Two Sarahs, Parker & Silverman, Preparing HBO Pilots!


You recognized the lady above, right? That is Sarah Jessica Parker who, of course, personified Carrie Bradshaw on SEX AND THE CITY on HBO for six seasons between 1998 and 2004. Well, now she hopes for another half-hour comedy on the network. Yeah, you are reading that right. She is to star and executive produce DIVORCE.

It is said to be a comedic take of a very, very, long divorce and evidently whomever SJP plays it will surely be the female lead in the marriage gone bad. The concept is just being written as a pilot right now. It is being penned by British writer and actress Sharon Horgan and even though no director is mentioned it is expected to be shot in and around New York City. That locale shouldn’t be a surprise as it has always been SJP’s home turf.  

Unfortunately, we don’t have much more than that, except for the producing staff of the greenlit pilot. Also serving as a producer and co-showrunner is Paul Simms from GIRLS. Horgan will executive produce through her Merman Films, along with long-time collaborator Aaron Kaplan of Kapital Entertainment. Sharon Horgan has a detailed career familiar across the pond. Parker and Alison Benson will executive produce through Parker’s Pretty Matches Prods.


If one Sarah back on HBO is not enough then how about another one in Sarah Silverman. According to sources HBO has ordered an untitled half-hour pilot for the saucy comedian. Again there is not a lot of information on this potential series either as HBO awaits a look. What we do know is that it describes Silverman’s character as a lady “who has a pathological need to be honest and is also having a mid-life crisis.”    

That sounds right up her alley. Of course Silverman is no stranger to HBO. She first appeared on THE LARRY SANDERS SHOW and MR. SHOW WITH BOB AND DAVID. She recently won an Outstanding Writing Emmy for her HBO special this past year for WE ARE MIRACLES. This recent attempt to return is also being written by Brit. She is Lucy Prebble best known for creating the Secret Diary of a Call Girl series.

Now keep in mind how this works. Both Sarah Jessica Parker and Sarah Silverman have pitched ideas to the heads of HBO. They liked what they heard and instead of asking for a series of scripts, being who these ladies are, they jumped straight to putting their interest in seeing a pilot episode drafted and shot. If the powers that be like what they see for themselves and/or through a test screening than the series order goes through and the ladies begin the creation of a series for each of them. Time will tell how this all pans out but you can be sure HBO wants these two actresses on the screen. We await the return of the ladies named Sarah for sure. We do, right? Do you like the idea of a comedy block with Parker and Silverman?

(Sources: Deadline & EW)



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