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HardKnocks_InSeason-DolphinsAs I type this post, my favorite team is currently down 14-13 to the six wins/3 losses Miami Dolphins. The Dolphins will be the third NFL team to be featured on the IN SEASON edition of the long-running HARD KNOCKS series. In my humble opinion, watching the HBO/NFL FILMS coverage of the regular season is more engaging than the pre-season. Perhaps the 22 years of training camp coverage has worn a little thin on me. Furthermore, with the 2023 Dolphins playing solid on the gridiron, this could be the first season of the series to follow a team into the playoffs.  Below is HBO’s press release announcing the third season of “HARD KNOCKS: In Season With the Miami Dolphins.”

Television’s most acclaimed sports documentary franchise returns with Hard Knocks: In Season With the Miami Dolphins. The 18-time Emmy®-winning series delivers its signature all-access coverage, chronicling the current AFC East first-place Miami Dolphins, led by second-year head coach Mike McDaniel, as they navigate the final eight games of the regular season and battle to return to the NFL playoffs. 

HardKnocks_InSeason-DolphinsPicThe Miami Dolphins currently hold a .554 winning percentage at the time of the publication of this article.  During my adolescence, the franchise boasted many winning seasons under hall-of-fame quarterback Dan Marino. However, a Superbowl win alluded the Dolphins. In recent years the franchise has had several losing seasons. The topsy-turvy win/loss nature of a franchise that went undefeated in a season and only one win in a season makes this team an interesting entry for HBO Sports.

Welp…my Raiders have fallen to the now 7-3 Dolphins. With seven games remaining in the season, we will at least get to see the Dolphins on IN SEASON until January 7, 2024.  Although I am not a Dolphins fan, I have no issue with the team. Moreover, HBO Sports following a team into the playoffs would be a great entry for the gold-standard premium cable network.  Although the Vince Lombardi trophy is for any team to win this 2023 season, wouldn’t it be outstanding to view behind-the-scenes and sideline footage of a Super Bowl game? 

HARD KNOCKS: In Season With the Miami Dolphins debuts November 21, 2023 at 10pm ET on HBO.

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