Nic Pizzolatto Thinks TRUE DETECTIVE Will Be A Short Lived Series

Solo showrunner and writer for the TRUE DETECTIVE series, Nic Pizzolatto, held court up in Canada recently at an event called the Banff World People_NicPizzolattoMedia Festival and dropped some bombshells on those excited over the continuation of his concept. He informed those in attendance that the first two episodes of Season Two are written and that some sketchy ideas have surfaced that he will save for a possible third season. What chances the series has beyond that however, does not look promising. He stated,

“Every season, I’m essentially creating a brand new TV show. It can’t have any growing pains like a regular first season. If it works it has to work right out of the box. That’s incredibly exhausting. I mean, the job is exhausting to begin with, but it’s doubly exhausting and I’m writing every episode. I can’t imagine I would do this more than three years. I mean, I’d like to have a regular TV show. We’ll have some fixed sets, regular actors and I could bring in people to help and I don’t have to be there every second. It’d be great.”

He also admitted that all the casting rumors have been just that – rumor.

“Literally, not a single rumor about casting that has been printed anywhere has any truth to it whatsoever. I mean that literally. I’ve seen entertainment reporters say ‘My sources say . . . There are no sources. There’s me and two other guys and they don’t even know what I’m doing.”  We haven’t cast anybody. I have a secret list and that’s it.”

TrueDetective_TitleIt is a big undertaking, creating, writing and producing a series by oneself. After all, Mr. P.’s only TV experience prior to TRUE DETECTIVE was writing for The Killing over at AMC. His main goals right now it seems is to complete the scripts and obtain a director(s). He had more to say at the press conference, but I’ll let you go to my source, the Calgary Herald, to pick up the rest. HBOWatch enjoyed Season One of TRUE DETECTIVE and we would welcome any additional seasons of the show. Again, with all the weight on Pizzolatto’s shoulders for a stellar season just as big as the first one it is going to take time. 

As we like to say around here Quality over Quantity and Frequency is what is most important.  We cannot rush it, besides, Time is a flat circle anyway.  


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