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Silicon Valley: “Bachmanity Insanity”

by Alexandra Mitchell
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Unlike last week, this week is all about the love in the Valley. Richard meets a woman and things heat up until he burns it down. Dinesh is making googly eyes at one of the women helping them code from another country, until she gets a real look at him. Even Jared gets in on the love loop, repeatedly actually.  Go Jared!  And as always, Erlich is in love with money.

With all the focus on Pied Piper, love affairs have gone to the wayside.  But when Richard meets a cute girl, he gets back into the game.  Winnie, not a bartender, knows her own way around the tech biz. But in the everlasting world of tabs versus spaces (not that I know what the hell that even means) she is no longer worthy.  They speculate that Richard will have a hissy fit, he insists he won’t, and then he does and oh lord, so funny.  He just doesn’t know when to stop.  He should have that little voice in his head who says, “Richard, stop talking.  You’re going to ruin this.” But he doesn’t.  That little voice doesn’t exist.  So he just keeps going and going. And down the stairs…he’s gone.

Dinesh thinks one of their coders in Estonia is cute, and is getting his flirt on with her via video chat.  Toting himself as the Pakistani Denzel, he is trying to woo her and she seems to be picking up what he is laying down.  He upgrades the video chat but his lady friend does not agree that he looks like Pakistani Denzel.  Sorry, Dinesh.  Your mom will always love you.SiliconValley_S3Ep6-300x168

Jared is the real star of this episode though.  Everyone thinks they know Jared, and when he turns a corner and surprises them, it is the best.  Jared seems so meek and quaint, and not likely to be a player.  But then he’s all about the ladies and hooking up in the server room/garage/his bedroom.  Here’s the thing about Jared and why he’s probably getting laid so much: Jared is nice.  People can go on and on about how the nice guys never get action, but really as a woman, we know who the nice guys are.  Jared is sweet and kind, and cute as a button.  If he asked me out, I would say yes.  He’s also probably one of those people who seems super innocent but is really a big freak.

Erlich is wooing Bighead for his money by creating a corporation, which isn’t actually structured like a corporation, but more like spouses sharing a bank account.  The Gavin Belson article hits and Gavin is not happy.  He threatens to sue over the source, which is Bighead, so Erlich’s response is to buy the blog.  Because who wouldn’t respond by purchasing a blog? Erlich’s love of money costs him too much, and his celebratory luau is actually just an expensive luau.  Though a chocolate moat with boats for fruit does sound pretty amazing.

Where does a relationship fit in with their schedules?  They pretty much work from home, but there are a lot of them sharing space.  Add a few extra people around and it could get crowded, more so than it already is.  Good thing they are outsourcing their work.  Eventually, people will have to move out and get their own spaces. But for now, minds are on the tech and not the ladies.  But when will the Beta be released?

I imagine in the usual fashion of the show, a mistake will be made and the Beta will be launched accidentally when it was decided not to release it.  Seems like the Richard way to do things.  Like accidentally deleting a bunch of porn because of a tequila bottle.  Or making a big speech and slamming your head into a desk.  It’s just the way Pied Piper does business.  In other news, I do really appreciate that Guilfoyle’s girlfriend is the chick from AT&T commercials.  She’s hilarious, and I hope she gets more speaking time this episode around.


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1 comment

Stone Gossardish June 30, 2016 - 8:45 am

Bachman owned the finale, if not the season overall. A second straight SV season that was better than the prior. This show’s got legs


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