UPDATE: Redbox DOES have some HBO content available now, including Game of Thrones, Ballers and The Night of.  Check it out!

If you’re unfamiliar with the service known as Redbox you probably haven’t been paying much attention to the world around you.  In almost every grocery and convenience store in America you’ll see a red machine with a line of people looking to grab the latest movies and a few TV shows on Redbox.  More recently the service has expanded to “instant” where they’re starting to offer more and more streaming content via Verizon’s network. Here’s what one looks like:


Does Redbox Have TV Shows or Only Movies?

Redbox is known for its movies.  Redbox is movies.  But there are some television shows available via Redbox including premium dramas such as Downton Abbey.  There don’t appear to be ANY HBO series available through Redbox at the moment.  So no, Game of Thrones is not on Redbox.  And no, True Blood is also not on the service.  But it isn’t just HBO shows, almost no TV is available on Redbox at this time.  It’s mostly a movie service.  You may see some overlap between the movies on HBO and the movies on Redbox though!



Will Game of Thrones or any other HBO Series EVER be on Redbox?

This isn’t to say that they won’t offer then someday!  They may look to expand into television and when that happens HBO series may be one of the most popular items available.  Particularly with this new Verizon partnership the service may be looking to expand in a big way.  If you’re a big Redbox user I’d keep my finger to the wind and listen out for news of the service expanding more into television.  One of the hurdles is probably the fact that a series like Game of Thrones comes on several discs, even on Blu-Ray.  This would be tough to loan out and hope for a safe and speedy return.  But as we said there may be an opportunity for HBO series to be available someday on the newer streaming service.


Is Redbox the Future of TV?

Sometimes we can get lost in the wave of technology that’s revolutionizing TV.  You may be thinking: aren’t DVDs dead?  But you have to remember that while the person reading this right now may have every latest piece of technology, 10’s of millions do not.  And they still want to see the latest and greatest movies and TV shows too!  The convenience, low price and low-tech nature of Redbox may keep them in business for another decade or so at least.  And with them moving into Netflix’ territory with the streaming service and big-time partnerships it may turn out that Redbox is the overall solution to that lower level technology user.

We’ll keep you updated as to whether Redbox and HBO ever cross paths but for now the answer is: No, HBO series and almost no TV shows are available via the service.  Stay tuned for the Future of TV is happening now!  Here’s a bit of Redbox Ettiquite if you’re a user: