Web Gem Wednesday – Game of Thrones VFX; Arya’s New Roles; GoT Gets Buzzed


All right you fellow Thrones junkies. Been really busy this week, so this one is gonna be pretty short. However, at the bottom is a very interesting bit of info/news that hopefully you find just as exciting as me! So, here we go:

Get An Inside Look Into The Complex VFX For Game of Thrones:

Apparently there’s more special effects than just direwolves, dragons, and whitewalkers. Actually, it’s amazing to see just how complex the VFX team works to bring the world of Westeros to life. Here’s a short video showing how certain scenes were enhanced using video effects. Ever wondered how Bran climbed Winterfell’s walls? Or how they managed to film massive crowds of people, soldiers, and tents? Check it this out:

Trailor Released for The Secret of Crickley Hall, Starring Maisie Williams (Arya Stark)

Months ago, Maisie landed her first role outside of Game of Thrones. The role is for a 3-episode BBC mini-series called The Secret of Crickley Hall. Based on the novel of the same name. The mini-series also stars Suranne Jones and Tom Ellis. Another Game of Thrones actor, Donald Sumpter (Maester Luwin) will also appear. A trailer was released for the series last week. It’s nice seeing Maisie get to act in normal clothes for once. Take a look:

The Buzz: Game of Thrones at Comic-Con 2012

Last week, HBO released a new Buzz video featuring the Game of Thrones castmembers who attended Comic-Con. The video includes interviews with George R.R. Martin, Emilia Clarke, Richard Madden, Michelle Fairley, and Alfie Allen.


Sneak Peek at “Inside HBO’s Game of Thrones”

A companion book for the TV series is set to be released next month by HBO. Written by Bryan Cogman, the book includes interviews, pictures, and inside stories as to how the show is created. It looks like an awesome piece of reading material and there is this video which was released recently making it look even more awesome. HBO.com has also uploaded a preview with 34 pages from the book! You can pre-order the book now from HBO.com.


Game Of Thrones

Maisie Williams in a Funny or Die video?

If you’re not an avid Tweeter, you might have missed this. Early yesterday morning, Tweets from Simon Pegg, Maisie, Williams, and Olypmic Gold-medalist Ryan Lochte explained that the trio filmed a video for Funny or Die. There were a few pictures tweeted as well, included one with Patrick Stewart! Yes, the Star Trek actor has joined the gang as well to make what should be a hilarious video. For me, I can’t wait to see it! From the pictures, it looks like Maisie and Patrick Stewart are playing a parody of Oliver Twist with Pegg looking like John Travolta from Grease. At least that’s my take. All I got to say is, why does Maisie have to be the one with dirt smeared on her face? Doesn’t she get enough of that on Game of Thrones? Here are the tweets:

UPDATE 8/9: Funny or Die released the video this morning. Here it is, “The Olympic Ticket Scalper”. (It’s obvious that Ryan Lochte is the only non-professional actor of the group.)


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