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October 4, 2017 [Updated]


It’s been a debate that’s raged across the internet for years now.  It should be a simple task to stream a show like Game of Thrones online, right? Well HBO has made it a little bit difficult for those who aren’t subscribers, until NOW.  HBO Now, that is.

If you don’t have a cable account, don’t worry!  HBO Now has you covered and all you need is an internet connection.

So what are your other options? Below are your options for watching game of thrones online for free.

DIRECTV NOW has HBO and Game of Thrones for $5

DirecTV’s new service has tons of cable channels available for about $35 a month. You can add HBO for only five bucks and start streaming Game of Thrones live right away. There’s a 7 Day free trial too so if you’re skipping through free trials this is yet another way to get your Game of Thrones fix.

UPDATE: DIRECTV NOW is offering a $25 per month discount on the service for anyone who has AT&T Unlimited (AT&T is the parent company of DIRECTV. They’re also throwing in HBO for free which is pretty amazing. This is the best deal in town, folks.

Try DIRECTV NOW Free for 7 Days

A Legitimate way to Live Stream Game of Thrones?

For now, a Game of Thrones live stream is only available though HBO Go, HBO Now or, of course your traditional cable box. There are certainly some illegitimate ways of live streaming Game of Thrones online but we can’t recommend those as many of them include viruses and/or don’t actually offer what they’re promising.

If you’re in the market for another app you can always use Sling TV to subscribe to HBO. Sling is a cable alternative that doesn’t require much more than $20 a month to get most of your favorite channels. This doesn’t include HBO, though and you’ll have to add $15 to that if you want to watch Game of Thrones live that way. You can sign up or explore the service more here.  There’s a 7-Day free trial so this might be a nice alternative if you just want to give it a chance. It doesnt just give you HBO though there’s AMC, ESPN and Bravo too.

Watch Now Free for 7 Days with Sling

Is Game of Thrones on Netflix, Hulu or Amazon?

You won’t be seeing Game of Thrones on Netflix any time soon due to the competition between HBO and that company. Though, you also aren’t likely to be able to watch Game of Thrones via any free or subscription-based streaming service including Hulu Plus or Amazon Prime given HBO’s preference for its “Go” app.


The one solution that may work for you as a “free” option would be to borrow a friend or family member’s HBO Go login. HBO has said they could care less if you do this because they’re in the business of building addicts.  They’re happy to let you become addicted and are comfortable that when you’re finally at a place in your life where you can afford HBO, you’ll buy it. So maybe you’re a Game of Thrones pirate today but once you get a bit older, find a job that rewards you and your entertainment budget grows a bit be sure to subscribe to HBO if you want to watch Game of Thrones online legally.

Some have been waiting for the DVD and Blu-Rays to come out but HBO doesn’t release those until almost a year after the prior season.

Watch & Download Game of Thrones Episodes in HD Through Legitimate Channels

What you CAN do, though is wait for episodes to appear on Google Play where full seasons are available long before the annual wait for the digital discs.  Or if you prefer iTunes you can also stream Game of Thrones episodes from there for a small fee.  These streaming services typically don’t put out the episodes until the DVDs are available so you can’t watch Game of Thrones live if that’s what you’re looking for.  For that you’ll need an HBO subscription and HBO Go.

If you’re using HBO Go here are direct links to each season on that platform:

HBOGo also includes some great features for streamers choosing the legit method of partaking in the show.

Another streaming service that allows you to watch Game of Thrones online is Amazon where you can buy whole seasons or individual episodes for viewing.  These cost around 3 dollars but it may be worth it if there is no other solution for you in terms of watching Game of Thrones.  Amazon recently signed a deal with HBO to allow streaming of older episodes of some of their programming.  Someday Game of Thrones may be available for free to Prime users.  But for now you’l need to wait for the episodes to become available for purchase a few months after the season ends. HBO has been shortening that time window in recent years, though!In the future there may be other services that allow pay-per-episode options so always be on the lookout with your favorite streaming vendor.  Who knows, there one-day may be an option to watch the shows live or the next day through these services but so far HBO has not allowed the episodes online that close to the premiere date.

Older HBO Shows are Streaming on Amazon Prime (but not Game of Thrones)

If you’re an Amazon Prime member and you’re trying to watch an older HBO show like The Sopranos or Sex and the City stop what you’re doing and head over there now because older HBO shows stream free with a Prime subscription. Newer shows like Game of Thrones will make their way there eventually but for now just enjoy the older library and wait. Game of thrones was the exception when this deal was made but we think it will be there some day. Use the banner below to get there or sign up for a free month. There’s really no excuse not to when you factor in the free shipping on Amazon stuff as well as the large streaming video library:

Is Game of Thrones on Redbox?

Don’t bother checking your local Redbox for Game of Thrones episodes either, or any other HBO series for that matter.  They don’t do too many TV shows anyway and they’ll probably never carry HBO programs even if they do.  Though, stranger things have happened.

It is important to note that other countries outside the US may have a tougher time getting Game of Thrones digitally.  Check your local providers for more information on how to get the show in your area.


Of course there is one more way to get Game of Thrones online and that’s piracy.  Game of Thrones is the most pirated TV show on the web year after year.  HBO doesn’t seem to mind if this is your final and only solution to getting the show because they’re in the business of creating future customers and they hope you’ll subscribe when you’re physically or financially able to do so in the future.

Watch Game of Thrones Online Live with HBO Now

Since HBO Now has been released there are very few excuses left for not watching Game of Thrones and other HBO programs online through legitimate means.

To watch brand new Game of Thrones episodes on the internet as they come out you’ll need HBO Go or HBO Now.  But to access HBO Go you’ll need to subscribe to HBO via a cable provider such as Comcast, Time Warner Cable, Charter, Direct TV etc.  This hasn’t sat well with some so called “cord cutters” out there who prefer not to be tied to a cable package.  If you’ve already got that then you’re most likely set and can stop reading now!  Browse all officially streaming Game of Thrones episodes in HD glory here.  To be clear: this is ultimately the best option for getting the series (or any HBO series!) on the go.

We hope this at least gives you a start at finding a way to stream and watch Game of Thrones on your own terms.  We know there are exceptions to these options where it would be very difficult to do so legally and conveniently.  But we think that HBO will make strides towards accommodating more and more people, places and circumstances in the future.  As fans of Game of Thrones and HBO we want as many people talking, writing and chatting about the series around the water-cooler as possible!

HBO Now is available for several devices and is always expanding including:

Apple iPhone Apple iPad
Samsung TVs Apple TV
Chrome/Safari Playstation 3 & 4
Android Devices         Amazon Fire
Kindle Roku
Sony TVs Xbox
Chromecast Firefox Browser

Head over to HBO Go now and sign in to start watching.  Or sign up for HBO if you haven’t already!  Or better yet, cut the cord and grab HBO Now for the reasonable price of fifteen bucks.

A Word of Warning about Watching Game of Thrones Online

You may have stumbled upon this page by searching for a way to watch Game of Thrones on your favorite search engine. Needless to say you probably noticed a few other sites that offer free downloads and HD streams but require you to download a codec or a piece of software in order to enjoy the program. Do not be fooled by these sites! Many of them are scams that contain viruses but worse than that: they won’t even allow you to stream Game of Thrones even after you comply with all of their demands.


We recommend the legal methods of viewing Game of Thrones online.  Most of those are not free and probably never will be but at least you won’t be stuck with a broken computer after a long, hard search for something you love.

To recap, here are your options for streaming Game of Thrones online:

  • Subscribe to cable and login with HBO Go
  • Subscribe to HBO Now without Cable and Stream Anywhere, Anytime
  • Download Episodes on Amazon, Google Play or iTunes
  • Pirate episodes of Game of Thrones
  • Wait for the DVD or Blu-Ray Collections


  1. Ivain /

    Such a shame there’s no apparent pay-per-view option for GoT. I’d love to watch legally, but the only option I have right now is to pay $35+ per month for a streaming service I’d only watch 1 or 2 series from, since the already expensive $20 option is only available to the US.
    Google play TV is not available in my country and I’ll sell my soul to the devil before I torture my PC by installing Itunes.
    Not having cable (because 98% of cable sucks so unless I get an offer of cable for $.80 a month…), HBO Go is not an option either. Or HBO itself, for that matter, since the rights for that channel are with provider “ziggo”, who are the Comcast of the Netherlands when it comes to service and performance.

    So yeah, if anyone finds a legal way that works for me and does not involve selling an arm and a leg, that’d be great.

  2. the6794 /

    where can i watch

  3. Victor Lopera /

    cannot watch online in Canada If I don t have cable!?

    • Zongran Luo /

      HBO NOW, search it

      • Nero Augustus /

        “HBO NOW is accessible only in the U.S. and certain U.S. territories.”

        Wanna try again, dickhead?

  4. Philipp Fransisco Vasquez /

    Game of Thrones s7 ep1 9pm as in Florida us time?

  5. Leliana N7 /

    I’d love to pay HBO for watching the show. Dumb thing is that I’m from Australia so they won’t let me. Reason being that here, unless you want to wait for it to be on iTunes, you can only get the show by subscribing to Foxtel which means that I’d be forking over $39 a month on a minimum 24 month contract with an additional $15 per month for the package that allows me to watch that particular show. That’s a hell of a lot of cash for 12 episodes a year or – as is the case with season 7 & 8 – even fewer. I’m not interested in anything else Foxtel have to offer. I don’t watch TV for anything but GoT and Vikings. So, really, anything that isn’t a ‘pay per episode’ is a gigantic waste of money for me. And then they’re surprised that Australians are pirating the show. :/

    • Khanh pham /

      you need a dial in box in US, or proxy. From there you can go anywhere you want without too much hassle

  6. wow thanks for the article

  7. it’s a pity there is no HBO go app for LG smart TVs.

  8. Alex /

    What is with people saying “could care less”? You realise by saying it incorrectly like this, it means that they care? Bring on the hate for me being so pedantic :p

  9. Alex /

    What is with people saying “could care less”? You realise by saying it incorrectly like this, it means that they care? Bring on the hate for me being so pedantic.

  10. Thanks for your post! Do you know when the Blu-Ray of season six will be available?

  11. Avava /

    A little help please..!!Where and how can we see it….??
    From Berlin De.

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      You can watch the premiere episode on TV tonight as your cable or satellite provider is offering a free weekend. Also you can watch it on the streaming sites HBONow/Go if you are a subscriber.

      Anything else is pirated content.

  12. Tanner T /

    Bullcrap! ^^^ Spam account for ScreenVariety. Proceed if you want malware.

  13. Javiera Jael Ramírez Araya /

    can i watch it online in hbo go? live?

  14. mangesh /

    I am waiting for Game of Thrones

  15. I don’t know how about U but I will watch it on ScreenVariety Tv

  16. Disgusting /

    it’s just retarded that you can’t watch got in europe since hbo now or go aren’t even available over here. Get your stuff together HBO, you’re wasting a market of 700’000’000 people!

  17. SkilletCrumpet /

    I wish I could get HBO Now on my desktop. I don’t have TV and I’m not paying that much money per episode.. There’s a reason why this show is so pirated, because you have to pay tons of money to watch it.

  18. Quadrado /

    Game of Thrones Online Download Full 5 Season [HQ]

    DOWNLOAD LINK HERE —> bit ly/1Fysq6P

    • Ben the Cable Guy /

      That’s a weird way of spelling “virus” and “This is a scam”, don’t you think?

  19. Quadrado /

    bit ly/1Fysq6P

  20. Quadrado /


  21. langer /

    When can this HBO app be able to use in Australia.??? .. huge fan of the show… just hate the fact u kiled off john snow :(

  22. Luke /

    HBO Go however just isn’t available in the UK and HBO would receive a whole lot more money by signing some sort of contract deal if game of thrones was just on the UK netflix

    • lastone65 /

      So now you know about American fans of Downton Alley feel when the snotty Brits make us wait for months to see their little soap opera.

  23. Ed Ballard /

    Well I got Windows desktop, Windows pad, and Windows phone. Guess I’m out of luck.

  24. alandente /

    It’s ‘Couldn’t care less’.

    Saying ‘Could care less’ doesn’t make sense… stop it, America.

    • Kat /

      Actually ‘couldn’t care less’ means that you care quite a lot because you could not care less about it than you already do and ‘could care less’ means that you really don’t care about it because it is possible for you to care even less about it than you do already. If you were going to try to correct another’s grammar at least try to do so correctly.

      • You are incredibly wrong Kat. Saying you “could care less” means that you actually do care at least a tiny bit, whereas “couldn’t care less” means you do not even care at all.

      • Cameron Deane /

        That makes absolutely no sense. Couldn’t care less means you don’t care. Why… Because your level of caring is so low that it’s literally impossible to have less care for it. Hence COULDN’T care less. Could care less means there is a level of care less than what you have thus you have some level. Small caveat to explain: if I could have less money… That means I have some money to give you. If I couldn’t have less money.. That means I have none thus there is no less amount of money to have than what I have. Correcting someone’s correction when you are clearly devoid of a basic cogent thought process is just ridiculous. Put down the keyboard and pick up a book. I would start with a dictionary.

      • James K Burleigh /

        hahhahahahahah you’re so dumb!!!!! hahahahha omg I’m sorry your brain is so broken.

      • James K Burleigh /

        You’re thinking of it like “I may not care less” which is not the proper way of understanding the English language. You were that kid that asked “can I go to the bathroom” instead of learning to ask if you “may go to the bathroom” which are two completely different questions.

      • James Bruinsma /

        Yeah that’s wrong. Couldn’t care less means, you already care so little, there’s no possible way you could care any less then you already do

      • Sandra Bollocks /

        hahhahahahahah. great logic.

      • H MAN /

        Kat, you are a completely wrong, and, in your own words, “If you were going to try to correct another’s grammar (there should be a comma here) at least try to do so correctly”.

        “Couldn’t care less” refers to the absolute depletion of one’s interest in something. To break it down for English amateurs, this means you already care so little about a person, place, thing, or idea, it would be impossible to give any less though or interest to that subject.

        • Luke /

          H Man, unfortunately for you also, commas shouldn’t be placed before, or after the word “and”.

          • Actually, and I believe this to be true, you use commas to separate subordinate clauses and, if I remember correctly, there is no rule about commas around the word “and”.

          • lastone65 /

            You are correct. It is the new style of English to use commas in some instances before “and.” It used to be absolutely verboten, but that changed about 3 decades ago. I think a comma and “and” are redundant myself, but it is accepted usage.

          • 2Fruitans /

            That is completely wrong. In the above instance, H Man directed his first clause to “Kat”, and then directed his second clause to “you.” The clauses are independent and would be separated by commas. The comma following the “and” is, unfortunately, less commonly used these days, but it indicates that a sort of aside follows that should be bracketed, as it were, by commas, and that can be safely deleted without changing the ultimate meaning of the sentence. This is much as the phrase “as it were” could be deleted from the previous sentence without changing that sentence’s meaning (although to do so now would make this sentence inexplicable!).

        • Jaime Lannister /

          Oops! You just made typo in a comeback to another (intended-as-a) comeback (despite itself being incorrect) about incorrect grammar.

          Should there be an article in front of ‘completely’?

          But yes, ‘could care less’ makes absolutely no sense, and it was rather funny to read when she actually tried to defend it :)

        • jamloss /

          H MAN, that is jut what Kat said.

      • alandente /

        You’re wrong.

        If you ‘couldn’t care less’ then you care so little about something that there is no way that you could care any less about it. You already care the minimum possible amount.

        If you ‘could care less’ you are saying that it is possible for you to care less about something than you do now. But that doesn’t give any clue as to how much you care now. The only thing you are saying is that the amount you care is somewhere between absolute zero and infinity. Which is stupid and not worth saying.

        Don’t correct me until you think it through, yeah?

      • Clarkokan /

        Congratulations, you have little to no grasp of the English language.

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  26. Cheyenne /

    I just want to put it out there that you can actually watch all tv series for free on Watch series .com It has worked for me – Ive been watching game of thrones for free without giving any personal informations like my credit card number

  27. Atticus Maytrap /

    why cant they just have a free option with advertising? Like TV used to be? They do that, and the people that stream and download illegally will just FLOCK to them, it’d change the face of online TV. I dont even care if its in the middle of the show, but 15 quid a month just to watch HBO shows? Seriously?

    • MrFRZ /

      Error 408: Adblock has removed this advertisement

      • SkilletCrumpet /

        If they made a downloaded version, I’m sure they could code it so that commercials were mandatory to watch. It would take some work but they should at least try something different then what they’re doing…

    • Jenny Robertson /

      Seriously for sure!!!

  28. Andrea Marquez /

    It was very difficult to see the last episode as i was traveling, my account was in other place. I’m disappointed i would see this night.

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  30. Matt Carey /

    Ahem… you can always pirate them. I don’t condone pirating and it’s illegal though. I would never do it. But it’s there. And its free. And its easy. Again I would never do it. Pirating is easy. Don’t do it.

    • Entertainment Zone /

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    • alandente /

      This made me laugh

    • Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque /

      Well, if you don’t live in the US -so you can’t watch it on TV nor you can buy the HBO packages because you don’t have any of those cable TV companies available in your country- and you have to wait for like 3 months for your local TV channel to dub it or even air it in your country what are you supposed to do ? :/

      • I suppose you wait you wait three months. I wait for it to come out on DVD and watch them at my own pace.

  31. mofoka /

    I watch for FREE every week on XBMC

    • Entertainment Zone /

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  32. Ariyan Nandi /

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  33. Chris /

    Proof read your article about how easy it should be to “steam” Episodes online. Haha just razzin ya. Good article. Can’t help myself when it comes to missing letters and accident working in Comedy’s favor. By the way, GoT is wanderlust of a creation.


  34. Tyfighter15 /

    I have literally 5 sites that I can go to to watch GoT. I honestly don’t understand why people complain about it. If I can find a way to do it for free you know I’m going to try. Watched American Sniper in HD after it hit the theaters 2 days later. Any movie I want to watch I just find it on the internet, stream it (bc I won’t download from sites bc of all types of malware, adware, worms etc.), then I add that URL to my list of Movies/shows I keep to re-watch later. Create a giant library rather quickly

    • Kristen Marie McMahon /

      What’s a good site?

      • imdbnews.blogspot.Com/

      • Watch Game of Thrones Live online>>>>>>>> tinyurl.Com/o62u4tv

      • Entertainment Zone /

        Game of thrones final episode of season 5►►►► tinyurl.Com/oax536e


      • alandente /

        Think of the words that sum up what you’re trying to do, then type them into a search engine and see what comes up. It won’t take long…

    • Rauz /

      Or u can use hola media player & stream torrents instantly. (Y)

    • Entertainment Zone /

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  35. LollipopPopper Teddybear /

    Well, quite fortunately for me, after hours of searching i found a site that provides all the GoT episodes, currently from episode 1 season 1, up to the latest one, Unbent, Unbowed, Unbroken, with several links, and it doesent even need credit Card, sadly for you Guys, youre never going to find the site, happy watching :D

    • Bluesman /

      We understand it is a major feat for you to be able correctly spelling and search for a show. However, this is something my 8 year old is able to do so, get over yourself and come back when you can actually impress somebody.

    • LeonardoM /

      And why would you tell us if you are not going to give us a link?

      • Clarkokan /

        Because HBO would delete it, like they’ve deleted most of the negative comments already.

    • Nino /

      Thousands of people doing this already…

      • Entertainment Zone /

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    • Mariana Ferreira Albuquerque /

      Well I know a website that offers the episodes in HD streaming and you don’t have to wait for the video to load because it just works that fast and good, and the episodes are available the very next day with Spanish subtitles as well… But of course you’ll never find that website either so happy watching for you too :DDDD

  36. Dustón McCreary /

    Watching for free online right now.

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  37. Beatle Bob /

    Watch them for free on Project free TV website and FANSTASH . I’ve been watching for free all five seasons

    • Rachel Farland /

      I think its my duty to warn all of you that pirating/torrenting GoT S5 is illegal and unethical. Governments are strictly tracking torrenters and you can face serious jail time for torrenting GoT S5 episodes. The best way to watch Game of Thrones Season 5 is by using a VPN/DNS service to access HBO Now and purchasing an account. Personally, I’ve been using PureVPN to access HBO Now. It gives me very good streaming speed and gives me peace of mind because I’m watching it legally.

      • Kevin King /

        Why would you need a VPN to watch it “legally” as you say? Please enlighten us, oh sanctimonious one.

        • Slim Shady /

          cause maybe shes outside of the u.s and cant access u.s servers…

      • NikkiT531 /

        Charging to watch a TV show is unethical. Especially when you already have to PAY to even have TV. Is a bunch of BS and anyone who can fine it for FREE – GO FOR IT!

        • How is that unethical? Those “TV shows” cost a lot of money to produce, and I don’t recall seeing any advertising during GoT. Are you one of those people who think everything should be free? Do you sneak into movie theaters?

      • Watch Game of Thrones Live online>>>>>>>> tinyurl.Com/o62u4tv

      • alandente /

        “You can face serious jail time for whistling a tune without a license, you guys. Don’t do drugs”

        Thanks, Rachel.

        • Rachel Farland /

          Hey, I don’t make the laws. If I were in power, I’d declare torrenting and weed to be legal.

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  39. Nitin Arora /

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  40. Becky /

    I’m in Japan….how do I watch ANYTHING American over here?? Hulu Japan is terrible and I’m missing Game of Thrones!! Help!!

    • Nitin Arora /

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    • Amanda Tomanek /

      Use Chrome and get the browser extension “hola”

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    • Tyler /

      Download an app called “Hola”. It’ll let you use Hulu, Netflix, etc. as if you were in a country of your choice, e.g., the U.S. I’m using it right now to access Canadian Netflix from the U.S. for free. It’s great! :)

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  41. TangoDown /

    Maybe they would get more views if their stupid HBO channel was available in Tv channel services, i know one or two sites where to watch it online for free and HD, but they usually lag and my internet is too slow latetly so i can’t use them that often and it’s annoying……there are plenty of websites though, but not in HD…..the problem i have with that is that i love enjoying the beautiful scenarios, dragons and some gorgeous females in HD lol

    • Entertainment Zone /

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  42. amber /

    “You will not be able to watch Game of Thrones online for free.” literally as soon as i read that line the game of thrones video in another tab started playing. lmao. literally just google “_____ watch online free” for any show or movie and you are going to find it somewhere online for free. especially something this popular.

    • Mikej Dittrich /

      I literally typed “_____ watch online free” into google. Most sites required a credit card and one I found demanded I move to Canada before I could access it. (Not that I’m against moving to Canada, it’s just that I can’t afford that shit. HBO would be cheaper) Any specific sites that do not require a credit card or geographical movement?

      • amber /

        i used it’s on of the ones that popped up when i typed it in. sound is a little low on some episodes but quality of video is decent.

    • Watch Game of Thrones Live online>>>>>>>> tinyurl.Com/o62u4tv


    • Entertainment Zone /

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  43. Still waiting for a legal way to watch Game of Thrones. Anyone have the answer if you don’t use Apple products or live in CT, NY, or NJ to subscribe to Optimum broadband?

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      Apple and Optimum have an exclusive three month run with HBONow. Consider them the Beta testers for the site. After that it is supposed to open up through other providers.

      • I noticed that GoT is now on Prime Instant Video. If you have Prime, is it free to watch, or is it pay per season/episode?

        • Jef Dinsmore /

          I can only find it on Amazon Instant Video. SO that would be $2.99 an episode. It does not include any Season 5 episodes.

  44. Arsinal /

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  46. Tyoson /



    • Caps lock broken?

    • osborn234 /

      because some people are very poor and can’t afford $50 on a TV show…glad your able to afford it cause I can’t living on minimum wage

    • Jake Steed /

      You pay 50$ a month for HBO? I think you’re the only one.

    • freedom /

      i never pay and i have pay dam internet so i can see any time any where any movie come out game of 1/2/3/4/5 and comeing 6 i see it free sorry for not giveing my info

      • MrFRZ /

        just FYI… commas exist… periods exist… spell check exists… use them please.

  47. annoyedAussie /

    This is all well and good if you’re in America. Australians have to pay $50 a month to get 40 channels to watch one show that only has 13 episodes a season….

    • Jillian /

      Considering minimum wage in Australia is almost $17 and it is $7.25 in America…….. It would cost about the same to get HBO/month in America..

  48. hottrendingtoday /

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  50. Neto Yo /

    Well their loss, torrent FTW, that’s what you get for not making it easy to buy your products, i wanted to buy but you’ll pay the price of your insolence, muahaha…

  51. Shaun Stevin /

    Watch Game of Thrones Season 5 Streaming on HBO Now from Any Country with PureVPN.. It changes your IP address so you can get HBO Now outside USA

  52. hunner /

    I wish i could have HBO without a fucking cable provider

    • silverbugg /

      If you have an iPhone or iPad – you can get HBO Now free for 1 month… 14.99 per mo there after. You can buy old seasons on Amazon Instant Video for under $40… The only way to get the current season, legally, without buying a cable subscription is with HBO Now.

      • hunner /

        I’ll get HBO now when ever it comes to my ps4. thanks tho

  53. James Vang /

    I think the best idea to watch Game of Thrones online in any part of the world is to get login credentials from your friends or family and then login via VPN. VPN is a technology which allow you to Hide your IP. So “HBO NOW” think you are in USA and you can watch it live. I just by IpVanish from VpnRanks and will watch it live on Sunday.

  54. monkey_man /

    Personally I believe HBO is in the business of finding and producing good TV content not providing a TV service…if they were smart they would sell that content through any means necessary and make money on it when it is most valuable…LIVE.

  55. please /

    you guys are assholes, just put it on netflix!!!!

  56. Emma Sim /

    You can watch game of thrones on ScreenVariety , look there for streams

  57. Foreman /

    Fear not my friends. GoT is free to watch on Project Free TV, or (my favorite site) Motion Empire (one word). The Lannisters may have you believe that their path is the only one, but I assure you, there are far better paths you can take. Be true to House Stark, and save your money, lol.

  58. *stream

  59. Matthew LeGrand /

    I only have have internet (no T.V. provider), so it would be amazing if I could just pay HBO to stream the episodes live. Game of Thrones is the only HBO show I watch anyways so I really don’t want to pay for a subscription to HBO and get a bunch of shows I will never watch. Why can’t the do like Comedy Central and have a “season pass” available, where I pay them money and I can just stream the episodes as they come out. I don’t even care if it’s a “one time only watch” I just want to be able to watch them live and not have to torrent. When HBO sees that it has ‘The most torrented show on television’, its first response should be, “How can we make our content more available to audiences who use the internet to watch TV?”

  60. Correction required: as a matter of fact, HBO does mind if you download torrents of Game of Thrones. Or more likely it’s probably HBO’s corporate owners instigating this, the oligarchs at Time-Warner. Such a lovely corporation that truly cares for its customers and provides such excellent customer service from the heart.

    They hire a notorious Hollywood-based web tracker named IP-Echelon , 6715 Hollywood Blvd. Suite 229 Los Angeles CA 90028 , that trolls the internet looking for HBO piracy and the seven gods know whom else. I’m pretty sure IP-Echelon is somewhat outside the law , like the pirates they are tracking. Point is, they do send out automated notices of Game of Thrones bit torrent downloads to your ISP. Then it’s up to your ISP to decide what to do about that , presumption being some kind of legal action can be taken against them for repeat offendors.

    I know this because an acquaintance of mine has been thus ” notified” twice for his HBO peculation , and now lives further underground.

  61. Richard Ilaner /

    You can watch all episodes on w w w . g a m e o f t h r o n e s . s c r e e n v a r i e t y . c o m .

  62. Harley Lover 58 /

    Why aren’t past seasons available on HBO under their series category? You’d think subscribers would be able to see it after the original air date.

  63. Nice. Young Daenerys-Targaryen :D Maybe?
    http://www.sadowskitomasz. com/Gallery1/Game_Of_Thrones_%202400.jpg
    http://www.sadowskitomasz. com/Gallery1/Game_Of_Thrones-Gra_o_tron_2.jpg

  64. Nope, calling it satirical just means you don’t know what satire is, either.

  65. SisterChristian69 /

    “HBO has said they could care less”

    Um… that means they care. You mean they COULDN’T care less.

    • Actually, in America the correct usage of the term is “could care less”.
      It’s satirical, and by no means wrong…

      • Actually the language you are referring to is called ‘English’ stop butchering it. As it stands the phrase “couldn’t care less” means you do not care in the slightest, and so cannot care any less. Read it. It’s straightforward.

        • Daniel Webster /

          Actually, the language is American English. Stop being a twat and go learn to spell “theater” correctly.

        • Thomas Harrison /

          Yeah it makes perfect sense. Some people just outright refuse the idea that they’ve made mistakes. It’s rather sad. Just admit mistake, get over it and learn from it.

      • BananaBonanza /

        Nope, calling it satirical just means you don’t understand what satire means, either.

        • I think they should have said “sarcasm”, but all pedantry aside. “could care less” is acceptable. Not least because idioms do not obey the rules of logic but because it’s in the same vein as “I should be so lucky” and deliberately ironic. The confusion in this perennial argument lies in the fact that both phrases “could care less” and the more literal un-ironic “couldn’t care less” are both acceptable.

  66. Showbox

  67. nicholas fotou /

    Simple solution. screen capture the show and post it online. then it would be free. F U HBO

  68. Aanchal Joshi /

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  69. Aanchal Joshi /

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  71. Oscar Kramer /

    HBO does care. After I did a torrent download of one season, I got a “cease and desist” letter from my ISP claiming that HBO detected illegal downloads from my IP address (or perhaps my torrent client was also uploading at the same time). I only have internet and watch everything streaming. This is so much more convenient than fixed schedules on cable programming. I can’t believe that HBO doesn’t provide a mechanism for legally paying for streaming content. I would GLADLY pay. Come on HBO, get with the program!

    • I would gladly pay to stream game of thrones in hd too. HBO really need to do something about it

  72. Aanchal Joshi /

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  73. 504more /

    COULDN’T care less. COULDN’T! Because if you COULD care less, you would. Sheesh! Think, peoole, about what you’re saying.

    • GoT fan /


      • nadia mccall /

        or do you mean peehole? Okay….so I have seen a few suggesions on here. And NO, I want a free one. Going to go try now if I can stay awake.

  74. Since HBO is trying to strong-arm viewers into all kind of unaceptable subscription deals you could simply download the episodes with a torrent. It takes only a few minutes to get that done. Maybe then HBO would be forced to take a more reasonable stand??? Naaaaaay, probably not. So just download the stuff

  75. teun753 /

    well if its not comming to netflix then i just download it illegal..

  76. Kathryn St John-Shin /


  77. Screw Cable/Sattelite /

    Cable companies are rip off artists. They charge bull$hi! rates for several hundred channels when most of us only watch maybe a dozen. So the high package fees are to “subsidize” the BS channels that not nearly enough people watch in order for them to be self sustaining. In the next 5 years everything will be live stream, pay for it if you want it, don’t pay for it if you don’t want it. Screw the crappy little channels that very few or practically no one watches. The day HBO supports cord cutters (soon I hear) they will be leading the pack, then soon to follow will be all the other main channels, Starz, FX, Scifi, etc.

  78. Jill Nixon /

    I am one call from getting rid of cable altogether. It’s become a draconian greedy imperialistic machine. They will loose more customers by poor marketing. Poor customer service. Does Putin run Hbo? Feels like it.

  79. someguy /

    Is there even HBO in England?

  80. Daniel Jimmy Sixeye Matthews /

    if Hbo starting there own streaming service in Australian than Foxtel would go broke. Foxtel pay alote of money to Hbo so they are the only company showing Game of thrones when it comes out. People have realized that you dont have to pay for crappy ads foxtel to watch Game of throne you can just download it for nothing in HD. Foxtel is the reason streaming is shit in Australia because they hold the rights to game of thrones and movies, other streaming companies have to wait. 100,000+ Australians use netflix. foxtel needs to realize that tv is dying or there gonna get left behind.

  81. Why can’t they go off cable and charge a fee like netflix to watch there shows it’s like 10 or 15 to add it to a cable package why can’t a pay the 15 to watch it online and skip the cable??? Cable sucks anyways

    • Boulder /

      That’s actually what HBO NOW is compared to HBO GO. HBO NOW is $15/month and you can stream any/all HBO shows with out a cable subscription. HBO GO is the service for people who already pay for HBO via their cable provider.

      So you can pay $15 to skip cable and watch it online. My beef is that I like 2 HBO shows so why pay $15/month when Netflix has TONS more stuff for $8/month. It’s simple consumer psychology in my opinion that if they dropped it to $10 or $12 they would get more subscribers, because people hear $15 and balk.

  82. mnashp /

    not everyone has access to cable or satellite. It’s nice for those who do, but for those rural dwellers (or urban impoverished) still beyond the reach of the civilized world, it seems a bit rude and unfair. Kind of like not being able to see the bowl games anymore, since ESPN bought ’em up. People who can’t wire into the Borg can feel a bit ripped off at times. But i suppose in the long run, freedom has its benefits as well as its price.

  83. Bob K /

    So why isn’t season 4 available on Google Play or Amazon instant video yet? Amazon doesn’t even list season 4. There are several articles out there saying they are available yet they aren’t. Not a single mention of that fact. I’m willing to pay, but have no one to take my money.

    • Dan Xtropian /

      Same here. Earlier reports suggested that Amazon and Google Play would start offering streaming of Season 4 immediately after the season finale aired. Well, we’re waiting, and this is frustrating, to say the least. Are we being punished for not pirating?? This is ridiculous!

  84. cym /

    I have already watched online and free all seasons till the last episode of season 4! “You will not be able to watch Game of Thrones online for free.” seems like an ironic expression for someone who barely knows what the net can provide LOL.

    • Vanessa Mbadinuju /

      what website did you use?

    • Irrelevant if people actually WANT to pay.

      Besides, they told you in the article that you can pirate, and the HBO doesn’t even really mind that much.

  85. Malcolm /

    “You will not be able to watch Game of Thrones online for free.”

    Obviously, you have never heard of torrents.

  86. Canecamillo /

    It’s not bad to pay for a creation, the only problem’s to wait when the creation is already available. Why should we wait one year or even one month for a product already finished and saleable?

  87. Canecamillo /

    It’s not bad to pay for a creation, the only problem’s to wait when the creation is already available. Why should we wait one year or even one month for a product already finished and saleable?

  88. The Truth /

    This is why p2p and torrents are thriving. Greedy networks who are in bed with everyone but the consumer. There are plenty of people that would gladly pay to stream online but then the cable companies lose money, sadly the cable companies haven’t realized that their days are already numbered. Welcome to 2014 HBO, the so called “cord cutters” that you knock at the beginning of the article are steadily rising, we live in a day and age where people want things faster, cheaper, and better. I’m not saying its a good thing, or the right thing, in reality its a selfish self entitled American thing but it is the way of the times, and many companies have already fallen by the way side because they didn’t realize that. People always throw around the thief statement when people talk about torrents and that also makes me laugh, I view it more as thrifty, people want what they can’t have and its a saying as old as time. Its not that people want it this way, as already stated many would, I would, gladly pay for streaming rights but if companies like HBO continue to restrict who can have it, more and more people will just continue to pirate it, they are causing their own problem.

  89. jcrob1 /

    Has HBO even responded to any comments? Where is the moderator?

    • Jef Dinsmore /

      If you want comments from HBO how about going to HBO’s website. This is just an HBO Fansite.

  90. HBO made season 4 available YESTERDAY through services like Amazon Instant Video…… but only in the UK and Australia! (look it up) Why- because of all the pirating. I guess America didn’t pirate it enough for the special treatment. Sounds like we need it to be pirated MORE if we want it available in the USA too!

    Just in case you wanted another reason to tell HBO to ***** itself.

    • I actually didn’t know this. Mind linking me to a news item about this or australia amazon site? Thanks!

      • battla /

        Seasons 1-2-3 were available to us on iTunes with a slight delay (~$30 for the season). Season4 every other legal way of getting the show was blocked by the foxtel deal. To legally watch it in Aus you need to subscribe to foxtel, the basic sevice doesn’t get you HD so for that you need a premium package, 12month lockin contract which, ontop of installation fee will set you back a bit over $600 for the year…. A lot of coin when all you want to GoT.

    • Elliot Birch /

      Sorry Jim, In Australia there is only one way to get CURRENT seasons of GOT and that is through Murdoch run cable service “Foxtel”. We used to be able to get it on iTunes a day after release in the states, but Murdoch in his infinite wisdom and kindness blocked that method and purchased full rights to the show.

      This has a lot to do with why Aussies pirate GOT. Foxtel is currently $45 a month on contract in order to watch GOT (they bury it in one of their premium packages meaning you have to purchase a standard package and then a premium package on top of that, they don’t sell the premium package alone).

      If they want a monopoly they can also deal with the piracy. Australians want to pay for the content (as is proof in the recent release of Netflix in Australia), they just don’t want to pay through the nose to an American, Murdoch run company.

  91. drakemalone /

    The problem for me is now I can financially afford it to buy anything now. But our family doesn’t have HBO Go (or want me to pay for it due to the ‘more violence on paid cable tv’ argument some of our elder family members argues about). So like its kinda silly that I want to give them money to watch it on my computer … Even if per month it ends up more than subscribing via our cable operator lol. So we are reduced to downloading torrents every week before someone on Facebook or even Google News spoils the episode (via the titles of ‘recap’ articles).

  92. Edward Shryock /

    I have cable! I can subscribe to HBO! But this is a smaller company that has a monopoly over this area, and they don’t offer HBO Go. Nor do they offer HBO On-Demand. So, even if I subscribe, I cannot watch the backlog of episodes. Thanks, draconian policies and backwards providers.

    • vischimp /

      Me too. Same exact situation. I tried to get Direct TV but I have too many trees around my house.

  93. Take my money, HBO Go! Let me subscribe without cable and I will!

    After awhile my friends with cable are gonna get sick of me popping in for their On Demand…. Please, take the monies!

  94. Alex /

    HBO are simply a stupid fucking bunch. Guys, I want to give you MY MONEY! Why don’t you let me give you money and signup for your HBO Go without a cable subscription??? You think you can force people into cable…. no fucking way in 2014? Wake up! FUCKING IDIOTS!

  95. Eve Dallas /

    A year ago we dropped all our premium channels, went with the second-lowest digital package Comcast offered (though the monthly cost is still over $100, once you add up all the taxes that Comcast euphemistically calls “fees”). But a rose by any other name still has thorns that can make you bleed, the way cable companies bleed consumers. Why should I or any consumer have to pay for 8-10 sports-fishing channels we neither want nor need; 4-6 “prosperity religion” channels led by the new breed of TV evangelists who earnestly preach from arenas–the new “churches” for the 21st century–that God WANTS you to be rich, who have turned Jesus into Gordon Gekko, that we neither want nor need; a dozen or so reality TV shows we neither want nor need; 3-5 shopping channels we neither want nor need; the infomercials and paid programming that air on most channels after 2 a.m. (though there are hundreds of shows or movies that could air instead) we neither want nor need? They are ALL part of even the basic Digital package. The excuse for the lack of a la carte cable has always been that these “little” shows cannot survive unless part of all cable packages.

    Except that excuse no longer holds true. Given the big money and even bigger salaries involved in professional sports, why should cable subscribers ‘need’ to help subsidize sports channels? Given televangelists like the Olsteens, Mike Murdock (Inspiration Ministries as a whole, really, who have discovered a great way to fleece people, IMO: YOU send THEM money and God will then bring YOU financial prosperity) own *arenas* to serve as houses of God, why do cable subscribers ‘need’ to help subsidize religious channels? The success of home shopping and infomercial channels–again, why do cable subscribers need to help subsidize their channels? The answer is, they don’t. WE don’t. But we are being charged for it anyway.

    Are we really surprised, though? Corporations and special interest groups pay lobbyists to keep the pressure on our elected members of Congress, on elected officials at the municipal level. Someone has to ensure that legislation gets passed that benefits them. Knowledge is power, after all. When mass media and news outlets and the advertisers that support them are concentrated, are owned, controlled, by a small number of major corporations, THEY control what is aired, published/printed, shape and mold public perception of the government, political issues, as if it were Play-Dough. All because they control the flow of information and how it’s presented.

    Even scarier, though no big secret, is a revolving door policy between politicians and these media empires. Can you really trust these news empires when the same government employees working for the various regulatory agencies often leave to work for the very same companies that in their previous jobs they were *supposedly* regulating? And we wonder why our cable bills move ever upward. There IS a way to try and rectify that situation, but it would require genuine unity by ordinary Americans: plugging out. Imagine what would happen if everyone canceled their cable subscriptions for a month, maybe two. You think that would not shake more than a few crooked trees? But the sad reality, one our politicians and corporations know they can rely on, is that Americans are simply incapable of setting aside THEIR politics, much like our Congress, to unite for the greater good. Seems we have lost the spine, the resolve, of our forebearers, our ancestors, who willingly made the necessary sacrifices, willingly united regardless their differences, to carve out a better, freer life, a new world based on democratic, not oligarchic, principles.

    • Owen Murphy /

      this is possibly the most inspiring, true, and amazing thing that I have ever read.

    • nvieira /

      The real issue preventing Americans (and British, and Canadians, and Australians and…) from uniting in protest is that most people don’t want to live without their “creature comforts “. People have become mushy brained “fat cats”. They are, pure and simple, lazy. Physically and worst if all mentally, lazy. This degradation of the human condition began in the post-war 50s. People have become so dependent on media to tell them how to think, how to vote, what to buy, what to eat, what pills to take to alleviate any malady, etc, etc., etc. Oh sure, everyone loves to, and are very good at, complaining about the cost, but try suggesting they do something about it and you’ll find their even better at finding excuses as to why they ” can’t do anything about it. I’ve given up trying to motivate others to take a stand, whether it’s against the fleecing by cable companies or legislation our government proposes or anything else. It’s like hitting my head against a brick wall! Instead, I make the decision to act according to the conviction of my beliefs and I share what I do with everyone I know. If they decide to join me great. If not I no longer lose sleep over it. But you’re right. It wouldn’t take much to turn things around. The only effort required is “boycott” services and products who’s companies have become out of control cost-wise. If only people would make the decision to take their brains back.

    • Dennis S /

      7 months later….Okay Eve,
      So how do we get a bunch of folks together who are sick and tired of the cable, and satellite dish rip-offs? Gather enough together and we to can become rich by selling “You Choose” programing. For example, I you choose to watch Sports Channels during Football season but have no interest in Basketball, Baseball and the myriad of other sports’ selections the rest of the year could we build a quarterly programming system that covered that but eliminated unwanted selections? Or if you want to watch 29 foreign language channels but don’t want the church channels and the sports channels could that be your choice per quarter? Or how about you chose 100 channels you want and eliminate all the others and you pay a tiny fee for each of your selection with a handling and broadcast fee which is divided into 12 payments per year.
      Works for me. So how do we get the investors together?

    • Eve Dallas /

      (Sorry–missed the replies to my original comment.)
      While Congress (the House in this case) introduces legislation, it’s often frustrating that Americans seem to not recognize *their* power. There’s a reason that the first words of our Constitution–incidentally the world’s longest surviving government charter–is WE THE PEOPLE. In other words, while it too often appears otherwise, our government exists to serve *us*–not the other way around. Yet we never exercise OUR power to change things for the better. We tout our democracy even as we don’t take advantage of it. We have little respect for our elected officials, yet some 70% of representatives and senators are incumbents. That is a real disconnect. The excuse “better the devil you know” doesn’t hold up, because a devil is still a devil. We the People have two powers we either don’t realize or are, frankly, too lazy to exercise. Those powers are our wallets and our votes. And in a free market economy, your wallet can be more powerful than your vote. (Not to mention the People outnumber their elected officials.)

      Companies that eliminate positions, departments, divisions, the company itself even, and send it overseas where they can pay workers a pittance and no benefits? STOP buying their goods and services. Ever notice that prices don’t drop appreciably even though the company’s overhead, payroll does? Or that the CEO is still making 7- and 8-figure salaries PLUS other juicy benefits? If your job was sent overseas to someone your now-former employer is paying $1.00/day, why would you still give that company your business? Want their services? Those companies laugh all the way to the bank; meanwhile, your home is going into foreclosure. The spirit, the mentality of the Tea Party–the real, historic Tea Party is sadly absent in the modern American. And our government knows it, counts on our apathy.

      Even more insulting, many of our major corporations owe BILLIONS in back taxes, which Congress has no interest in collecting since many of their campaigns are financed by these same corporations. Thanks to a convenient loophole that lets companies with overseas operations defer paying taxes on profits until those profits are brought back to the U.S., they keep those profits OUT of the U.S. And that is how and why these corporations collectively owe over $700 BILLION in unpaid taxes. Yet Republicans insist every dollar spent (usually on assistance programs, on anything that would help the working poor and the shrinking middle class) has to be paid for. All while refusing to even consider changing just that loophole in our outdated tax code, eliminating corporations’ ability to indefinitely delay paying those billions of uncollected taxes.

      How do you force their hand? Again, by refusing to spend money on goods and services from these corporations. And by voting out EVERY single incumbent, even the ‘good’ ones, election after election until they are gone, esp. the career politicians, the ‘lifers.’ You think that wouldn’t resonate in the halls of Congress? That with some ‘behavior modification,’ so to speak, the knowledge that they will be voted out if they don’t put the interests of We the People FIRST, they wouldn’t start singing a different tune?

      Maybe I am naive, but I truly believe we could better the lives of ordinary Americans, have a fairer playing field, just by voting wisely (and not by party, as neither party really cares about Main Street Americans) and refusing to spend money on goods and services that send OUR jobs overseas–and don’t even pay the taxes they owe!

      Americans are not dumb. It’s time we stopped acting as if we are.

      As for cable’s ridiculous pricing, esp Comca$t, there is no credible reason they cannot offer a la carte packages. Letting the consumer choose the channels they want and are willing to pay for. Especially given the dirth of original programming. Cable TV today means reality TV, paid programming, infomercials, and re-runs of series that are decades old. Actual original programming is increasingly coming from the likes of Netflix, even Amazon. Programs you watch on your iPads and smartphones. Comcast talks scathingly about “cord cutting” because it is the first REAL threat facing cable companies. And hallelujah for it.

  96. Chris /

    Just watched game of thrones latest for free on line, sorted easily by my daughter because I have missed a couple and needed to catch up, I would have happily payed a couple of quid but there was no mechanism to do so. Do you think this guy is just throwing down the gauntlet with this ad or is he truly that naive and stupid?

  97. frank doyle /

    look up raineirland game of thrones it is hd and doesnt delay with episode releases

  98. TacT Tact /

    search google “subthaiseries+game of throne” then you can watch All season of Game of throne for free with Thai subtitle LOL! [4day delay after new episode release]

    Only Thailand this shit thing LOL!

    • Christine Butler /

      hey, thanks for that, it is working great for me! I don’t mind the poorer quality as i will buy the boxed set eventually and then watch it and enjoy it all again even more! I have read the books so know what happens (although the show does change things a bit!)

  99. asdfjkl /

    Uh… question is how to watch it free nobody wants to pay some stupid shit

  100. Jeremy Jones /

    “You will not be able to watch Game of Thrones online for free.” LOL, silly man.

    • Lizzie Sykes /

      “You will not be able to watch Game of Thrones online for free”…..Welcome to the internet, you must be new here!

      • TacT Tact /

        I think. yes he can

      • Right? I binge watched every episode of every season last month and got all caught up. Silly silly article.

    • Bryan Such /

      Im not a computer guy but love GOT please help me out as where to watch for free. Thanks

    • Kyle Edgecomb /

      I believe what he meant was “You will not be able to watch Game of Thrones online for free……legally”

  101. danphobic /

    Billions of GOT addicts all desperate to pay for the episodes to stream and HBO makes it impossible to purchase without subscription to cable. For an industry beseiged by piracy this is incomprehensible.

    • Chris Scanlon /

      I did actually did some reading into this and according to HBO they stand to lose more offering separate subscriptions than they do to piracy because cable networks pay a hefty price to be able to have access to HBO and they would be quite upset if HBO decided to undermine them by offering individual subscriptions.

    • that one bloke /

      Right on mate…money talks…listen up HBO.

      • that one bloke /

        I’ve got more money than time and I bloody well like that show…shame I can’t pay to watch it when I bloody well want too.HBO…WHAT A JOKE…just go away. Fu¢ker$.

    • Want to pay for GOT /

      Agreed. I’m actually watching for FREE now and I wanted to find a way to pay for it without subscribing to HBO and ALL the other content. I just want to watch the ONE show. CATCH UP to your customers CONTENT PROVIDERS!

      • Eve Dallas /

        If only. Eight, nine months ago I dropped down to basic. When the cable company CSR asked me why, I said why should I pay some exorbitant amount to watch shows that I can watch, for free, via Roku, or via the websites of individual networks and cable channels streaming their shows for free. Or watch for free as an Amazon Prime member or through. Netflix streaming. The CSR I was speaking with very snidely replied, “Oh, another cord cutter.” It p1ssed me off enough to ask the CSR how did he feel working for a huge cable company whose CEO’s salary was at least 6 figures while his salary most likely didn’t top 45K. That resulted in about 10 seconds of silence, then the CSR made my requested change. It wasn’t until I hung up the phone that I realized he hadn’t told me to ‘Have a nice day.” Gee, I wonder why? ;-)

        However, as greed is the national pasttime in the U.S., almost a year later some of the networks/shows I previously watched online for free suddenly those shows were either no longer available or now cost money to watch.

        • Eve Dallas /

          One more thing. All those Republicans, conservatives so sure that under Obama we would become a socialist nation failed to see what was really happening. (And no, I am no Obama fan.) They *were* right about the need to take back our country. They just got who we need to take it back from wrong. The worry isn’t a socialist America; it’s a corporatized one. We are (or were) a democratic republic that is becoming (has become?) a plutarchy.

          • Obama /

            Good lord will your dumbass realize that they’re the same people screwing us? Its a system created to make dumbasses like you think you’re smarter than other dumbasses like you, when actually you’re all just sheep distracted from whats happening cause you’re too busy thinking you’re smart.

          • Dennis S /

            You’ve got that right!

        • anion /

          45k? Try half that. Must be nice to think of 45k as a low salary, and be privileged enough to tell people they should feel bad for earning a living.

        • anion /

          Also, it’s rich of you to complain about greed, when you’re the one who expects people to entertain you for free. Why should you have to pay to watch shows? Because they cost money to make, and the rest of the world has to make a living too. Writers, performers, editors, directors, production assistants, costume designers, cameramen, makeup artists, set designers, prop masters, electricians, sound techs, graphic designers, marketing people…they’re not your dancing monkeys, and they don’t owe you free amusement.

  102. dancingrobot /

    If HBO were to have their own netflix-like service that didn’t require a cable bundle I would totally pay for that. Especially if it had all their past and current shows on it. It would be amaaaazing!

  103. Dani_z /

    Free way to watch: Cucirca. They won’t be the best quality, but they usually have multiple links for each episode. That’s what I used to do. Now I have a kickass monthly subscription to a piracy site that has every movie and every tv show imaginable in HD for $6/month.

  104. Sophia Low /


    1. AccessTV. info/

    2. on any device

    3. all top events

    • jerrygarciuh /

      This is a fraud. Do not use this site. Thievery!

      • EruditeOne /

        I agree that this & all sites that use the word “free” or “for free” but refuse to stream anything before you provide a credit card account number are thieves. They may also be considered fraudulent.

        • Nitin Arora /


        • Watch Game of Thrones Live online>>>>>>>> tinyurl.Com/o62u4tv

          • EruditeOne /

            Thank you for your information. When I went to the website your suggest: “*Watch TV Shows, Awards & Concerts * – No#1 HD Broadcasting- VIP Access (** Available for a LIMITED TIME ONLY **) $4.95 for the first 3 days, then $45.00 for each year” appeared on the website page. My understanding of the word “free” does not require that someone pays anything. My initial comment stands as written.

        • Entertainment Zone /

          Game of thrones final episode of season 5►►►► tinyurl.Com/oax536e

          • EruditeOne /

            Why do you think I have an interest in viewing only Season 5? My interest is viewing season 1.

        • Shaunte Baty /

          I see that is really one good place where you can watch Oscars online, just go to ScreenVariety website , register and enjoy this excellent quality

  105. Sophia Low /


    1. AccessTV. info/

    2. on any device

    3. all top events

  106. Daria /

    I had cable for a few years and realized that I simply don’t watch enough TV to justify the cost. I love Game of Thrones but I’m not going to subscribe to cable + HBO to watch one show. I’m buying the blu-rays for now but I would easily pay $2.99 to stream a current episode.

    • Vigil /

      You can already (using Amazon prime for example)

      • Olympia01 /

        Not right when they come out. If I missed Walking Dead one night, I could watch it the next day streaming on Amazon Prime. With GOT I have to wait until the DVD’s are released to watch on Amazon Prime.

  107. Daria /

    I had cable for a few years and realized that I simply don’t watch enough TV to justify the cost. I love Game of Thrones but I’m not going to subscribe to cable + HBO to watch one show. I’m buying the blu-rays for now but I would easily pay $2.99 to stream a current episode.

  108. hater /

    i watch it right now you stupid fuck!!!!

  109. Just download it from the internet like everyone else does.

  110. Chris Radenovic /

    Lol. Oh well. Too bad for them!

    I will never own cable. My parents did when I was a kid up through my teen years. I hated it, and never watched it when it was available to me. Now that it’s not nothing has changed. I will never ever own cable. Ever! So I guess that means I’ll never be an HBO subscriber.

    Two words: Their loss!

  111. Vorant /

    I would gladly pay to see new episodes on a pay-per-view basis, but cable and satellite is just to darn expensive and wasteful. So much programing is just plain junk!

    • I honestly wish HBO would just put the episodes up on Amazon for 2.99 just as an experiment if nothing else. Would love to see how successful that would be when no one had any excuses for pirating for an entire season.

  112. cable is a thing of the past! HBO will go the way of blockbuster if it doesn’t wake up and realize that. Blockbuster started to wake up, but it was only after their death keel. I definitely will not subscribe to a cable provider just to watch A tv show. Maybe if it is a real problem I will just go outside instead….

  113. Tommy /

    HBO can do whatever the hell they want, I’ll just jack it for free from some oversea’s site. Two can play at this game.

  114. oldmanklc /

    It’s a shame that HBO is failing to innovate and is losing a lot of money from its stupid assumption that streaming services and cord cutting are just a fad. I will never, ever buy cable again and I know I’m not alone. I also don’t have time to even make a subscription to netflix a worthy investment. What I would do, is pay as I go and I wouldn’t even mind paying as much as $5 per show to stream Game of Thrones.

    Companies that fail to innovate or get with the times ultimately fail, time and time again. It’s a shame that HBO will innevitably have this fate if they don’t change their tune, given the high quality programming they tend to produce. I hope they come to their senses.

  115. Laylalola /

    So HBO is saying f*ck you to people who’ve cut cable, basically, and isn’t bothering to proactively offer its own per-episode streaming (which is unbelievably stupid, because clearly they have the capability to do it). Ask any Comcast field rep who sells or installs cable TV services these days: The vast majority of the generation of people 35 years and younger will ONLY have Internet installed, and look to news stories to see the figures on the numbers of existing subscribers who in the past three years have removed the cable service and kept only the Internet.

  116. Dennis the Dreamer /

    I watch it on stream from a good source on the internet. I have hulu netflix for other shows but HBO, they’re BS.

  117. Nikanoru /

    Except that I just got a cease and desist letter for downloading Game of Thrones. I’ll just read the books, because I *REFUSE* to pay for multiple mediums for watching shows online. HBO needs to swallow their pride and make friends with Netflix if they hope to have any hand in digital distribution. They’ve obviously proven they can’t do a solo act on their website. They lack the bandwidth and reliability needed to host such a powerhouse show. There’s a reason why this is the most pirated. It’s not just because it’s good, but because HBO digital distribution is *U-N-R-E-L-I-A-B-L-E*. The sooner they recognize this and take steps to deal with it, the sooner those “most pirated show” numbers will go down. Just so happens the path of least resistance is jumping on the Netflix bandwagon. HBO is just stubborn. Stubborn things tend to die.

    • Paul Evans /

      Which is a shame, because they produce some great drama.

    • Sense 2 Cents /

      That’s funny. Maybe you should look into an IP Filter.

    • Eve Dallas /

      “stubborn things tend to die.” If only that were the case, but it isn’t. And given the DoJ apparently approved the Comcast-Time Warner merger, no death knells will be sounding any time soon. And odds are your cable bill will continue its upward trajectory. The Telecommunications Act Clinton(?) signed *was* supposed to, in part, help consumers by lowering their cable bill. Thanks to the loopholes, however, that legislators conveniently, deliberately put in the bill, it has allowed for the opposite. And given 6 (or is it 5 now?) corporations own ALL the major news outlets, not only will you pay out the nose for cable access, or a cable-phone-internet bundle, you’ll also see only the news those 6 conglomerates want you to see, and only from *their* perspective. Yet many people still fear Obama and his “socialism agenda.” It would be laughable if it wasn’t a deliberate misdirect by corporatists and the GOP. The puppets who so masterfully pull the puppets strings.

  118. wrong /

    LOL… just won the internets with that quote

    “Let me preface this by saying: You will not be able to watch Game of Thrones online for free.”

  119. thatfilmstudent /

    watch it in Project Free TV that’s where I find everything

    • vladlight /

      shhhhhh!!! don’t let them in on the secret

    • David Ames /

      and you’re a film student? How will you feel when your own films are stolen?

      • Capt Obvious /

        I think he would be honored taht so many people want to see his work.

    • Ontariogirly /

      The hdvidcodec file has a virus in it, I can’t watch it here.

  120. Enlightener /

    cucirca has all 4 seasons of it for free

    • Ontariogirly /

      It wants me to remove Ad Blocker Plus and I won’t. Even when I disabled it for this site it didn’t work.

      • Pedro /

        Yes. Anytime they say it doesn’t cost anything, yet they want your name, address, and credit card information, I back away fast.

  121. RachelKati /

    If they made an HBOGo subscription based app, I would totally pay for it. As the cable industry stands. I have to get a box from Time-Warner, which I pay $7 a month for in addition to having to pay for a digital tier of channels I won’t use for another $15 or so and then I pay for the pleasure of getting HBO for another $15. That’s a no. If they charged me $15 for HBOGo — SOLD! I don’t want the Oprah Channel and Discovery Wings and VH1 Raps. I’m on episode 4 of GoT and I hope to be done by the time HBO viewers are done with Season 4.

  122. Purple Clover /

    I watched the first 3 seasons on a site online for free.

  123. 24601 /

    So in order to watch online, I have to already have HBO and could simply watch it on HBO anyway? How is that more convenient?

    I wish HBO could do an end run around the bloated cable providers and sell access directly. I’d be there for this. I wonder if it would be more profitable for HBO to do it that way.

    But if you hadn’t noticed, you’re being charged three times for one thing, essentially. You can do internet, TV and phone across the same stinking data line. Heck, you already do. They have to keep that facade up I guess. I don’t really know what it would take to break all that down but I think 100/month is completely unreasonable for all three. (I think that’s the minimum) Call me old school….

    • R2D2 /

      Hello, Hodor – it’s more convenient because HBOGO can be watched from any android device – you don’t have to be in front of your TV. HODOR!

      • handytrim /

        So you can watch it on the toilet or whilst driving to work. You know what is convenient? Watching TV shows on a TV and paying for them only once.

    • You”re spot on. I have Ooma for my phone and Roku for my TV. I finally wised up and just started paying for my internet only – the other two services run through the data line. I’m saving the extra hundred (plus) a month for a trip to Europe.

  124. ArthurPaliden /

    Don’t wan t people to violate copyright. Make it, and only it not as part of some huge bundling deal, available online for everyone at a reasonable price point.

    People will buy it. Sales will go up. Isn’t that what you want ?

  125. Daniel Daemon /

    pirate… then buy the dvds.

    • that’s exactly what I do. I’m living in Japan on a military installation, and the provider can’t convince HBO to offer service here (limited/fixed market). I buy the Blu rays when they’re released.

  126. candyman /

    LET ME PREFACE: ..YOU CAN DOWNLOAD G.O.T for FREE! but NOT on HBO GO! …trying to stop people pirating by lying about it, for shame. No doubt it’s breaking the law but don’t lie to get people to pay for your service.

    • R2D2 /

      Where’s the lie? The article states that piracy is a way to watch it. The lie is whoever told you you knew how to read and comprehend.

      • candyman /

        shut up lil troll boy! ;) here’s the quote from the article..”Let me preface this by saying: You will not be able to watch Game of Thrones online for free”… now a preface is an introduction, so this is introducing partly the subject matter of the article. It very well may be that it’s stating that HBO GO will not be a free service but that’s not how it reads, it reads, you can’t download game of thrones for free and than makes a tiny mention of piracy at the end of the article.

        • the article is about WATCHING got online for free tho

          torrenting the episodes isn’t watching online. you download them and watch them from the saved location on your computer. they were offering an actually free alternative to streaming at the end

          • David Ames /

            Torrenting is theft of intellectual content.

          • Your Mom /

            Streaming is also downloading and watching. Learn to learn.

  127. Jessica Kirk /

    go to and search HDTV HBO

  128. I’m in the UK and I do not use Sky(A “cable” company), Game of Thrones season 4 is on Sky Atlantic and no other channel here in the UK. So, how exactly am I suppose to watch this? I can’t use HBGo and I can’t watch Game of Thrones because I don’t use Sky. I’ve looked on google for somewhere but there is nothing. Help would be appreciated. :)

  129. stoplying /

    “You will not be able to watch Game of Thrones online for free.”

    Lying is a sin you know

    • …so is stealing.

      • politicalscience101 /

        But eavesdropping ones and zeros is not stealing. There is nothing of substance to steal, literally speaking. So it isn’t theft. Not like comcast is out there with signs saying “will work for food”, are they? But some of us regular people are. Another lie to prop up a tired old establishment that became obsolete years ago….

        • R2D2 /

          another Hodor – intellectual property is still property DERP

        • David Ames /

          Intellectual property is substance. I’m sorry…I know you can’t understand this.

          • Your Dad /

            I’m sorry your mom never taught you to share or to love the people they exist with.

  130. Flex Xi /
  131. Justine Johnson /


  132. Justine Johnson /

    What if your not in the US, do i still have to wait until tomorrow

  133. I am generally satisfied with HBOGo. However, I was not able to watch the finale of True Detective because of heavy traffic and I expect the same thing will happen tonight.

  134. Thom B. /

    By the Time HBO gets it butt in gear with making things avaible to people who don’t have a cable service, the series is gonna be over and there will be no need to have it anymore.

  135. noisy43 /

    I’m paying for HBO on satellite not on cable and i do not have access to HBOGO. :( “#&&%&/”$#/”

    • mommabaker /

      we pay for it the same way. we went to the hbo website and entered in our provider service and they gave us a password to use and access hbo go

  136. J.D. /

    I know of one particular website that downloads it the day after.
    some of us that had the first smartphones since iPhone ONE know of it.
    & They’re not taking any new subscriptions .maybe Only from invites.
    they usually download new episodes the day after in HD.
    so…. it is possible if you know where to look. :0)

    • David Ames /

      I know I can go to the store and steal something…but I don’t do it.

  137. lolfaku /

    Or you can torrent it the day after. Thanks bye.

  138. Trevor /

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

  139. Trevor /

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

    Watch Game of Thrones S04xE01 [[Two Swords]] ►►

  140. you can watch game of thrones online for free on watchseries. just type it into google!

    • R2D2 /

      another HODOR – stop posting stuff like this and trying to ruin it for everyone. “Derp, I’m going to post pirate stuff on a public forum – no I’m not a jerk”

  141. Paul Evans /

    Dear HBO. I have some money I’d like you to have. In exchange, I’d like to purchase and watch episodes of GoT online.

    I don’t have cable. In fact, I don’t watch broadcast television of any kind. I prefer DVD’s, Blu Rays, and online, on-demand media from those organisations who are enlightened enough to offer it.

    Wanting to pay only for what I consume has always struck me as entirely reasonable.

    Being forced to pay for things you just don’t want is insane.

    I don’t especially want pirated copies. I do actually prefer to pay – that way, the producer gets to make more great drama, just like GoT.

    So HBO. I have some money I’d like you to have.

    • elamma /

      I am in the same boat. I love this show, but had to wait until I could buy the dvds to watch season 3, seasons 1&2 I borrowed from the library. I do NOT want cable! I watch relatively little tv, what I do watch is mostly PBS. This is one of the few exceptions to that rule. I would gladly PAY them for the new episodes to stream to my computer. I am not even particularly tech savvy, do not have a smart phone or any of the latest and greatest technologies. The tv has a digital converter box and rabbit ears. But, with a computer and internet, you would think that any SMART company would want to get this business.

    • Kyle /

      I prefer to pirate because I want to destroy all TV.

    • David Ames /

      I concur. Paul Evans, you’re a class act!

      • Paul Evans /


        Look forward to the day when all producers are forced to up their standards because consumers can select what they pay for.

  142. Adriana Isnotonfire D'Arpino /

    “you will not be able to watch game of thrones online for free” ARE YOU SURE????? ARE YOU SURE

  143. Canadiens_Fan /

    I always buy the Best-buy exclusive blue-ray boxsets but now that everybody is talking about what they have seen, I need a way to see those episodes the same day in low resolution, low quality but at least I will have seen them before someone tell a punch. It is like when I record a hockey game because I am working and I try to not hear the score before I watch it…neerly impossible!

  144. Linda Devies /

    You can always use a VPN of your choice to bypass geo restrictions!

  145. Forestbeekeeper /

    No cable provider in our township, so no method to subscribe. :(

    HBO you really need to fix this, allow online streaming.

  146. Carly /

    How long do you have to wait to pay to stream individual episodes on iTunes/Google Play or Amazon? I don’t mind paying since I have no option of subscribing to HBO but I don’t know how long before the individual episodes will be available.

  147. So disappointed that I am unable to watch any episode of game of thrones even though I am an HBO subscriber! Feel compelled to cancel my subscription and illegally download all of the episodes so I can watch them whenever I want.

  148. Charlibear /

    Make friends with someone who has HBO/Netflix/Hulu Plus and work out an arrangement,..

  149. It’s 2014. Why we can’t simply subscribe to a certain network or series for viewing online is beyond me. I know, I know, but the cable companies! Profits!

    Fuck them. Adapt or die. Many other business models have gone through massive change since the dawn of the internet. Get with the program, figure out a way to survive in the new landscape and stop crying.

    And let people watch what they want to watch on demand. Because they’re going to do it whether you make it simple and affordable to do so or not.

    • aeather /

      Thank you. That is one of the greatest reasons for piracy. Like hell I’m going to fork over $720 a year of cable, and like hell I’m going to pay $80 for all the episode. Yeah, I guess Im sort of against piracy, but when I have no other option I’m more than happy to pirate.
      So fuck you, HBO. Figure your shit out or die.

  150. I love that HBO is (sort-of) condoning piracy of GoT as a last resort. I’m too paranoid to pirate anything anymore, besides… why bother when you can literally stream anything, 9 times outta 10 in HD, a half-hour after the show airs! That’s my kind of service, there!

  151. Juansaman /

    As Dunk said: BREAK THE CHAINS, HBO. We, people outside the US have a hard time getting the episodes online without waiting for local providers. How do we stay away from spoilers that way? An depending on their broadcasting schedule? Hell no. It’s 2014. Online broadcasting is a demmand not being covered. Hit the market and make it yours.

  152. As Dunk said: BRAKE THE CHAINS, HBO. We, people outside the US have a hard time getting the episodes online without waiting for local providers. How do we stay away from spoilers that way? An depending on their broadcasting schedule? Hell no. It’s 2014. Online broadcasting is a demmand not being covered. Hit the market and make it yours.

    • organ /

      As Guest said: As Dunk said: BRAKE THE CHAINS, HBO. We, people outside the US have a hard time getting the episodes online without waiting for local providers. How do we stay away from spoilers that way? An depending on their broadcasting schedule? Hell no. It’s 2014. Online broadcasting is a demmand not being covered. Hit the market and make it yours.

  153. Claudia /

    I guess, I will survive waiting for the DVD even here in europe… It doesn’t matter at all, how many years it will take, as long as George survives finishing his last book…

  154. I feel very sorry to say that the most efficient way you can watch it is through pirating… I mean, I love the books and the series, HBO Go should break the chains of this accursed cable tv and indeed, go Online… But a very good point of making piracy a way of promoting the series, that´s very smart I´ll give you!

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