This Just In: Guillermo del Toro brings Manga to HBO!

The master of dark fantasy with the likes of Pan’s Labyrinth and of odd action like Hellboy and Pacific Rim brings his flavor to HBO. Guillermo del Toro and HBO are developing a potential series called MONSTER. But it is not just any story it is a new genre for HBO to explore since MONSTER‘s source material is JapaneseDel_TORO Manga.

Japanese Manga, for the unfamiliar, is a very stylized comic book that offers a unique vision that has been imitated around the world, though Japan still is the reigning Manga master. From this genre comes Naoki Urasawa’s MONSTER series that was told over the course of eighteen volumes. Del Toro will co-write a live-action show based on the work with Steve Thompson, who has written for Dr. Who.

Just what is MONSTER? It is a thriller about a young successful doctor who treats a young boy with a head injury. Later in life thamanga_Monstert young boy has grown up to be a sociopathic, horrifying murderer; a true ‘monster.’ The doctor vows to make things right since he gave the injured man a second chance at life years ago. It seems a gripping and exciting project that will offer a cat and mouse chase of the good doctor trying, within his meager means, to track the elusive killer still on a killing spree. He does so by seeking out the criminal’s family, and investigating the crime scenes. The doctor, in fact, gets so close to the crimes that authorities make him a suspect in the killings.

It sounds like an engaging concept and it will be quite nice to have Guillermo del Toro bring something to our favorite channel. Not only will be be writing the work but will also take on the responsibilities of executive Producer and director. Let me be clear however that this is not an animated recreation of the Manga (comic book) but an intended life-action series of the concept.

HBOwatch will keep track of this one and see how it fleshes out. For now, what do think of del Toro’s upcoming presence? Do you like Manga? Have you heard of the source material? Let us know your thoughts.



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