PROJECT GREENLIGHT 2015 Announces Finalists

People_AffleckandDamon-300x194Matt Damon and Ben Affleck have been going hard with PROJECT GREENLIGHT 2015. They have made a shitload of video clips talking all about the contest to turn an aspiring filmmaker into a big screen winner. The winner of the event will be chosen on Friday, November 7th after which they are likely to create yet another clip.

If you are not familiar with the concept Matt & Ben have asked for amateur film makers to submit works in either comedy or drama to the project as long as they are up to three minutes long. Then they and others looked at the entries and narrowed them down to a list of twenty. The public was invited to vote for their favorites and a consensus will be drawn to determine which short film will be developed into a fuller movie. Here is a look at one such clip describing the process:  

Here now is a look at the finalists that have made the cut. You can find them and watch them all at and follow the link to watch them on FaceBook. You can also do a search and a number of newspaper articles will surface about one hometown film buff or another making it as a finalist. For example, there is “Day One” from a New Jersey gal and “Present Trauma” from a South Bend, Indiana resident. Other entries include “Beanie Bros.” which is the exploits of a comedy duo and “Delicacy” in the Scifi/Fantasy/Horror category. Here is the complete listing:

ProjectGreenlight “Beanie Bros.” – Adriano Valentini; “By The Pool” – Ivan Rodrigues; “Captain Torpedo” – Julien Lasseur; “Day One” – Leo Angelos & Kristen Brancaccio; “Delicacy” – Jason Mann; “Excuse Me” – Joshua Sik; “Kill Joy” – Brian L. Tan; “Less Than One” – Arturo Perez; “Living With Jigsaw” – Chris Capel; “Magic Matty” – Nico Raineau; “Marriage Council” – Sean Murphy; “Sexy Superhero” – Luke Patton; “Skyborn” – Marko Slavnic; “The Gestapo vs. Granny” – Shequeta L. Smith; “The Pavement” – Taylor Engel; “The Present Trauma” – Mark Manalo; “Where Do You Want to Eat?” – Ashley Barnhill; “Whiskey Boys” – Justin Plasse & Cate Carson; “Wicked Fast Forgiveness” – Arrius & Ellesse Sorbonne; “Zombroz” – Julian Doan & Alex Hunter.

 They are varied collection so watch them all or pick a few and await the results as the winner is about to be revealed.  I guess you can check out some of them at SlashFilm. The process will be chronicled and air on HBO in the future.

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