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HBONow is up and running and it didn’t even crash when GAME OF THRONES debuted on the 12th. Of course, more and more providers will sign on when the exclusivity period for Apple runs out. The marketing push for the new streaming site has been everywhere. All print ads now mention the newer site instead of HBOGo and there are banner ads showing up on the Web. HBO has also generated what seems to be an endless run of video clips promoting HBONow and some of them seem pretty clever. In this post we just scratch the surface of some of those video clips starting with the one calling out Jake Caputo –  the guy who’d pay anything for streaming HBO content – well, pony up bucko or these guys will break your legs. 


It is always great to see “Big Pussy”…and Paulie. It is great to see some classics, but some newer members of the HBO family give the promo pitch a whirl also. Here is the cast of SILICON VALLEY doing their best(?)

Okay, we’ll give them a second chance at this.

Plus, you just know that HBO has got to tie in its big lineup of recent and current shows, right?

This one is a different cut that adds movies into the mix.

Lena Dunham and colleague Jenni Konner add a different spin intheir commercial.

Though that top clip is great I saved my favorite for last because I just love the way HBO edits clips like this. They splice actual show dialogue into a great advertisement all the time and this one is fun.It offers bits of classics like SEX AND THE CITY and upcoming shows like BALLERS and a lot in between. I particularly like the section that goes from VEEP to LAST WEEK TONIGHT WITH JOHN OLIVER at 17 seconds in. Well, check it out for yourself.

NOW. HBONow. It has been up for little over a week and if you need to get it NOW, go for it. Keep in mind it will expand its coverage and surely just dominate the market. Who doesn’t want HBO? Just watching this handful of clips makes me want to binge watch a ton of HBO right NOW. But, hey, this isn’t additional advertising for HBONow, this is just a fan of HBO glad that its content is being enjoyed.

Are you excited? Do you have HBONow? Let us know what great content you are enjoying NOW on it or what you anticipate watching when the site becomes available for you in the near future.

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