real curious if the name change has been confirmed by a reliable source. That’s kind of a big deal.

does anyone know the premiere

Sorry nothing has been confirmed. The production company is currently involved with the LEWIS & CLARK miniseries.

My grandfather was herman philbeck..only surviver in armys 8th airforce crash in renne France then pow in’s a great story and it was suicide missions…outa 300 planes that went out like 2 would come back each day…it was suicide. Have a documentary about him and his unit….awsome story..but as u can imagine he never talked about it much

Really excited to find out about this. I’ve been researching my family’s history, specifically my grandfather, and stumbled upon this trailer while researching his military service. He served onboard a B-17 in the 301st Bombardment Group, 352nd Squadron, which was part of the Eight before being transferred to the Twelfth. As I’ve been doing my research I’ve been thinking a lot about Grandfather, about how young he was during WWII, and how vastly different his experiences at that age were from mine–It’s beyond comprehensible. That part of Grandfather’s life is a mystery to me, because, as close as we were,… Read more »
I am really fortunate to still have my Dad with me. I’d like to take a second to say that Dad still has nightmares and seldom sleeps at night more than a couple hours at a time.He was the tail-gunner on the original combat crew aboard the 5 Grand which flew 35 missions in 44.Dad was drafted right out of high school and had the choice of infantry or air corp.I guess he figured a warm cot and fresh food was better than crawling in the mud.After seeing 14 guys from his Quonset hut go down on his 3rd mission… Read more »

My grandfather was fighter pilot of the JG-44 and flew FW-190s and later Me -262 and flew missions with Galland.I am pretty sure he encountered the 8th Air Force several times and shot down P-47/51s and B-17s. He survived several crashes and was captured by American Infantery when he had to bail out somewhere in March ’45.

While I’m sure ‘The Mighty Eighth’ will be a great miniseries and I will be watching it, I really do wish HBO and Steven Spielberg/Tom Hanks would make another infantry-based war miniseries akin to the excellent ‘Band of Brothers’ and ‘The Pacific’. IMO, the next one should be set in the Korean War, not WW2. That’s America’s ‘forgotten war’, despite the fact the war had a higher US casualty rate than Vietnam. It’s largely been neglected by the media and Hollywood in favour of TV series and movies about WW2 and Vietnam. There were many great, and bloody battles in… Read more »

I dearly want to see the Korean War brought to life. So much happened in so little time during that war. It would amazing to see.

Yes, not many people are aware of just how big of a war Korea really was. Not only were we on the brink of WW3 but how many people realize that the US went to war against Chinese troops head on in what was virtually full scale conventional war? in only 3 years 200,000+ UN/SK troops died with about 600k wounded 36,000 Americans, with over 100k wounded.. again that’s in 3 years, whereas over 10+ years 58,000 Americans died in Vietnam with about 150k wounded. The saddest thing is the veterans have been treated with complete apathy and anonymity throughout… Read more »
My Father was in The Eighth Army Air Force and was a Ball Turret gunner in Two B17’s, “FiFI” and “The House of Lords” . I have much info on his time in England where he flew his raids from including his log book, newspapers articles and photographs of his actual bomb raids. My father was one of the lucky one’s to come home and because of his good fortune was inducted into the “Lucky Bastard” Club. I;m looking forward to seeing this series. I only Hope Playtone Productions stays true to the facts, The real story of what these… Read more »

Ya my grandfather was in armys 8th airforce and they wernt supposed to make it past their 3rd flight and they had to do at least 20 missions. .got a documentary on my grandfathers unit and it was suicide

Totally agree. My father was a pilot (Decatur Deb) with 28 missions. He once told me he didn’t like to get to know other crews because you might watch them die during the next mission. Wow. The stories of these guys need to be told. Teaser looks hokey though.

Please make it realistic, A B-17 with an engine out will not keep up in formation.
Show more of the combat and less of the personal stories, if just to show how war is not noble or exciting, but death, and destruction, and the change all go thru just to survive

B-17’s could and did maintain formation on 3 engines. If prior to reaching the target, they would jettison bombs. After the target, it was possible to stay with the group on 3 engines.

Happened all the time. They would also jettison the guns as well.

any idea of a date when it will be released?

Sorry, there is nothing new at this time. Playtone Productions has the LEWIS AND CLARK production in the works at this time.

My Grandfather was a decorated War Hero that served in the ‘Mighty Eighth’ aboard a ‘Flying Fortress’. This Movie and/or Mini-Series is currently in “developement”… I hope this gets made and that they somehow do it justice. Cant wait!

I cant wait!

'Pedro' Peter Anton Berrisford

Any chance in a filming requirement in the UK for extras with military experience? I’m a current serving airman with the RAF, with an incredibly deep interest with WWII aviation history. I’d love to do my bit in giving a go at re-telling the story, that others must remember about those who gave their tomorrows, for our todays. Please feel free to email me any further information.

I came across a novel on Amazon that is by far the best story about the 8th I’ve read. It’s called Hawser by JHardy Carroll. The scenes of combat and POW life are extraordinary. Totally recommend it.

Whoops! Double posted:-/

Hoping this lives up to expectations [ala; Band of Brothers]. I liked ‘The Pacific’, but it tended to be more talky the Band of Brothers. But like what was recently mentioned, this footage is 2 years old. That being said, I am not holding my breath.

They’ve been yapping about this movie for over 2 years. Is it going to take another 2 years to get it off the ground. Get on with it.

I hope so too. Tony To is a great war director. He did the Peleliu episode of The Pacific.

No, I say you can’t rush quality. Take as much time as you need.

The book was amazing.

BEST war documentary I have seen ( have seen many)…CHOSIN…Korean War …was on Netflix…its on Amazon…was put out a few years ago…Amazing gut wrenching archive. Every American should watch this at some point in their lives..

My grandfather was a waist gunner in the Bloody Hundredth and spent a couple years as a POW in Germany after his crew had to bail from their plane.

I’m really excited to see this after having read Masters of the Air and after having heard all of my grandfathers accounts growing up. It will be really cool to see the 8th in the spotlight.

I recently read a novel on Amazon called Hawser that was the best book about the 8th I have come across. Great story, too

My grampa was moved from top turret to tailgunner–also in the Bloody hundredth with lauro’s crew on the Nelson King– am Looking forward to reading High Noon over Haseluenne–my grampa never talked about his service, everything I know I heard from my mom, who heard it from hers. What was your grampa’s name? Mine was Techsgt Dewey Thompson.

The things most stories don’t get right is how cold and exhausting it was to fly that duration at those altitudes. The book I mentioned talked a lot about it. I learned a lot.

Just would like to say have been to there airfield here in the uk its a museum now you still drive on the runway to get to it control tower and two huts and a workshop at thorpe Abbotts also am an ex sailor royal navy but have had a thing for b17 for a long time your grandfather’s where very brave men and I say thank you to them both

never knew it was to be a mini series ! thought it was a film
looks like it will be gr8

just finish it and run the series already!!! this teaser is over two years old!!

And the teaser isn’t in the movie.

We just say you can’t rush quality and we will see it when it is just right.

If the teaser is the raid on Kassel they have the aircraft wrong…they are showing B17s – B24s flew that mission.

I was wondering if anyone else noticed the missing B24. They constituted the majority, but weren’t a pretty as B-17s. My Dad told me that in the end, the B-24s mostly flew ‘tree top’ most of the war and only climbed to bombing altitude over the targets.

That’s right. It was about 250 B-24s in the Sept 1944 raid.
Also they don’t show crew using oxygen. The crew in the unpressurized planes wore oxygen masks above 10,000 feet. They bombed at around 28,000 feet and they’d pass out without oxygen.

They would be dead in a half hour. And frozen.

Abdullah The Sheik of Tikrit

Yi M’Tallah!
I can’t wait to see this awesome series!

I have been excited about this movie/series since it was announced. After owning Band of Brothers and The Pacific Minie Series on Blueray, I know this will be in my collection. After serving our great nation in USAF for 23 years; this one will touch me deeply as the great losses suffered just by the 8th Air Force is staggering. I want to thank HBO for yet another fantastic endeavour.

Looking forward to the new miniseries. Will be another interesting aspect of WWII covered by Hanks and Spielberg. I must admit I was surprised when the announced it would involve a squadron in bomber raids. I would have thought they would have followed the last two miniseries and focused on another major theatre such as North Africa or the Eastern Front but alas in the end they have to sell the series to an American audience and that is much easier to do focusing on perspectives from America in the war. Still though this will be something new and it… Read more »

hey speaking on the eastern front thing check out gereneration war its currently on nexflix its a 3 part (each an hour) long set of mini movies and it covers a german unit from the start of the eastern front all the way back to the end and it also covers what happened to germans jews and just how disillusioned everyone was

Is that the one where 5 kids were going to meet after the war and only 3 made it. That was a gruesome movie.

Thanks for that. I’ll check it out.

Yay, finally!!! I’ve been trying to follow this ever since it was announced. Love band of brothers and the pacific. As a current grad student for ww2 history this is a passion.

I am really excited about this, having just completed a novel about it. I researched the hell out of it, spending more than two years of total immersion. If you’re interested, the book is called Hawser and is available here.

I’m excited. My great-uncle was in the Mighty Eighth. He was the first B-17 pilot to complete all 25 missions over Nazi-occupied France.

Looking forward to this, but with $500M spent, it better be accurate to how the real air battles actually happened. Hiring a couple of historians should fit their budget imo.

Well, considering BoB was based on the book by the historian Stephen Ambrose, and the Pacific was based on historical books, I’d say it will be fine. Tom Hanks is pretty serious about this shit.


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