HBO’s HARD KNOCKS 2016 Drops Trailer Early

Boom! Did it drop fast or what? NFL Films and HBO Sports have their eyes trained on the L. A. Rams as they prepare to cover the team’s return to the gridiron this fall. They do so with the sport series HARD KNOCKS and the hype is building up already. Does it seem as though this team is made for this series.HardKnocksRams-300x180

Of course the ball club in question has a big angle to play up in the upcoming eleventh season of the series: the football franchise is returning to southern California. From 1946 to 1994 the team called Los Angeles home. Its home field was the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum and later the Anaheim Stadium. Then the Rams moved to Saint Louis, Missouri and became the St. Louis Rams from 1995 to 2015. Now they return back to the original Coliseum in Los Angles to once again be called the L. A. Rams. To help capture their return they star in HARD KNOCKS: TRAINING CAMP WITH THE LOS ANGELES RAMS.

From the first dropped trailer, below, they could not be happier. They also seemed pumped for their 2016 first round draft pick of Jared Goff, who will serve as quarterback for the team.

For the football fanatics and followers of the HBO Sports series don’t forget Tuesday, August 9 on HBO. This first sports-based reality series – and one of the fastest turnaround programs on TV – kicks off its five-episode 11th season exclusively on HBO. Other hour-long episodes of the 14-time Sports Emmy-winning series debut subsequent Tuesdays at the same time, culminating in the Sept. 6 season finale. Are you ready for some behind-the-scenes football action? Those you follow this show will definitely get close to head coach Jeff Fisher and all their big players including that new quarterback. Are you pumped for HARD KNOCKS TRAINING CAMP WITH THE LOS ANGELES RAMS?

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