HBO’s New Promo – Recommended By Humans

Editor’s Note: HBOWatch now presents a posting from a new potential writer for our site. This Guest Post, about HBO’s latest promotional campaign, introduces us to the words of Orr Ben-Asuli.   


How are you choosing your next TV obsession? Or even just what to watch next? Do you trust an algorithm of recommendations (like Netflix’s)? Do you go through IMDb in hopes of finding a cool show you missed? Or maybe you ask a friend, you know, that person you know that watches everything and will always have a good pick ready? If the latter looks like the best way for you, getting a recommendation from an actual person based on why they like the show and why YOU might find it appealing, HBO’s latest endeavor is just the thing for you.

If you noticed that recently HBO’s profile picture on all social platforms was changed to this talk-bubble with HBO’s signature “dot” (that usually appears inside the O) inside – it’s all for a new marketing campaign called “Recommended by Humans”. It’s a new tool/website that recommends you a lot of HBO shows and films straight from the word of real watchers like you.

HBO collected tweets with recommendations like “Can we all talk about how amazing The Leftovers on HBO is?”, Westworld is a sick show 10/10 would recommend” and even longer tweets that detail, for example, exactly why Euphoria is so brilliant and relevant, from all over Twitter and put it all in a new interactive and colorful website. They also made short videos of people giving their recommendation and put the videos in between the tweets. The user can navigate through this endless surface of recommendations, written and filmed, and pick his/her next HBO show/film/documentary to watch. And it all comes from real common watchers and not website or critic reviews. Take a peek at the trailer if you’re interested.

And the best part? Free episodes! HBO doesn’t just recommend you the show, it also gives you free episodes to “test it out”, if you’re not an HBO subscriber, before you subscribe. Don’t delay! 

We think it’s a really smart campaign to “lure in” new subscribers and for existing members to gain more popularity for HBO shows and films, even great ones from the past that don’t get media or marketing anymore (like Eastbound and Down and The Normal Heart). Go check the website out, see for yourself. Who knows? Maybe you’ll find your next obsession right there.

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