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HBO, Bill Maher Plan News Mag Program: VICE

By Jacob Klein on May 10, 2012 to Vice

LOS ANGELES, May 10, 2012 – HBO is partnering with VICE on an innovative news magazine show to be hosted by VICE founder Shane Smith, it was announced today by Michael Lombardo, president, HBO Programming. The weekly series will be executive produced by Bill Maher, Shane Smith and Eddy Moretti, VICE’s chief creative officer, with CNN’s Fareed Zakaria serving as consultant.

“VICE has emerged as a premier new media brand through a savvy combination of irreverence, smarts and fearlessness,” said Lombardo. “We are excited to offer a forum for their groundbreaking style of news coverage and look forward to a show that’s like nothing else on TV.”

Titled VICE, the HBO series will showcase a mix of stories from around the globe. Among the segments in production for possible inclusion in the show are: Taliban child suicide bombers; North Korean slave labor camps; New York’s underground voodoo heroin clinics; Somalian pirates; and Satanic dentists in the Pacific Northwest.

VICE is a leading youth entertainment company operating in over 34 countries, and includes, the world’s premier original online video destination; an international network of digital channels; a television production studio; a print magazine; a record label; an in-house creative services agency; and a book publishing division. VICE’s digital channels include: The Creators Project, dedicated to arts and creativity; Motherboard, covering cultural happenings in technology; and Noisey, a music discovery channel.

HBOWatch: WOW! We can’t wait to see what Bill Maher and Fareed Zakaria put together! This is an exciting time at HBO with several new programs launching in accross all genres. We’ll update you on possible premiere dates and scheduling news with this new program: Vice. Stay tuned: More as this story develops.

  • Lorraine Cassidy

    Vice….What a…By far the best,most insightful journalism to come along in a long time…it touches on so many subjects relevant to all of us…history,geography,culture,religion,politics,ethics and by no means the least….just plain,good old fashioned humanitarianism. The show is a breath of fresh air. My husband and I watch each episode at least twice because they are so jam packed with information..both of us are post graduates many times over and my husband also happens to be a high school world history teacher . We were both lucky enough to live and work in many countries before settling here in the United States and realize how small the world really is but the enormity of issues in the tiniest parcels of this great earth….thank you for showing this in such an upfront,educated and incredibly accessible way. Any way it could be turned into a one hour show ???

  • Jefd

    There is a post about this concept in me when more news comes out about it.

  • Very nice!

  • Jef Dinsmore

    I am excited about this news magazine concept. It appears it is on the fast track as it has listed segments already in development.

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