What’s On: HBO Schedule for October

Wow, another month gone by so quickly and time for another HBO Guide. Now, I don’t know if anyone gets much benefit out of this monHBO-Logo-Spacethly post besides me but, I enjoy writing it at least. It gives me a good idea for some topics to write about for the month. In addition it gives me a heads up on what I personally might want to watch. Alas, October is a bit sparse; nevertheless let’s see what we got in store.


Theatrical Movies: Though there are four Saturdays in October there are only three theatrical films premiering for the month. They are COWBOYS AND ALIENS; THE DESCENDANTS and ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS: CHIPWRECKED. First up is a movie that mixes some Sci-Fi with a Western and gets some big names to do it. It is COWBOYS AND ALIENS opening 10.06.12. Now just to refresh your memories this movie didn’t fare so well as a summer blockbuster in 2011. It stars Daniel Craig as a gunslinger showing up in Harrison Ford’s old west town and a gang of extraterrestrials are not far behind. Together they rally to whip some alien ass. Rally up the family for this PG13 adventure and decide for yourself if it is ‘good escapist fun” or if it is a misstep for Craig & Ford.

George Clooney is next and many a person, or at least many a lady, thinks he could never misstep into a bad movie. And those who love him probably the-desendantsalready saw THE DESCENDANTS. Well, they can catch it again starting 10.13.12. The piece, after it came out in November 2011 was on many a critics Top ten list and it went on to receive the Academy Award Best Adapted Screenplay. Catch it again on HBO; or go in completely a different direction and have a party with The Chipmunks! The movie, ALVIN AND THE CHIPMUNKS:CHIPWRECKED is the second sequel (squeakquel) to the 2007 film. CHIPWRECKED premieres 10.27.12. Oh, and a bit of trivia for you – Alvin, Simon and Theodore are not some new animated idea. They have been around since 1958! OK, anyway there are your Saturday theatrical premieres.

None of those choices bowl me over as a must-see. I still haven’t seen EXTREMELY LOUD AND INCREDIBLY LOUD from September. I guess it is a good thing that HBO repeats the movies often enough in a month. I can’t believe I just wrote that! I’m actually holding out for what premieres on the last Saturday night to be mentioned.

 Originals: Saturday night 10.20.13 is appointment TV for sure. On that night is the first airing of HBO FILMS: THE GIRL. Lifting notes directly from HBO, here is a description of the movie: “He was the Master of Suspense, a legendary director whose films thrilled and terrified audiences. But to actress Tippi Hedren, the true terror of Alfred Hitchcock shockingly came from the man himself. Mirroring some of Hitchcock’s own films, this real-life tale of obsession chronicles the director’s grooming of Hedren into a prototypical “Hitchcock blonde”—and his growing passion for her personally—as they hitchcockfilmed The Birds in 1963 and Marnie in 1964. Toby Jones and Sienna Miller star as Hitchcock and Hedren. Imelda Staunton co-stars as Hitchcock’s wife Alma.” Hopefully, I can get another post in about this movie as it opens.

Of course Sunday nights in October are reserved for BOARDWALK EMPIRE and TREME. That gives us four (on 10.07, 10.14, 10.21 and 10.28) episodes of Nucky Thompson struggling to keep his booze business afloat and the residents of New Orleans restoring their lives to normal. There will be plenty of plot reviews for each show throughout the month so check them for details as they come available. The other series with new episodes is REAL TIME BILL MAHER. You know he has a lot to say about the upcoming elections so don’t miss it LIVE on Friday nights.

The Fall Documentary schedule continues with two offerings in October. 10.18.12 will have the first airing of ETHEL. It is by award-winning filmmaker Rory Kennedy who is very familiar with this film’s subject. It is her mother Ethel Kennedy, widow of slain politician Robert. The second documentary is about a learning disorder that affects many. Viewers will learn about in the film THE BIG PICTURE: RETHINKING DYSLEXIA. It is sure to look at actual sufferers and the doctors aiding them. It begins on 10.29.12. HBOWatch will remind our followers of these premieres as they get closer.     

boxing_after_darkSports: Unless someone is aware of HBO Pay-Per-View bouts in October there is not much sports programming forthcoming. There is not even any 24/7 or REAL SPORTS listed. BOXING AFTER DARK airs a few matchups in October but they are nobody I ever heard of in the sport. The matchups are Nonito Donaire facing off against Toshiaki Nishioka in a junior featherweight title fight plus Brandon Rios vs. Mike Alvarado; Edwin Rodriguez vs. Jason Escalera; Luis Del Valle vs. Vic Darchinyan and Alex Perez vs. Antonin Decarie. They all air late night throughout the month.

Other Movies & Shows: Here is a brief listing of some other events, shows and movies you can catch on HBO in October. Since the month is lean on sports how about the lame sports movie MAJOR LEAGUE II in which The Cleveland Indians go from division champs to major-league chumps in this out-of-the-park comedy with Charlie Sheen or the baseball documentary MANTLE about the life and career of legendary NY Yankees center-fielder Mickey Mantle. Of course the month isn’t over until we have Halloween so how about the movie THE PEOPLE UNDER THE STARS from Wes Craven or THE X-FILES movie? If aliens and ghouls don’t thrill you then re-watch THE HORSE WHISPERER with Robert Redford.

HBO”s Other Platforms: Here are a few quick highlights playing on some of the other HBO Channels now through October. HBO Latino is presenting more episodes of the new series PROFUGOS; airing THE LATINO LIST: VOLUME 2 and has a Halloween treat called LOBOS DE ARGA (GAME OF WEREWOLVES). In it a hapless writer heads back to the tiny Spanish village in which he was born and finds himself up to his ears in bloodthirsty werewolves! HBOGO is adding more programming from both HBO FAMILY and HBO LATINO if that is of interest. Other entertainment choices include some scary flicks like CAPE FEAR starring Robert DeNiro; Sissy Spacek’s turn as CARRIE; a horror messlobos_de_arga in the subway tunnels called STAG NIGHT or THEY LIVE a John Carpenter piece starring Rowdy Roddy Piper. Got to love those schlocky B-horror movies this time of year, right? Cinemax Saturday premieres in October are IN TIME with Justin Timberlake; TRANSIT, which has a young family stumbling upon fugitive bank robbers while camping; CONTRABAND starring Mark Wahlberg and CONTAGION. Also on HBO’s sister channel are more episodes of season two of STRIKE BACK and a premiere of a new series starring Melissa George who gave a great performance in HBO’s IN TREATMENT. She is at the center of international espionage in HUNTED premiering on 10.18.12.

Well, that is highlights for October. Let us know right here at HBOWatch what you are interested in and prove to me I’m not the only one reading this particular monthly posting.


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